The businesses, brands, and individuals that succeed in the digital world have 1 thing in common. They write. A lot.

I believe in quality content, that’s written specifically for your audience, is updated frequently, inspires people to take action and promotes your brand, product or service at the same time.

If you don’t have time for blogging, I can do it for you. I’m Lidiya K, an author and blogger in the fields of personal, spiritual and business growth, and have been freelancing full-time for more than 7 years now. I’ve been featured in TIME magazine, have published more than 1600 articles here on this blog, self-published more than 10 books, and do have a love for the craft like few others. I’m based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but work remotely. Here’s my story.

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All businesses are writing businesses. And even if you’re an individual trying to build a name for himself in the digital world, you still need to produce useful, informative and interesting content all the time.

And that’s where I can help. I offer:

Freelance Writing Services;
Business Writing;
eBook Creation;
SEO Writing;

What are the benefits for you?

Organic traffic
People will find you through search engines as a result of semantic writing, on-page SEO and using the language of your audience.
Brand awareness
A nice blog is always a great addition to your online presence.
Niche authority
Be seen as an expert thanks to the practical content you’ll be providing to your audience on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
Create engagement
Entertaining people by giving them something to share with their friends on social media and engaging them in a conversation.

Contact me to discuss details like your requirements, pricing, deadlines and more.
It won’t take long. I’m ready to start right away.


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Here’s what some previous clients say about my freelance writing services. These can be found in my Upwork profile.

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