The Future of Work: How to Transform Your Small Business with a Shared Office

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Melbourne has one of the fastest growing populations even outpacing Sydney.

Furthermore, because of this influx, the cost of living has also become more inexpensive making it appealing to those of all income levels. This influx includes people from a diverse range of backgrounds, making the city a place rife with opportunity.

Modern Melbourne has grown up and become an international business centre and a place of much investment.

In terms of office space, businesses no longer are forced to sign protracted leases that tie them to one location for longer than needed or even wanted.

In fact, shared offices in Melbourne have become increasingly attractive not so much because of the cost-savings but because of the various ways these offices can be used.

Let’s take a look at just some ways how you can maximise your shared office space to transform your business for the better.

Take Advantage Of Your Community

Whether coworking or simply occupying space on a shared floor, take advantage of the opportunities to engage in the small community.

With coworking spaces, businesses are primed for social interaction by being in close proximity.

As opposed to just relying on the space as a place to work, professionals can engage each other while working in the space or to engage each other at any of the formal and informal networking events.

Use the workspace to build the foundational relationships that help create collaboration opportunities.

Those sharing a floor with other businesses can also use their office layout to their advantage to create community.

Work your public relations mojo in getting attention for your business by hosting events in the office. Whether these events are demos of your services or free workshops, draw on the community, including the more than 35,000 students that live in Melbourne, to raise your business’s profile.

Ultimately, the best way to connect with your community, to get information, and to grow is through establishing relationships with others in the vicinity, whether working in a shared office or coworking space.

Use It To Raise Funding

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With the influx of investment potential to the city, use your space as an opportunity to tap into the various funding sources available in the city.

Typically, business owners can get funding through traditional avenues including seeking out investors.

They can take advantage of angel investors who fund ventures by investing in the equity of your business.

Finally, Melbourne’s ever-evolving business climate creates many opportunities to fund your business through alternative methods such as crowdfunding, which allows businesses to get funding from a variety of sources.

Find Mentors Within The Community

One of the best ways to navigate any business scene is to enlist the help of professionals who have already done it.

Usually done through networking, those wary of formal networking events can establish relationships with people in their neighbouring offices.

Furthermore, Melbourne’s professional scene has to be one of the more laid-back ones offering young professionals a more relaxed environment to share their ideas with older, seasoned professionals.

In a climate that almost favours non-hierarchical business relationships, building mentoring relationships is one way to gain access to valuable information, to get great advice, and to get referrals, all the foundation of raising your business’s profile.

Using Space To Create Opportunity

Melbourne’s business scene presents its entrepreneurs with so many opportunities to grow. In fact, the city’s current trends forecast shared space as a viable, more affordable option to traditional expensive office space.

Of all of the benefits of leasing shared office space, it presents businesses with the versatility that allows them to operate their business efficiently and effectively, moving towards a more successful future.

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