LRS 066: On Traveling, Personal Growth and Why I Choose to Spend The Next 5 Weeks in Thailand

I’m about to leave the hotel room right now and get to the airport for the longest journey in my life so far. By the time this episode is published, I should have arrived in Bangkok.

In today’s show, I wanted to talk a bit about traveling in general, as a huge component of the location independent and mobile lifestyle.

You’ll now hear why I choose that exact destination – Thailand, and how such an adventure can help you grow personally, spiritually and even kickstart your business.

online business

Show Notes:

  • The ultimate getaway from a comfort zone [1:26]
  • The only way you should travel, and what I did wrong in the past [2:59]
  • Why go to Thailand if you are building an online business [5:39]
  • Some numbers about the cost of living there [7:32]
  • What I wanna prove with my stay in Thailand [9:30]


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