LRS 075: Why I’m Turning Let’s Reach Success into a Subscription-Based Website

Why I’m Turning Let’s Reach Success into a Subscription-Based Website - podcast episode

Today the topic of the Let’s Reach Success podcast will have a slightly different angle.

I won’t be covering any self-help advice, or the success story of an entrepreneur or a company that we can all learn from.

Instead, I’ll talk about the latest thing I’m working on, why I’m changing the business model of the site, and the underlying success principles of the subscription-based move, that you can use too.

I believe this will be another episode of value to you and that you’ll find some practical ways on how to use the tips here to your life or business goals and current projects.

So, here’s why I’m now offering free and premium content, and will be having one main offer throughout the site:

Show Notes:

  • What’s the purpose of the premium version of the site [1:10]
  • What was different about the site just a week ago, and why most Internet marketers would think I’m crazy [2:40]
  • How a book I’m reading now contributed to that decision [5:12]


Thanks for listening.


Maybe you’ve been thinking of what project to work on next, and a membership site would be a cool thing to experiment with.

Or you might go and buy the book One Thing to see how you can be more of a minimalist and actually see progress with the few important goals you should chase in life.

Whatever the case, I hope hearing about my latest project and business idea has awaken your creativity.

Let me know what you think about all that.

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