LRS 074: The Uncertainty Trap and How to Break Free

The Uncertainty Trap and How to Break Free - let's reach success podcast

In this episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast I wanna talk about an issue most people struggle with. And be sure that those who don’t, are just good at hiding it. It’s the fear of uncertainty, the desire to avoid anything that doesn’t feel safe or familiar in some way, and the desperate chase of certainty.

It has a few different versions.

There’s the fear of the future as we don’t really know what’s going to happen. And still, most people want to find out a way to predict it, to prepare, to be certain of what will be tomorrow. That gives them some comfort. But when tomorrow comes, still the only way to handle things is to accept anything that happens, to take action in the right direction, and to be adaptive.

Uncertainty is preventing many from living their life fully.

It’s a trap we fall into from an early age.

We want to know what our purpose is so that we can follow the path that will surely take us to where we’re supposed to end up.
We want to know that we’ll keep the job we have as that makes us feel safe, even though we don’t like a single thing about it and secretly dream of starting our own business.

We try to avoid change, novelty, risks, discomfort and uncertainty. And that’s where most of the problems we have today come from.

So today I want to talk about this mental barrier, and how to overcome it.

Because on the other side of the fear of uncertainty, lies liberation. It’s where you can finally be who you are and be happy with it, do the things that feel right and feel productive and move forward, have honest relationships and – ultimately – a fulfilling life.

Show Notes:

  • A few important things to realize about life that will make you understand why certainty is an illusion [3:30]
  • Benefits of living with insecurity [6:25]
  • How to stop running to comfort and security, and embrace openness [8:05]
  • How to let go of the uncertainty, and find the beauty in this moment [10:23]


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Hope you enjoyed this episode.

Letting go of the desire to live with certainty is a sure way to find peace in daily life and be happier with who we are, what we have and do in general.

So try these techniques. And reflect on how uncertainty and comfort terrify us, and how ridiculous that is.

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