LRS 089: How to Make It on YouTube

How to Make It on YouTube - the let's reach success podcast

Today on the Let’s Reach Success Podcast I wanna cover a platform I haven’t really discussed before. I’m focusing on YouTube for a few reasons.

First, video content is crucial. Every creator who’s doing something on the Web, should add that to their brand, side projects or even do it for fun.

I’m also working on this myself as I need to get out of my comfort zone and video is the way to go. I write way too much anyways, and create audio content as well. But truth is most of my efforts are wasted because people prefer watching things.

Even if it’s on the same topics that I write about, personal development and starting a business, it’s still easier to learn stuff if you just see a video.

So, it’s time for me to give this a try. The point is to share your message with as many people as possible.

With 1 billion hours of video being watched on YouTube daily,  that’s where people are.

It makes sense for me to work a bit more on my channel. I’ve had it for some time now but only uploaded the podcast episodes, so not real video content. Just thought this out last weekend and started making things happen.

I’ll work on 3 different types of videos weekly,

  1. I’ll share reviews of tools (I was already approached by a company to do a review for them, actually, that will be 5 minutes of my time but will be a one-time payment of a sum in the 3 digits, so that’s a good motivation to do more of it).
  2. I’ll also talk about starting a blog in the form of videos that are just a few minutes long but each of which covers a different aspect. Such as choosing a domain, installing WordPress, why we need hosting, what plugins to install, and more.
  3. The 3rd aspect of my YouTube project, will be a show focusing on lifestyle design, doing daily hard work to get an online business off the ground, and the mindset necessary for that. There I’ll be as real as possible, which will be new for me too, but had to happen at some point.

The purpose of this episode is to show you how powerful YouTube is.

And why you need to hit publish on that first video soon, even thought it’s scary and something you thought you’d never do.

Let’s see some tips on how to get started with the platform.

Show Notes:

  • Why I’m getting started with creating video content [0:24]
  • YouTube stats that shows how powerful it is [2:53]
  • Who inspired me to focus on video and what I’ve learned from him [4:07]
  • How to quickly start and set up a YouTube channel [6:42]
  • How to go about video production [9:01]


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