Traveling can be a wonderful experience, a great way to escape the boredom of daily life, learn and grow spiritually, make some fantastic memories, and come back a different person.

But not if it’s stressful. And that usually happens when people don’t prepare for their vacation.

To ensure you travel stress-free, nothing goes wrong, and you can free your mind and truly have fun while you’re at your holiday destination, do these before the big day comes:

1. Pack light.

Let’s face it. We want to bring as much as we can with us, regardless of how long we’re going to stay or how well we know what we need, and we end up not using most of the things in the suitcase.

Well, to avoid carrying all that stuff, increasing the travel stress and being annoyed about bringing it, pack light this time.

Keep it minimalist and be honest with yourself.

Get only what you need and what you know you’ll use. Anything else is not necessary, and – in the worst case – you can get it there.

2. Be there earlier.

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While you can’t possibly predict most delays as it’s due to outer factors such as weather, technology, people’s mistakes, or else, you can still prepare and save yourself some worries on the way.

Arrive earlier at the place you’re supposed to be to make sure you don’t end up running through airports, not having a taxi to catch when you need it the most, missing an appointment, or having to pay much more just because you are late.

Let’s say you’re going to Paris. Of course, there’s going to be a lot of traffic at the airport and nothing is sure before you get to your hotel.

To feel safer and better prepared, and to arrive stress-free, use an airport taxi company that provides cheap taxi and shuttle services from and to the airport.

Also, arrive at the airport hours in advance, not just 1 or even 2. Be ready to leave home even before the fixed time you’ve planned. And get up even earlier than that to make sure you aren’t in a rush and forget something.

3. Find ways to relax during the journey.

Something unexpected will always come up. Others will ruin your plans. You’ll have to think of currency, weather conditions, ways to get from one place to the next, and much more.

But a clear, peaceful mind always works better.

You need to be relaxed and also focused so that you can take action when necessary, make some decisions fast, manage a potential crisis, and be the positive mind in the group.

For that to happen, you should always be seeking ways to calm down, mentally and physically.

That might mean getting a massage while you’ve got some time to kill at the airport. Listening to meditation music during the flight. Repeating positive affirmations when you have a minute by yourself. Reading a book and enjoying a cup of coffee whenever you have the time. Taking deep breaths outside when you get the chance.

Your peace of mind is your responsibility. Don’t let stress get in the way of your successful travels.

Can you think of any other ways to travel stress-free and have the dream vacation?