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Advertising Opportunities on Let’s Reach Success

Let’s Reach Success is a constantly growing platform covering the topics of personal and business growth. The blog aims to help millennials achieve financial independence through making money online so they can use that income to live their best life.

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Whether you’re looking for more exposure, evergreen marketing or more serious content marketing campaigns, there are options.



Payment Method

We accept payments via PayPal (in USD).

Payments are made in advance.

Brand Work

Here are some brands I’ve worked with.

The following blog posts are either provided by the company/individual or written by me.

Example #1: Bundle package

1. How to Make 6 Figures Selling a Blog

2. 5 Reasons to Use Flippa to Buy and Sell Websites

3. How to Make Money Flipping Websites

4. When to Sell Your Blog: 5 Signs It’s Time to Sell and Move On

Client: Flippa (#1 online marketplace for buying and selling businesses & websites)

Example #2

6 Ways to Generate Traffic That You May Not Have Thought About

Client: Shopify (#1 eCommerce platform)

Example #3

How to Create a Stunning Logo for Your Business in Under 5 Minutes

Client: Logopony (Logo Creator)

Example #4

5 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Client: Better Help (Professional Counselling Services)

Example #5

What You Need to Know About Debt Management

Client: Latitude Financial (Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Insurance)

Example #6

How to Make Money Trading with GigaFX

Client: GigaFX (Online Forex Trading Platform)

Example #7: Bundle package

1. 4 Bold Home Office Ideas for Female CEOs

2. 3 Powerful Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Signature Program & Wow Your Students

3. How to Use a Label Printer for Your eCommerce Business

4. Offline Productivity: 5 Ways to Get Things Done without Relying on Apps

5. 7 Smart Ways to Use a Label Maker to Make Your Life More Organized

Client: Munbyn (shipping label printer company)

Example #8

Planning to Outsource Your SEO Tasks? Ask These 6 Questions First

Client: Eflair Webtech Pvt. Ltd. (digital marketing services)

Example #9

6 Life Hacks for Car Owners That Will Make Your Life Easier

Client: The Elite Product (Product Recommendations)

Example #10

5 Steps to an Employee Scheduling System

Client: Humanity Inc. (Online Employee Scheduling Software)

Example #11

5 Most Common Fallacies of Sales Management

Client: Spiro Technologies (CRM software)

Example #12

SeedingUp: Letting Brands Gain Exposure and Influencers Monetize Their Platform [Review]

Client: SeedingUp (Digital Content Marketing)

Blog Post Requirements

Before you get in touch, make sure you:

  • are going to provide a unique piece of content;
  • include only one link to your website/product/client/etc (unless you’re ordering the Golden Package);
  • the link will be included naturally in the text or in the byline;
  • you can provide company name and address which I can use for my invoice (or the name and address of an individual, in which case VAT charges will apply);
  • you can pay in advance via PayPal.

If that sounds doable, please email me at lidiya [at]

Additional details about advertising on LRS

I reserve the right to make final edits to the articles in terms of formatting, adding an image and external links, so that it resonates with the rest of the content on the blog.

Blog posts get published immediately after I review them (which is the moment I open the email).

Due to the big number of requests, I’m now choosing carefully who to work with.

I don’t work with late-paying or low-paying clients. I can’t build trust with those who don’t provide financial information or who are in a rush to get their article published.

Advertising should be done right, according to Google’s guidelines, and without looking spammy to readers. So please get in touch with me only if you’re offering quality content with naturally inserted links.