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With current interest rates at an all-time low, investing your hard-earned cash can be tricky. Some people may close their ears when they hear the word investing as it makes them think that they need to know everything about stock markets.

That is simply not the case.  Lockdown is changing how we look to the future and investing is an area that can help you right into your retirement.

Stock Market Investing

Investing in the stock market is easier today than it was years ago. 

Knowledge and technology were often a barrier to people investing in the stock market. Another barrier was having enough money to make an investment.

That is no longer the case. Today you can invest in the stock market with a small amount of money. You don’t need a stockbroker either, you can do this from the comfort of your smartphone with the various apps that are on the market.

Real Estate Market

There are so many different investing ideas for your cash.

Another option is investing in the real estate market. From buying a house to rent or owning a share of a commercial property, the options are varied.

There is now an option for crowd-funded real estate, while they may be riskier than some investments, they are certainly worth considering and finding out more about as they can often give high returns.

Cryptocurrency Market

Another option for consideration is cryptocurrencies. Put in simple terms these are digital investments, you have an option of buying digital coins and tokens to use as an investment or make purchases online. You have probably heard of one of the well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin. 

There are now many finance companies offering cryptocurrencies as this is a lucrative way of making money.

Art Market

If you like art, then investing in upcoming artists is an unusual way of making money. While you may not be able to purchase a Van Gogh you can invest in other artists which are up and coming. There is also an option to pool your money with others to purchase art. It’s certainly a creative way of investing.

Wine Market

Something rather unusual is investing in wine.

Wines have the potential to increase in value especially as they mature. Some vintages are rather sought after and wine is considered a great investment for returns of up to 30%.

It’s important like all investments to research your market before starting down this rather unique investment option.

Memorabilia Market

There are so many different markets involved in memorabilia. From military to sports, if you are interested in something there will probably be a market for it.

Do your research and see what is worth investing in and purchasing. Understanding the market but also knowing how to spot a fake will be essential for this type of investment.

You never know you may well already possess some memorabilia in your attic. Always worth looking around your home to see if there are any antiques or memorabilia that will get you started on this investment journey.