Your Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Workspace a Makeover

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Workspace a Makeover

This is a guest post by Tom Jennings, a freelance writer.

Is your office space not exciting you enough? Is your productivity getting hampered? Are you looking for a change?

Then why not make some changes in your workspace. A makeover of this place can set up your mood and also make you more productive.

Here is how should about it:

#1. Clear all the unnecessary things.

A makeover cannot happen until you remove all the things that are lying unnecessarily on your table.

This not only provides ample space to get creative, but also add some freshness to the table. Utilize it to add a few new things and jazz up the space.

Once you finish clearing up, do the needful:

  • With no clutter around, don’t forget to dust the window sill and other fixtures;
  • If there is a window, wash it;
  • Accomplish deep cleaning of the hard surfaces, desk and cabinets;
  • Vacuum the carpet or shine hardwood/tile, whatever required;
  • Don’t forget the monitor screen. Clean it as well.

Lastly, look for things that you may not have used, but can in the future. Keep them aside.

An old piece of art when moved to a new place looks equivalent to new. Similarly, placing even the desk and chair at a new place can mark a new change. Wall decoration can find inspiration in this low budget fixture.

#2. Your makeover should not put your health in hindsight.

Well, if this has not been there, then buy one – an ergonomic chair. It is the need of the hour. Consider office chairs Singapore for comfort and health.

They can be adjusted as per the required height and comfort level. For those who find it difficult to touch the floor, use a footrest. You can add a few colorful cushions and hence add a spark to the room.

These will give you comfort and also make the space a little more colorful.

The top of your monitor should be just below the eye level. Employ ergonomic monitor and keyboard to ease the pain in your neck and hands.

#3. Lighting.

Change in the lighting system can bring in a massive transformation.

Though daylight is sufficient for daytime, the location matters. Take your desk as close to the window as possible if it has been at a distance.

Evenings and night need to be lit up with the right lighting. Think about changing your old lighting system. New lights can add a new flavor to the whole space. The best in the category are soft white LED lamps. As a bonus, they are good for the eyes too.

#4. Mood boosters.

What are mood boosters for you? Well, you know that better. Still, note some suggestions.

Pick some scented candles. Light them to lighten your mood. Every time you feel you are stressed or need a break, light them to feel energized and meet the productivity levels.

Candle scent coupled with fresh air is second to none in boosting mood of a person.

Plants are second most loved things in an office. When fresh, they are loved more.

#5. Make use of empty spaces.

The spaces you had not utilized earlier can be utilized now. If there is a space right behind your monitor, for instance, a wall. Make use of that wall and create something that can serve the purpose of inspiration while also helping the whole area don a new look.

And lastly, vow not to meddle with the changes and the pieces kept so creatively. Let this workspace makeover last longer than others think.

Enjoy the new space, enjoy your work!

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