Verbier Comes to Life in Summer

Verbier Comes to Life in Summer

Verbier is most famous for being one of Europe’s top ski destinations but the resort is becoming an increasingly popular summer holiday spot, too.

Nestled along the Swiss Alps, winter brings the snow that creates Verbier’s iconic slopes but the powder mostly clears in the warmer months of the year, creating a green landscape that’s ideal for summer adventure seekers.

In fact, Verbier comes to life during the summer with a host of festivals and events across its plush scenery.

So, even if winter snow and ski boots aren’t your things, Verbier can still be the ideal summer getaway for thrill seekers or landscape lovers.

Verbier: More Than a Ski Resort

Of course, Verbier is known for its winter slopes but the village and surrounding area has so much more to offer than skiing alone.

Some of its best activities aren’t possible during the winter due to the thick blanket of snow covering the ground. However, things are reversed in the summer months when skiing falls off the itinerary list and a range of other outdoor activities take priority:

  • Hiking: Verbier offers more than 400km of walking trails for you to explore its green landscapes and enjoy the stunning views of its surrounding mountainous backdrops.
  • Mountain biking: With the snow cleared, mountain biking becomes the top choice for adrenaline junkies in Verbier with more than 12 km of downhill trails in the surrounding area.
  • Trail running: Verbier is now home to one of Europe’s top mountain ultra-running events and you can test yourself against one of its four trials – from a family-friendly 6km track to a brutal 110km marathon route.
  • Via cordata: This group hiking activity has you tied to other hikers by rope and sent up a 500m ascent of Mont-Fort, testing your teamwork skills and individual endurance.
  • Climbing: You’ll find more than 71 climbing routes in La Barme, a short drive from Verbier village.
  • Paragliding & skydiving: If you’re brave enough to try paragliding in Verbier, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best views as you navigate its skies and true adrenalin junkies can also enjoy a 40-second freefall tandem skydive from a helicopter.

That gives you an idea of the kind of outdoor activities on offer during a summer in Verbier but you can still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the town itself and indulge in as much luxury as you want at the resort.

You’ll also have the best of the village’s summer events to choose from as festival season hits its peak, promising a diverse mix of extreme sports, music, food and drink.

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Summer events in and around Verbier

While Verbier is a prime location for adventures and outdoor activities, there are plenty of events throughout the summer to get your teeth into as well.

Here’s a quick look at some of the things you can expect to see in and around the area:

Verbier Bike Fest

Verbier’s bike festival normally runs during the first week of September and it has become incredibly popular with locals and visitors over the past few years.

Entry is completely free and highlights include stunt displays, concerts, food stalls and bars with the true festival spirit throughout.

Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival is an hour’s drive from Verbier but we’re talking about one of the world’s most renowned music festivals that attracts more than 250,000 visitors every year.

As the name suggests, jazz dominates the festival lineups but other genres have found their way into the mix over the years.

The Verbier Music Festival

The Verbier Music Festival focuses more on classical music, hosting performances for 17 days between mid-July to early August.

Music fills the air of Verbier with open-air concerts, day performances, masterclasses and evening concerts – all surrounded by the stunning mountain views and relaxed ambience of the village.

Aside from the festivals, you’ve also got Swiss National Day on August 1, which is celebrated across the country – although Verbier has a reputation for celebrating in style. Bonfires and fireworks displays light up the night sky while the streets are lit by children carrying lanterns.

You’ll also get to see the village houses and buildings decorated with the national and regionals flags, plus the first-hand experience of how locals celebrate the national holiday.

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