The Work Smarter Summit: What is It [+Free Access]

The Work Smarter Summit -

This one is for the business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn directly from the experts themselves, and work, collaborate and lead smarter.

You know how I’ve mentioned networking (and in particular, going to your very first event) as one of the business goals you should set in 2017, and also wrote about the benefits of networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and even those who are just starting out.

So why not make your event (be it your first one ever, or just for 2017) something that’s online, gives you free access, and includes more than 35 world-class experts showing you how to do what they do.

What’s the Work Smarter Summit?

A virtual, one of a kind, 7-day event with interviews, keynotes, live panels, gifts and some of the game-changers in the world of leadership, management and personal productivity.

You’ll learn proven tactics on how to do, earn and be more.

Over 10,000 will be attending, and you joining them might be just what you and your work and business need.

With a unique event like that you’ll get access to the life lessons, strategies and way of thinking of speakers who’ve appeared on TED, Entrepreneur, WSJ, Inc., Forbes, and more. Of the authors of books like ‘Pivot’, ‘Essentialism’, ‘The Art of Work’, ‘The Accidental Creative’, and many more. Of founders of big companies and successful entrepreneurs living life on their own terms.

You can check out all names here.

What’s similar about these people is that they’ve tried enough things to know what works best and are now working smarter and having time for anything else they want to be doing with their days.

You can have that too.

The Work Smarter Summit officially kicks off next Sunday, February 19th, and I wanted to personally invite you to grab a free seat now: here’s your chance. 

Smart is The Way to Go

Gone are the days of trying every single productivity and time management tip you see out there. It’s much easier to listen to the advice of those who’ve been where you are now, and who’ve made it to the top.

After all, that itself is a productivity hack as it saves you a ton of research, time, disappointments and confusion.

In your work, business and personal life, the smartest approach is also the wisest.

What about how you communicate with your team and how you manage people? If these aren’t done right, there’s no way you can form relationships, create great products, earn trust and get results.

The Work Smarter Summit covers these too.

When is The Event?

It will run from February 19 to the 26.

Each day you’ll receive insights from speakers in your email box, and each talk will be live for 72 hours.

It’s absolutely free to sign up. So not only will you be saving time by learning about the best productivity tactics, but also money.

There’s also the All-Access Pass that gives you lifetime access to the whole collection.

Why Am I Sharing All This?

I haven’t really talked about a special event here on the blog. Networking and getting access to such experts is something that I’m just starting to do more, although I’ve been writing about their life lessons, successes and failures for years here on the site now.

What’s more, spending your time right and doing work that matters and gives results is what Let’s Reach Success aims to cover.

It’s amazing how becoming more productive has a positive effect on any other area of life. It’s one of the most powerful skills these days and no business can be created without knowing how to manage your time, which eventually helps you manage money, relationships and other people better. It’s all connected.

An event like that can let you see what the people you’re reading about – whose products, brands, talks and books you’ve been checking out forever – are doing, and – most importantly – how they are doing it differently.

So, if you think that’s something you need to level up in life, do better work and lead others successfully, check out the Work Smarter Summit.

It’s not about finding more time, or working harder.

It’s about knowing how you work – and then doing it smarter.

Register Now.

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