LRS 073: The Underdog Success Story of Netflix

The Underdog Success Story of Netflix the let's reach success podcast

You’ve probably noticed that on every other episode of the Let’s Reach Success podcast I talk about the mindset, business and life of a successful person, trying to take out the lessons we can all learn.

Sometimes, however, I talk about companies that were a big success, how they started and what they did right.

Today is one of those episodes, and the name of the company is something you’re pretty familiar with – Netflix.

What makes it great in terms of business wisdom, though?

Well, that’s mainly the fact that it started as a DVD-by-mail rental service, and has now grown to a $47 billion online streaming service.

Everyone is impressed by how quickly they’ve grown, how the name of the brand has become a word in the English language used in daily life, how the company has remained a leader in the market and how they’ve changed direction and made shifts fast over the years.

Let’s talk about its early days, though. It’s always inspiring to hear how the big names became what they are today and learn a thing or two.

Show Notes:

  • How Reed Hastings came up with the initial idea for Netflix [1:30]
  • How the company looked in its early days and what was the first business model [2:43]
  • What Netflix founders did when the e-commerce giant Amazon came [4:03]
  • How Netflix took down its biggest rival and became one of the most visited sites in the US [6:18]
  • What a former Netflix employee says about his former bosses and the lessons learned [7:42]


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Great story, right?

I believe such success stories of companies that started from scratch and became something that is a big part of the life of the average person today, can be our inspiration to try new things, explore new fields, take risks in life and in business, and go for the big goals.

So, what do you think about all that? Are you subscribed to the world’s leading Internet television network and what do you think about the way Netflix entertains people and how the company offers it?

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