The Different Types of Envelopes You Can Use for Your Business

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Envelopes are most important in sending business letters, invites of corporate functions and also for many other important documents.

A simple and dull envelope has a lukewarm impression on the receiver.

On the contrary, an elegant and well-designed envelope stays in the mind of the receiver and will go a long way in solidifying your business relationships.

A varied variety and sizes of envelopes are required in an enterprise including A4, C5 and #10. Now design your own custom businesses envelope that adds a style to your companies documents while maintaining their formal nature.

An A4 envelope has a size of 210×297 millimetres and a C5 envelope has a size of a 162×229 millimetres. These envelopes are used in an enterprise for business letters, official documents, corporate invites and any other important business correspondence. A4 envelopes are also an appropriate choice for sending wedding or party invitations.

Following are other great features of designing a custom-made envelope.

1. High-quality printing material.

High-class printing papers and printing inks are used. A4 envelope printing and C5 envelope printing is done on high-quality uncoated alabaster paper.

Also, numerous colours, hues, and pattern could be selected for the paper, imparting a stylish and at the same time a sturdy look to your envelopes.

The premium quality paper used is crisp free and resistant to wear and tear. Thus, allowing these envelopes to tolerate all that improper handling it may have to face going from a sender to a receiver.

2. Choose from hundreds of designs or create your own.

Choose from hundreds of A4 envelopes designs or create your own custom design from online print shops that goes with your companies theme and at the same time leaves a superb impression on the receiving party.

From folds and position of the flaps to various cut-outs and windows, everything can be created as per your liking.

On the contrary, you could have your custom a4 envelopes made from expert designers who help you find eve that perfect design for your company.

3. Print as little as 100 envelopes.

Printing A4 or C5 envelopes from online print shop websites or sellers allows you to order as low as 50 to 100 copies only.

Envelopes could be ordered and made for each and every type of need. Small order quantity offers you to have different designs of envelopes for different purposes. Your invite envelope could have a funkier look to it and your business letter envelope could have a bit formal look.

Or you could try out a design, you ordered and if not satisfied could order another design next time. This way, you may not end up spending loads of money on bulk orders.

4. Quick in delivery.

Many online websites offer you guaranteed delivery of your printed envelopes in about 4 to 5 working days. However, the delivery time may vary depending on the actual size of the order.

Bulk orders usually require a longer time to print process and deliver. But a maximum time of 7 working days is enough to have your order at your doorstep.

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