No matter what business you’re involved in, whether it’s a freshly made start-up or a corporate conglomerate, at the end of the day you’re still going to have to pay the bills to keep the office running.

Business is about making money, and the last thing you want to do is lose money unnecessarily on utilities.

Savvy UK industries are looking into alternative ways of saving themselves money. You’d be surprised at how simple, yet effective, some of these methods are.

Renewable Energy

More and more UK industries are going green, which not only benefits the office but also has a positive impact on the planet. 

There are multiple methods of embracing energy efficiency in the office. Using renewable energy sources isn’t a far-fetched idea of the future, they’re available to use right now for offices around the country.

It’s an exciting time when considering energy options for a business. There are solar panels, which can be made on large scales for offices.

Even in the notoriously grey UK, this is a conceivable option. There are also renewable batteries, which can be used to store and supply energy for the office. These can be effective and save utility bills.

Compare Online

A great way UK industries can save money on their utility bills is by using price comparison websites, such as Utility Wise where you can compare business electricity

This enables them to search for the supplier, which will give them the best, and cheapest, rate possible.

Not only can it save the business money, but it can also save them time. Rather than having to contact countless suppliers, price comparison websites can do all the work for them.

Energy supply deals constantly change so by embracing an online comparison site can ensure businesses are not spending unnecessary money on their bills.

Make use of quality resources such as Utility Bidder to ensure you are not blindsided by hidden charges.

People Power

How to Stay Productive When You Work on a Computer

It’s not a single person’s responsibility to maintain an effective office for saving money on utilities.  Every single person can help in lots of little ways.

Making sure lights in the room aren’t being used, shutting down computers rather than putting them on sleep at the end of the day, and opening a window rather than blasting on the air conditioner. 

These may seem like small things, but put them all together and they can save a company so much money in the long run.

Not to mention, it also encourages office morale, increasing team spirit and unite everyone in working towards achieving the same goal.

Smart Meters

UK businesses can start using smart meters to monitor energy consumption in the office. 

Following on from the above idea, a smart meter can enable people to see when the most energy is being used. Once these points become clear, action can be taken.

It could be the dishwasher post-lunchtime, and people could be encouraged to hand wash their dishes. Or it could be during a particularly busy afternoon when everyone is making calls and printing.

Obviously, everyone is there to work and there will be times when high energy consumption can’t be avoided. But a smart meter can be a simple way for people to start making steps in the right direction to save money on utility bills. 

Pay on Time

It’s a point that can easily get overlooked, but businesses can save themselves money by paying bills on time.

Despite plenty of effort to cut down energy and utility costs, if the bills are paid late it’s going to mean a hefty fine – so all that work will have been for nothing.

UK businesses need to make it clear when they’re bills need to be paid and ensure there is enough money in the budget to pay the utility suppliers on time.