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Lviv  has a unique charm and atmosphere that attracts numerous travelers.

Local coffee, pastries and beer became legendary among Ukrainian foodies. The city’s architecture, deprived of the Soviet features, which is the architectural core of other big Ukrainian cities, makes an amazing set for lovely photos and magical city views.

Lviv has much to offer even to the most spoiled travelers, our web destinations.com.ua rounded up top 7 reasons why you should visit Lviv, Ukraine.

1. Enjoying a cup of coffee in Lviv became somewhat an iconic travel experience.

Lviv is Ukraine’s coffee mecca, offering an overwhelming selection of coffee shops and cafes. From hipster coffee joints to bourgeois-styled cafes, the city will impress even most spoiled coffee-lovers.

Local coffee-shops don’t serve food, however, you will always find freshly baked croissants and colorful macaroons to go perfectly with your drink.

 2. Bar crawling and local liqueurs and digestifs tasting.

Locals get used to meeting numerous party-crowds roaming among different bars and pubs on their drinking quests.

Homemade liqueurs (nalyvka) and digestifs (nastoyanka) are very popular in Lviv. They are a touch sweet, intensely flavored, and often served chilled and sipped slowly.

Many Lviv restaurants pride themselves for their signature secret recipes of liqueurs and digestifs. Tourists made the bar crawling for locally made strong drinks a good traveling tradition.

3. Experience Lviv’s vibrant culinary scene.

Chefs of numerous restaurants and cafes lure food lovers with juicy burgers, freshly-baked pasties, gourmet hot dogs, green salads, wok dishes, and countless other specialties, which all make their way from the hand directly into the mouth.

Dessert lovers will also not be disappointed: with cheesecake, strudel, baked bananas and home-made ice cream, to name just a few, they are spoilt for choice.

4. Visiting numerous themed festivals.

Lviv gets exceptionally busy with various festivals in fall and winter. With all the bookworm crowd leaving the city after the biggest Ukrainian Book Forum in September, it’s the foodies who will take the stage.

Most popular Lviv festivals include Lviv Street Food Festival, Lviv Festival of Liqueurs and Digestifs, Lviv Coffee Festival, Lviv Wine and Cheese Festival and Christmas Fair.

Each festival offers a diverse program of events with something for everyone. Celebrate the world-class food, art, music, culture, history and the rich heritage of Lviv and Western Ukraine.

5. Enjoy Lviv unique architecture.

Located in the Western part of the country, Lviv is often referred to as the most European city of Ukraine.

It prides itself to be the cradle of Ukrainian culture and traditions as well as the most popular travel destination of Ukraine. The city boasts lovely European architecture and Ukrainian authenticity.

6. Catch Lviv cycle hype.

It’s the most bicycle-friendly city in Ukraine.

The city has its own vibrant cycle scene these days. The biking infrastructure still has a long way to go in order to reach European standards. However, the cycle chic movement, meaning people’s desire to bike in style and with comfort is extremely recognizable.

These days you can easily meet a banker in a smart suite rushing for a meeting or a cute tourist couple heading for coffee on rented bikes.

7. Explore castles of Lviv region.

Their beautiful architecture, mystical history and scenic landscape setting attract many visitors.

Most popular tourist route, the so called ‘Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region’, was created specially to promote the castle legacy of Galicia region. This route consists of five major landmarks: Olesko, Pidhirtsi, and some Zolochiv Castles.

The best option is to travel by car or by bus, as all of 5 castles are located by the highway and you can examine all of them within 1 day. Today many travel companies offer ‘Castles of Lviv Region’ tour as castles are among the most popular local attractions.

You’ll have a great chance to see castles as well as try food and wine tastings in the medieval restaurants.

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