Must-Have Writing Skills Every Project Manager Needs to Succeed

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This is a guest post by Brenda Berg, a professional with over 15 years of experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. Self-motivated, results driven individual who is encouraged to travel.

Communication is a vital part of your job, so you need to ensure that your writing is well polished at all times.

If you feel yours could use some work, here’s some skills that you should develop to really get the most from your communications.

Send emails that are to the point.

People in the office will receive way more emails in a day than they can ever hope to handle. You only have a few seconds to get their attention before they discard yours. That’s why you need to get to the point quickly.

Write the most important point in the first sentence of your email.

When you’re done writing, use a tool like Grammarly to proofread it so it’s easy to read and understand before sending.

Clearly mark who you’re speaking about.

It’s easy to start using ‘her’ or ‘him’ when speaking about people in your communications. It seems like a time saver, but in fact can be confusing for the reader.

Always be clear who you’re referring to.

‘He’ll send it on Monday’ doesn’t tell you as much as ‘Luke will send it on Monday.’

Write clear and concise instructions.

Tamsin Jenner, a copywriter with Academized, says ‘We often see jobs come down from project managers that we cannot fathom. The wording is too convoluted or confused to explain what the writer is saying.’

As a project manager, you need to be clear in your instructions or it just creates annoyance with your team.

Work out what their goal should be, and write simple instructions that clearly state what they need to do.

Never make assumptions.

You would think that your team’s goals for the project at hand are the same as yours, but you should always, always check. If you don’t, it could lead to a lot of complications down the road.

Write down what your goals are and share them with your team.

Being open is the best way to have everyone on the same level right from the start.

Always be proofreading.

Once you’ve written a piece, you must make sure you’re proofreading. If you aren’t, you could be letting careless mistakes slip through.

This can make it seem as though you don’t care about your communications or staff when the opposite is true. If you need some help, use a proofreading service such as Paper Fellows.

Other tools to improve your writing skills:

Give these tools a try to help you improve your writing skills further:

Readability Test Tool: This tool will give you a readability score, so you can see how easy it is to understand your writing.

Write my essay: The people at this site can help you rewrite and edit pieces, which can be very helpful when you’re doing reports.

Email Excellence: This site offers lots of tools to improve your emails, including templates for almost any situation you could imagine.

Gorgias: This customer helpdesk allows you to communicate with customers, wherever they’re contacting you from.

Enloop: This tool helps you write business plans that are useful and highly actionable.

Australian Help: If you’re looking to hire a writer for any project, come here to find the best ones to hire.

These are just a few of the skills you need to communicate well as a project manager. Use these tips and tools to help you get the most out of every communication you send.

You and your team will find it much easier to work with each other if your communications are clear.

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