What It Takes to Win a Position with a Great Company [Infographic]

What It Takes to Win a Position with a Great Company [Infographic]

This is a guest post by Mike Grossman, a Professional Engineer who helps Engineers in North America prepare for professional careers. He is passionate about marketing, traveling, and self-development.

Everyone is obsessed with the hottest job search applications and websites. And if you’re serious about landing a great position, then you’ll start experimenting with the best tools for your profession and for your city. 

But we’ve seemed to forgotten that our presentation skills – resume development and interview expertise – help us stand out from the crowd and are just as important.

Not surprisingly, after passing the FE Exam and achieving a professional status, our student’s biggest challenge is to shift from a singular focus on technical mastery to cultivating life skills.

Maybe you have a great resume and you’re confident in your ability to walk through the door and get the position. But for most of us, the thought of meeting someone who is analyzing your every move and scrutinizing each response that you make causes anxiety. 

Seeking advice from those in positions you want is a great way to gain insight. Yet, how do we ensure the advice is meaningful and not simply an anecdotal accounts of survivor bias and false conclusions?

We sought the advice of hiring professionals to avoid false conclusions by considering those that didn’t win the position as well. And we sought this advice from many hiring professionals by leveraging the survey legwork of professional career organizations The Muse, The Ladders, and Career Builder.

Here is the advice of over 5200 hiring and HR managers, including research with eye tracking software and resume screening software, assembled in an easy to follow infographic.

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What about you? Any other ideas on how to land a good job and win a position with a great company?

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