LRS 042: How I Get Things Done When I Work at Home

How I Get Things Done When I Work at Home - The Let's Reach Success Podcast

In this episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast I’ll share with you my best habits and practices that help me be super productive when I work at home.

As we know, there are many distractions, discipline is needed, I’m the one who’s managing my time and who needs to find inspiration too.

Even if you’re not living the laptop lifestyle and working from home, you can apply some of these productivity tips to what you do in the office, or even use them to start getting more done in daily life.

It’s practical and you’ll see how my day goes and what helps me get enough done so I can continue working for myself from the comfort of my home.

Show Notes:

  • A key element when you’re being your own boss and managing your time [3:04]
  • What I don’t do while I’m doing my most important work [4:28]
  • The lunch break [5:09]
  • How I start the day [5:35]
  • The simplest yet most powerful productivity technique [7:54]
  • An easy way to stay active even though you work at home in front of a laptop [8:36]
  • Why get things done on an empty stomach [9:20]
  • What I’ve realized about inspiration [11:07]
  • The main reasons why I get a lot done during my 4 sacred hours of work [13:00]
  • Why it doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend or not [15:04]


Action Steps on How to Be Productive When You Work at Home

  1. Set working hours and stick to them.
  2. Define your most productive time in the day.
  3. Use it to do your most important work.
  4. Analyze your main distractions and do something about each so that you can stay focused during work.
  5. Wake up early, have a glass of water, make coffee and get to work.
  6. Work for 4 hours straight.
  7. Stand during that time to stay active and concentrated.
  8. Have a lunch break after that and do something else in it.
  9. Have a second work shift later in the day to work on less important or administrative tasks.
  10. Track everything you do and go back to the results to see what you can optimize.
  11. Do the work even in the weekend.
  12. Enjoy doing work that matters and being in the comfort of your home.

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What about you? Do you work at home? How do you manage your time and make sure you get things done quickly?

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