If you think that cutting on coffee and sleeping pills are the only two ways to get proper sleep, then you are wrong. Yoga is highly effective for sleep deprivation.

There are many reasons for this and different yoga poses that you can do. In fact, over 55% of yoga users state they sleep much better at night due to this.

Yoga has been in practice for a long time and is the best way to relax.

Tired in the morning? To treat this issue you should practice yoga during night time so that you get up fresh and relaxed in the morning.

Yoga for sleep helps you sleep better and teaches you to relax.

By making your body and mind calm and relaxed, you are able to get a good sleep. The more your brain is relaxed, the quicker and easier you can fall asleep.

Yoga helps you to clear your mind so you don’t have lots of worries and clutter crowding your brain. With this, you can get rid of stress. Also, your mind will be at peace during the night, which lets you get uninterrupted sleep.

Get a tension free mind.

Apart from yoga for sleep, you can find many different vigorous forms, which work exactly like yoga and give the same effect to your body and brain.

Power yoga is one such form which helps in maintaining the balance in your body and mind. Forms like Ashtanga will provide you with a high-intensity workout which will leave your heart pumping.

By performing these yoga exercises, you will get the same benefits you do from regular exercise. You can get away from stress and tension by practicing them on a regular basis. These types of yoga should be done during the early morning so that you get a good sleep during the night.

It is said that people who practice yoga daily, do not sleep as much as those who do not. If you question why you’re sleepy all the time and want a solution for this, then you should start doing yoga.

By practicing yoga, you will not only improve your sleep quality, but will also need less sleep in the long run. Your body feels refreshed and functions normally, particularly as you don’t have to worry regarding the amount of sleep you are getting.

The Many Benefits and Forms of Yoga Poses for Sleep


Yoga for sleep has many advantages over various forms of treatment, particularly pills. But not everyone has got the inclination and time to study this practice. However, you should make a routine to exercise daily so that your body stays fit and healthy in the long run.

Yoga does not require any kind of equipment or work space and is very easy to do. You can perform it within the privacy and comfort of your own home. To start practicing yoga, you just need a good reference to the correct position and also a comfortable spot on the floor.

Always remember to use yoga mats for doing any exercise, as it doesn’t move and helps you with performing a perfect posture.

If you are ready to try yoga, given below are some popular yoga poses for beginners. These can help in getting better sleep at night.

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Yoga Poses for Improved Sleep

Pose 1:

Bend forward like a downward dog facing pose. Stand wide legged and bend forward, stand straight and bend forward. These poses will help you relax and stretch. Hold each for a few seconds, relax and then breathe deeply.

Pose 2:

After those initial warm poses if you still feel awake, then perform the bridge pose or the reclining angle pose. While doing this, be calm and relaxed.

Pose 3:

The best way to end your yoga routine is the corpse pose (also called Shavasana), which is done for deep relaxation. This exercise can be done on the floor. But if you want to fall asleep quickly, you should do this in bed. One alternative to the pose is supported shoulder stand. This also should be done last.

Before you jump into yoga books, websites and yoga classes, do consult your doctor. Just in case you may hurt yourself in performing some poses and can aggravate your existing condition. You can even hire a yoga expert who can teach you how to perform poses better, and after some time you can start performing on your own.

Have you tried yoga for better sleep?

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