The Zen articles on the blog cover topics like spiritual growth, letting go, being mindful and present, dealing with things peacefully, enjoying life and finding contentment.

And I believe all these are an inevitable part of our personal development. And most often come before the actual success principles, habits to develop and actions to take.

It’s more about the mind and soul here, about the changes that need to be made on the inside so that you can get ready to conquer the world.

Check out what I’ve discussed so far and how it can help you:

Letting Go:

This Moment
That’s my book on living in the present moment.
It carefully explains why we have regrets for the past and fears and worries about the future. And helps you realize that you can’t change yesterday, or predict tomorrow.
Inside I give practical steps on how to free ourselves of such things, how to stop overthinking, making plans and reliving old situations, and – instead – to embrace the present moment, enjoy it and experience it.

10 Things to Let Go of to Free Yourself
I believe that things like regrets, doubts and anger have no place in our lives. And it’s up to us whether we’ll choose to leave them behind and move onto living freely and happily.

How to Let Go of Grudges and Learn to Forgive
That’s one of the special skills in life we need to learn if we want to live every day filled with contentment and peace.
Being angry to others and not forgiving them ruins our life too as we always carry the burden or what happened before. But if we leave it behind we will make space for new things to come, and will free the other person from the past too, will give him a second chance and thus show compassion.

Letting Go of Past and Future
Too many lives have been spent going back to the past and worrying about the future. Don’t be like that. Do something about it today so that you can let go of these awful mental habits.

How Letting Go Saves You from Procrastination
If we’ve been procrastinating for a long time now, we don’t have control over our life anymore. This constant habit of putting things off for later and choosing to do something easier instead has made us prisoners.
But procrastination is a mindfulness problem and if we learn how to let go of all those desires, excuses and thoughts, we can actually get things done with no effort.

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Dealing with Things The Zen Way:

Beating Fear of Failure
Fear of failure keeps us from moving forward in life, often we don’t even give our dreams a try only because we know we might fail.
In this post, I give you 5 simple steps that will help you understand fear, be okay with it and let it be, while just doing what you believe in and going after your goals.

How to Stop Expecting and Trying to Change People
Expectations and our inability to accept the people in our life make the relationships we have unhealthy, we often even lose loved ones because of that approach.
Instead, we need to understand what makes us create some versions of how these people should behave, and how to let go of that by practicing acceptance and appreciation.

Letting Go of Anger
That post was a result of a situation from my daily life, but I managed to turn it into a simple guide on what to do in the face of anger using the power of acceptance and mindfulness.

Dealing with Fear Peacefully
Here’s another how-to post on beating fear. It’s a passive way to handle things but the end result is a more peaceful and contented self.

A Life of Peace and Contentment:

Finding The Meaning of Life and Reaching a State of Peace
Life is about finding peace in the chaos, silence in the noise, meaning in every event and wisdom in hardships and grief. Because peace is the highest happiness. And it consists of nothing more but being right here right now, letting go and practicing compassion.

Embrace Insecurity and Live The Life You Deserve
Seeking safety in any possible way is an awful human trait. Security, just like control, is an illusion, and the sooner we realize that, the better.
Read this post if you want to let go of it and start living instead.

This Too Shall Pass
We tend to take things too seriously and to stress over everything, but we forget the most important law of life – everything passes, life goes on and time heals everything.
That short post is an inspiring reading that will remind you of that.

Slow Down and Enjoy
One of the zen ways to live a more contented life is to do things slowly, one action at a time, and mindfully, so that you can experience them.

How to Fill The Void Inside
Many people feel a void in their lives and stop finding meaning in the things they loved. That often results in bad behaviors.
But the healing happens on the inside because that’s where it started. This post discusses what causes this void and how to feel complete again.

Going with The Flow
Sometimes the best way to deal with things and live life freely is to let things be, to accept what it is without trying to change it or interfere in the natural flow of events.

How to React in Tough Situations: A Minimalist Guide
There will always be difficult situations in life. But there’s also a simpler, more peaceful way to deal with them.

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Minimalism and Simplifying Life:

40 Things to Live Without
We have more possessions that we need. Here are 40 you can get rid of today.

Simplicity: The Key to Brilliance
See why the simplest of things are almost always the most brilliant ones.

Remove Stress from Your Life with The Power of Simplicity
In this post I show you how we complicate life way too much, how we overthink and forget to be present, and how multitasking, our countless desires and possessions are bringing more stress into our days.

Choose Less over More
Check out 6 situations in life when it’s much better to go for less.


If you come up with ideas for more zen articles, hit me up. I’ll write it if it’s helpful and I have something to say about it.

For the books that inspire me to change, and the other resources I recommend and like, this is the page for you.