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While the pandemic created a surge in demand for healthcare workers, a large number of healthcare professionals chose to abandon the industry due to anxiety, burnout, and safety concerns.

Therefore, an even greater demand for healthcare workers will prevail, significantly affecting the recruitment process. Hiring new workers is one of the top priorities of healthcare organizations and healthcare systems, as COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc across the nation. 

To prepare for the challenges ahead and hire competent staff, here are current recruitment trends that managers need to be aware of. 

Branding matters

In the post-COVID-19 era, healthcare workers gain the upper hand as they demand work-life balance, schedule flexibility, and additional benefits.

Potential candidates use various resources such as online forums, staffing agencies, and career pages to learn about healthcare institutions in their area. 

Candidates prioritize finding a company that resonates with them. They are now more meticulous in their assessments as they look at what employers can offer, including salary expectations, benefits, and compensation packages.

To attract top talent, employers must gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their employees. Moreover, creating a strong brand will make your organization stand out and be recognized as a good employer. 

Virtual recruitment 

Many employers and recruiters are leveraging advanced technology in their hiring process. It is fast becoming commonplace in many industries.

As many job seekers prefer virtual end-to-end recruiting methods instead of in-person interviews, employers and recruitment agencies must find ways to adapt to this process. This prompts recruitment professionals and employers to utilize online assessment tools and data analytics to make intelligent hiring decisions. 

It is also important to note that not all recruitments can be facilitated online. While most applicants opt for virtual interviews for safety reasons, it is also crucial to understand that not all recruitment application steps can be done online.

In cases where an on-site assessment is required, employers must ensure the applicants’ safety and security for a smooth and successful hiring process.

Flexible and remote work

During the first few months of the pandemic, the chaotic work environment caused the healthcare exodus. Physicians, nurses, medical technologists, home health aides, and other healthcare team members worked for days without reprieve.

The added threat of infection, scarcity of PPE equipment, and the absence of vaccines made healthcare workers quit their jobs. Those who decided to return have learned their lesson as they became more discerning in their employment options. 

Job seekers now demand flexible work schedules and remote work options. As a result, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare systems must recognize the need for flexibility. Ignoring the need of employees for better working conditions and flexible scheduling can lead to higher turnover rates.

An increasingly popular career trend amongst healthcare professionals is travel nursing, which offers a degree of flexibility since travel nurses can choose when and where they travel with specialized assignments ranging from a few weeks to several months depending upon their preferences.

Additionally, travel nurses earn higher salaries than regular nurses, making this work both financially rewarding and inspiring. 

Despite not necessarily needing a college degree, further guidance is still required for this type of career, as knowing how to navigate a career in the travel nursing path is an invaluable asset when looking to gain experience in healthcare while simultaneously broadening one’s worldview.

It is also imperative for employers to establish a blended workforce, including in-person, remote, and hybrid layouts.


Looking at the healthcare sector’s dire need for competent, long-term staff due to the pandemic’s continued impact, employers need all the expert help they can get to attract, support, and retain great talent as we move towards the new normal.