6 Steps to Pain-Free Traveling for Back Pain Sufferers 86

7 Steps to Pain-Free Traveling for Back Pain Sufferers

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When it comes to “things that make back pain worse,” hanging out at the top of the list is always some form of “prolonged sitting when traveling.” For chronic back pain sufferers, travel may seem daunting because whether you’re stuck in a car or on a plane, it’s simply not as easy to get up, stretch, and move around frequently.

Dangers of Prolonged Sitting

Have you heard? “Sitting is the new smoking” accordingly to a 2017 report in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Linked with early death, even for people who exercise regularly, sedentary behavior and long bouts of sitting at a time are proving to be detrimental to overall health and longevity.

Associated all-cause mortality aside, prolonged sitting is also known to do a number on the back, compressing vertebrae, straining low back muscles, tightening hamstrings and hip flexors, and causing you to practice poor posture habits.

Unfortunately, much of travel involves long bouts of sitting. So what can you do about it?

6 Travel Tips for Back Pain Sufferers

Travel offers so many rewards. Whether it’s journeying to new places and learning about different regions and cultures. Or simply affording you the opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

Skipping travel because of your back pain, however, can be more detrimental to your mental and emotional health than you know. Don’t miss these smart travel tips for back pain sufferers:

1. Sit on a cushion.

Your doctor likely will have recommended this if you see her or him for chronic back pain. But a back pain relief cushion can do wonders for alleviating some of the stress on the spine and tailbone that prolonged sitting causes.

By supporting the natural curvature of the back and better distributing the weight across your sitting bones, seat cushions and lumbar spine supports can help you sit up straighter and travel with less pain.

2. Avoid staring down at your phone.

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“Text neck” is a very real and prevalent syndrome that results in tense neck and shoulder muscles plus inflamed lower back muscles result.

Did you know that for every few degrees your head and neck crane forward past your shoulders and tilt downwards?

That is pounds and pounds of extra weight placed on your back muscles from the pull of gravity.

When using your phone, hold it up to meet your eyes. Try to make phone calls or use voice to text features instead of staring down to type.

3. Bring relief with you.

Maybe your shiatsu massage pillow won’t fit in your carry-on, but disposable ice packs, portable hand warmers, and topical pain relief creams will. Don’t get stuck on a long trip with only a bottle of NSAIDs to manage your back pain. Other natural treatments will be easier on your body and potentially just as effective.

4. Avoid heavy lifting.

Carrying multiple suitcases and bags at once into your hotel may seem like the faster alternative, but heavy lifting and bad body mechanics can quickly have your muscles spasming.

Don’t forget these tips for managing luggage when traveling:

  • Lift in stages, i.e. move your suitcase up to an airplane seat first, and then lift into an overhead bin.
  • Distribute weight evenly on each side of the body. This even means switching your purse or crossbody bag back and forth from shoulder to shoulder throughout your travel day.
  • When lifting heavy bags or items, bend your knees and lift with your leg muscles, not your back.
  • Avoiding twisting or contorting when lifting and holding heavy loads; turn or pivot your feet instead.
  • Use luggage carts as much as possible – in the airport, at the hotel, etc.
  • Pack as light as possible. You don’t need three potential outfits for a nice dinner out. Choose one, and lighten the load you’ll have to tote around on your trip.

5. Make room for your feet.

Harness the power of flat planted feet and your legs to support a strong posture and spine alignment.

So often traveling is full of cramped, narrow spaces, like in the front seat of the car or on a plane. When your feet lack room to lay flat on an even surface a few inches apart, you tend to practice worse posture like slouching, crossing legs, or tilting your hips to one side.

6. Stretch more.

You might feel silly dipping down into a hip flexor stretch at an empty gate in the airport. However, even a few flexibility exercises can make a big difference in preventing back pain when you travel.

Low back pain doesn’t always stem from an injury to the lower back specifically, but rather can come about as inflammation caused by stiff hamstrings and tense hip muscles. Stretches like bending to touch your toes for 30 seconds, or taking a knee and pressing the hips forward while your hands rest on your upper thigh are a good place to start.

Back pain doesn’t need to be part of your travels. Follow the tips above and take good care of your body, to ensure you travel stress-free.

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5 Online Degrees That Pay Well and Lead to Great Employment Opportunities

Online programs range from diploma mills employers knowingly screen against to brand name universities issuing degrees equally valued by employers and employees. But many online degrees teach you skills employers will readily pay a premium for and will give you great employment opportunities.

Here are the 5 best online degrees for employment.


We still pay people quite a bit of money to keep track of our money, whether as individuals or organizations as a whole. Those with a degree in accounting earn more than the average person with a business degree.

If you upgrade to a master’s degree in accounting, you’re well on your way to a lucrative position as a CPA.

If you specialize in tax accounting, you would work as a tax preparer full time or seasonally, while those working in bookkeeping are well paid whether working full time or part-time.

If you earn a degree in accounting after working as a life coach or personal development, you could become a personal finance advisor. Or simply work in accounting, a field expected to grow 13% over the next ten years despite the increasing use of personal accounting software.

If you are looking for a reputable online accounting degree, there are a number of Kaplan Online Programs you can choose from which are all highly recommended.


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Businesses pay people to find out how to better understand their customers and speak to them. This is why marketing assistants earn thirty to sixty thousand dollars a year, while experienced marketers earn much more.

If you have copywriting skills like determining which keywords should be integrated into a webpage to put it front and center before a target demographic when they’re ready to buy, you’ll make even more.

If you have a track record of success or management skills, you could easily earn a hundred thousand dollars a year running a marketing department. Not only that, but online marketing degrees are highly respected since marketing and other financial degrees transfer very well online.

Human Resources

Human Resources has become far more complex over the past few years as rules and regulations that companies have to abide by exploded in number.

Hiring, firing, promotions, and training have to be done per complex procedures if you want to minimize the risk of a lawsuit. And whether it is required by state law or guidelines set by federal contracts, you have to fill out a number of reports each month, quarter and year on your workforce.

This means that working in HR is no longer something you do when you want a break from ordering office supplies. It requires training in the law, industry-specific software and procedures. If you earn an online degree in Human Resources, you’ll be eagerly sought after by many companies’ personnel departments.

Video Game Design

While Hollywood’s blockbuster seasons get reported on the news, the reality is that people spend several times that much on video games per year. This money is increasingly spent on digital releases over physically purchased game disks, and spending is shifting toward subscription services and apps.

The sheer amount of money means that even free games that make money through advertising or in-game purchases have to look good, while expensive games have to offer rich visuals to keep the audience engaged.

This has led to the appearance of video game design and video game arts as its own degree program, separate from the general graphic arts. If you have this expertise, you’ll find decent paying jobs with a number of companies as well as gaming app startups. And this degree means you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to code, either.

Not only that, but with an online degree in video game design, you could get the foundation to create your own video game development company, all from the comfort of your home.

Database Administration

IT is a hot degree today, but learning how to code can seem daunting, and staying up to date with the constantly evolving programming languages is a challenge.

Conversely, database software has been relatively stable, and companies are seeing their stored data grow by 10% a year or more. The solution is larger and more complex databases and more database administrators.

If you earn a degree in database administration, you could work in a number of industries. Whether you’re controlling access to product data, managing customer data or mining data from the IoT, you have a good career in IT ahead of you.

And with the advent of Big Data and advanced data analytics, database administration degrees should continue to be in high demand for years to come.

All these careers have great prospects and adapt themselves very well to online education. This will not only mean that employers will be more inclined to consider you but will give you the same full spectrum of skills any traditional degree would.

Online programs range from diploma mills employers knowingly screen against to brand name universities issuing degrees equally valued by employers and employees. But many online degrees teach you skills employers will readily pay a premium for and will give you great employment opportunities.  Here are the 5 best online degrees for employment.