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This article was written by Ashley Kornee, a blogger and freelance writer, now working on The Word Point as a Content Manager.
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Translation needs have become more and more essential, as businesses establish a more global presence.

From e-commerce sites that want to move into global markets to corporate and financial enterprises that are establishing presences in foreign countries, there are translation needs. These are localization of websites, marketing materials, employee manuals, contracts, legal documents, reports, etc.

Businesses have a choice. They can recruit, screen, and ultimately employ locals who may or may not be fully qualified. Or they can contract with an established and reputable translation service.

There are a number of factors involved in determining the quality of a translation service. Such as the types of services offered, the expertise of translators that are hired, quality control of projects, number of languages offered, and, of course client feedback and pricing.

With these factors in mind, we have prepared a review of The Word Point. That’s a translation service that has been in the industry for many years. The results of our review efforts are summarized below.

Services Offered

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The Word Point provides translations for personal and business needs. But our focus is on the services it offers to businesses.

From startups to large enterprises, The Word Point offers a full array of services to include translation of all types of business documents. Add to that certified translator services when required, proofreading of already-translated documents, and localization of websites, apps, and other content that companies need to appeal to a foreign market.

Categories of services (levels and options) provide lots of choices for businesses. They can choose basic, professional, and premium levels.

The service administrators generally recommend the professional level of translation for business communication documents, website localization, and marketing materials. And the premium level for contracts, agreements, and other legal or highly technical pieces. The basic level is really for personal translations that do not have any legal or business purposes.

Quality of Translators

This is the key to any translation service’s ability to produce quality of work.

Fortunately, The Word Point has a rigorous recruitment, screening and hiring process.

  • There is verification of the translator’s background, education, and prior translation experience, including examples of work. The Word Point only hires translators with proven track records.
  • Every applicant must translate a piece provided by the company. That piece is then evaluated by the quality control team for accuracy, attention to detail, and social/cultural awareness.
  • All translators must be native speakers of the target language of the projects they are assigned. This ensures that expressions, idioms, and vocabulary is fully appropriate.

We believe this is the best approach to employment of translators, and the company is to be commended for its comprehensive screening process.


This is another factor in a translation service that has been in business for a while. It has had the growth plan to continually increase the number of languages and dialects of languages that are in demand now and will be in the future.

Effective translation services do the research. They are able to forecast what will be necessary in the future. Then work toward finding translators in those target languages.

The Word Point currently supports about 100 languages, but its repertoire is continually growing.

As people in developing nations gain Internet access and become part of a more global society, there will be need for business translations into those languages.

We like the fact that new languages are continually added to Word Point services. This is also an ongoing goal of the company. It is positioning itself for full relevancy in the years to come.


One of the unique features of The Word Point is its commitment to personalization.

When a business professional places an order for translation work, the company focuses on the translation content, the timeline, and, of course the original and target languages. Depending on all of this, a translator is assigned. A professional who has expertise in the content area and who is a native speaker of the target language.

Once a translator has been assigned, the client and that translator begin discussion and conversation. So that there are no mis-understandings of order details and expectations.

This communication is really vital for a successful outcome, so the company is commended for committing to direct conversation.

And here you can check out for yourself how the experience with the service looks like:


There are no surprises here. The Word Point publishes its prices. Once an order is placed, the client is provided a price that is set.

The only time a cost may change is if the client changes the order and adds additional elements. Prices can begin as low as $0.04 a word. They graduate upwards dependent upon the type and level of selection and the urgency of the deadline.

Quality Control

In order to ensure that clients get the quality and accuracy they expect, all translation orders are reviewed by another qualified translator after they are completed.

Another set of eyes on the same piece of writing will guarantee that the client gets the very best translation that can be produced. Any error in detail will be found and fixed.

Document Formats

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Another big plus for the Word Point is its flexibility of formats that it receives and produces. These include Word, PDF, TXT, XLS, SML and HTML. Clients can submit content in any format and request any format in return.

Another great feature of this company is that it is fully capable of providing video and audio translations, in addition to text content.


There are many professional translations services out there. There’s a lot to choose from, on the part of business professionals who have a need for a global reach in a variety circumstances.

As we evaluate and compare these services, The Word Point receives a top spot in our assessment. The factors that are critical for successful outcomes for clients are all present in the policies, operations, and procedures of this company. It has clearly spent a number of years refining its business model to provide the quality that business professionals need and expect. 

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