How to Get Out of Bed Early in The Morning

Get out of bed in the morning

How can you recognize a good day?

Well, it starts with a successful morning routine in the early hours.
Which lets you welcome the day in a great mood, get energized, plan out the rest of it and be productive.

This sounds good. And it’s totally achievable. But it won’t work unless you get up early.

And sometimes, even if you went to bed at the right time, slept well, set an alarm and have your day planned, you can still struggle with waking up.

So here are some tips that can make it easier for you to actually leave bed when you don’t really want to:

7 Steps to Get Out of Bed Right Away

1. Put your alarm clock away from your bed.

This way you’ll have to get up and go get it;

2. Do something right away.

By doing this your brain will realize the day has started and won’t make you go back to bed.

Here’s what you can do:
– turn on the lights
– go to the bathroom
– brush your teeth
– make your bed
– drink water
– make coffee
– change your clothes;

3. Have something to look forward to.

Starting the day with a purpose gives you a reason to want to get up, otherwise you’ll easily stay in bed till noon.

The thing you’ll be waiting for may be your morning routine, going to the gym, doing something fun, getting ready and being fresh for a meeting you have later in the day;

4. Get enough sleep.

Sometimes even if you slept well, waking up can be a nightmare. But still, it’s important to go to bed early so that you can get enough sleep, and to eliminate all the distractions like lights, devices that make sounds, people coming in, etc.
This way you’ll sleep well and enough;

5. Accept it as a challenge to wake up right away.

That’s a great way to practice your willpower and make it stronger;

6. Don’t lie in bed for ‘just 5 more minutes’.

Let’s be realistic, it’s never really 5;

7. Know your why.

If you want to do this hard task, you must have a reason. Maybe you want to have a successful morning routine, have an hour or two for yourself, get some stuff done, go to work on time, or else.
Make your ‘why’ crystal clear and remind yourself of it, keep your goals in mind;

I think all of these are easy enough for you to try them right away.
They are little things to do that will increase your chances of getting up early, starting the day fresh and being productive and proud of yourself.

Have you tried any of them? Did it work?

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