My Top Personal and Business Growth Resources

If you like what I write about, then you should also check out what I read and listen to and the tools I use. Here are the best content and resources I’ve found so far.

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Blogs – the lifestyle designer and jack of all trades Tim Ferriss who’s a bestselling author, successful blogger, podcaster, investor and advisor in major startups, and who speaks 5 languages, knows Jiu-Jitsu, dances Tango, is a national Chinese kickboxing champion and has hacked his body and mind, teaches us how to do the same. – behavioral psychology, habit formation, and performance improvement. – on strategies, self-discipline, philosophy, science, and victory. – entrepreneurship and startups. – the harsh truth about passion, success, relationships, and more (plus a lot of psychology and philosophy). – insights on entrepreneurship, location independence, building great products and scaling businesses. – tips on how to ingrain a new behavior and stick to it, have peace of mind, be content and live more simply. – thoughts on life, habits, loving work, writing books, playing poker, buying your own island, minimalism and being a nomad. – the ultimate resource for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to build a game-changing business. With their magazine, podcast, extensive articles on important topics, and all types of other free eBooks, guides and webinars, Foundr are killing it on the market.



The Tim Ferriss Show – it’s the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes and in each episode, Tim interviews a unique guest that shares his secrets for success in a particular field. It’s highly educational, practical and motivational.

The TMBA Podcast – Dan and Ian talk about business, location independence, lifestyle design, ideas and hustling. Make sure you browse the archives.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast – another top-ranking business podcast sharing the stories of people who’ve succeeded in their digital projects and are now making money online and building businesses.

The Side Hustle Show – You’ll hear the stories of people who’ve successfully monetized their side projects, quit their job, changed their whole life, and made a lot of money by doing what they love and trying something new and unusual.

Noah Kagan Presents – Noah is more than just a marketing guru and the creator of Sumo and AppSumo. He finally started his own podcast recently, where he invites cool guests to talk business, or shares some of his insights on topics such as growing a 6-figure business, self-growth, managing time and money the smart way, and much more.



If it’s true that a person can be judged by his reading list,
then feel free to judge me based on these:

Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) – one of the most powerful books you’ll have the chance to read with ideas that can change your life if put into practice the right way. All about the origin of success and the power of the subconscious mind.

The 4-Hour Workweek (Tim Ferriss) – see what lifestyle design and location independence is all about. Practical advice on how to reclaim your time, quit your regular job and live the ideal lifestyle.

Crush It! (Gary Vaynerchuck) – a bit outdated as the Internet has changed a lot since the book was launched, but still influential enough to make you realize what you can achieve if you figure out what it is that you’re passionate about and start expressing your ideas using the right medium. Also, talks about the importance of personal branding.

The Lean Startup (Eric Ries) – in praise of constant innovation when creating a product and a business. Reveals why most startups fail and offers a method that uses a scientific approach to building startups that consists of the application of lean thinking to the process of innovation.

The Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff) – a book written in a simple yet beautiful way explaining the concept of Taoism using fictional characters. Makes you see things from another point of view, smile more and be peaceful.

The E-Myth (Michael. E. Gerber) – great points are made inside such as why your business is a reflection of who you are, how to see your business as a whole, what are the 3 personalities every business owner has and why some people are still thinking like employees when trying to build something on their own. Teaches you how to leave the comfort zone that’s preventing you from expanding your business and how to have a vision and create a system.

Eat That Frog (Brian Tracy) – if you want to be more productive, read this one book, make small changes in your approach and daily habits, and start getting things done today.

The Miracle Morning (Hal Elrod) – how to start waking up because you want to, not because you have to, create a powerful morning routine that includes activities focused on each part of your life (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual) and how to unleash your potential and become the best version of yourself as a result of that.

Purple Cow (Seth Godin) – a wake-up call and an action plan on how to transform your business by being remarkable and creating a unique product.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson) – an entirely new approach to personal development, by one of my favorite writers ever. He doesn’t spare the unpleasant truths about life, and encourages us to find better problems instead of avoiding the ones we currently have, to embrace failure and get better at it, to start being happy by accepting that pain is a big part of it, and to get comfortable with the fact that we’ll never be perfect or know everything we need to, and that’s absolutely fine.

The One Thing (Gary Keller) – this book takes prioritizing to a whole new level. By defining and focusing on your one thing, you’ll also learn how to cut through the clutter, achieve extraordinary results and deal with stress and being overwhelmed. This bestseller helps to finally understand purpose, priority, and productivity.

The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeau) – a fantastic read showing you the real ways to claim your freedom by making money online, providing value, and living an enjoyable lifestyle while doing work you care about.


Tools for Site Owners

best tools and resources for site owners - infographic -

  • Content management system

WordPress – the best blogging platform. Read about my experience with it here.

  • Hosting

Bluehost – one of the most popular and trusted web hosting services.

GoDaddy – another way to get a domain name and hosting I’d suggest and have used in the past.

  • Plugins

Wordfence – a top plugin for website security. I’m using it and it’s blocking so many attacks, sends reports of warnings, and scans the site all the time.

WP Member – the membership software I’m happily using for LRS Premium.

MemberPress – one of the best plugins for running a membership site.

WP Optimize – the tool I use to clean my database with one click.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin – offer better design and usability to your mobile visitors with this tool.

W3 Total Cache – to improve site performance.

  • Site Monitoring

Google Webmasters – see if your site is crawled properly and if there are any errors that Google has found.

Google Analytics – know exactly who’s visiting your site, what content performs best, create campaigns, set goals, etc.

  • Email

ConvertKit – a top email marketing provider which should be your next move if you want to up your email game. It’s popular for having the power of Infusionsoft, but being easier to use than Mailchimp.

MailChimp – the email marketing solution I use for my weekly newsletter. However, there are better ones out there.

Drip – quick and easy email marketing software. You can use it for free for your first 100 email subscribers.

SumoMe – free tools to grow your email list and build traffic.

Zoho – I use it for mail but it’s an operating system for businesses that has literally anything. I can help you with sales and marketing, email and collaboration, and managing the business process and your team with the right apps.

  • Themes

Theme Forest – the #1 marketplace for website templates and themes.

Mono – the premium theme I’m using for Let’s Reach Success

  • SEO

Pretty Link -best way to make your links shorter and beautiful and track clicks.

Yoast SEO – the best SEO WordPress plugin. Helps me a lot. Guides you when installing it for the first time. From then on, helps you set up sitemaps, optimize your site for search engines, optimize each separate post for keywords, verify your site with Google and other major webmaster tools, as well as other features.

Google Keyword Planner Tool – find the keywords to plan content around.

Long Tail Pro – best long tail keyword research software on the market.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – a free, one-click tool to help you write better headlines that drive traffic and shares.

  • Monetization

SeedingUp – a platform for both publishers (make money from your blog with paid posts, links, reviews, videos, etc.) and advertisers (increase brand awareness by posting on specific sites in your industry or utilize other people’s social media following with video campaigns).

  • Stuff to read

QuickSprout – super powerful techniques to optimize content, grow traffic, increase your conversion rate and anything you need to know from the expert himself – Neil Patel.

How to Start a Blog: A Quick Guide for Beginners

ProBlogger – tutorials to help you learn the skills of blogging.

MOZ – SEO software, tools and resources for better marketing.

BackLinko – SEO training and link building strategies.

CrazyEgg – more advice and products on site optimization from the experts.


E-commerce Resources

  • Online store

Shopify – the best e-commerce platform that lets anyone create a store and start selling things online, on social media or in person.

WooCommerce – best plugin to add an online store to your WordPress site and turn it into a real business. Handles payments, is highly customizable and offers plenty of extensions.

Infusionsoft – the software solution for small businesses. Combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and getting paid, together with a ton of other apps and integrations.

SamCart – create a checkout page and start selling your first product in 3 steps. With SamCart, you have features such as coupons, free SSL, memberships, integrations, trials and different payment plans, reports, one-click upsells and split testing.

  • Sales funnel

ClickFunnels – create any marketing funnel to promote, sell and deliver your products online.

LeadPages – one of the best landing page builders.

  • Platforms to sell on

Amazon – largest retailer. You can sell literally anything there.

Ebay – another huge retailer.

Etsy – the place to be if you have handmade goods;

Udemy – sell your online courses on the biggest platform of that kind.

Teachable – create, sell and promote your online course. With Teachable you get the whole experience. Analytics, customization, marketing and hosting and security.

  • Payment gateways

PayPal – quickest way to pay or get paid online, and set up a merchant account.

Stripe – another popular software platform to run an online business.


Tools for Writers and Bloggers


Plagiarism checker – make sure any text you publish is original.

Grammar and spelling checker – again, by Grammarly, the tool trusted by millions of people. Use it for free to check and fix mistakes or as a browser extension.

  • Adding visual content

Pixabay – a site with A TON of royalty free images that I use almost daily. Open any post on Let’s Reach Success and see the images. They look professional but are something I found through tags on Pixabay in a matter of minutes.

Canva – feel like a designer without any special skills. Here I’ve created book covers, posters, social media posts or headers. It gives you all the right sizes too.

Piktochart – easily create your own infographic. That type of content is quite popular and will be a nice addition to any long article you write.

  • Sharing on social media

AddToAny – the WordPress sharing plugin I’m using.


Tools For Podcasters

Blubrry – podcast hosting provider.

PowerPress – the #1 WordPress plugin for podcasters. Does everything for you.

Audacity – free audio editor and recorder.

How to Start a Podcast – a complete step-by-step tutorial by Pat Flynn.

iTunes – the most popular place to submit your podcast.

Stitcher – another place you want your podcast to be at.

USB mic to record your show – just plug it in your laptop or computer (works with Windows, Mac, and Linux OX).


Outsource/Find Freelance Work

The best places to find the right people and services for the job you need to get done.

UpWork – a global freelancing platform where you can find independent professionals and work together remotely. That’s one of the places where I offer my writing services.

Freelancer – another outsourcing marketplace allowing employers to find the right copywriter, web developer, designer, virtual assistant, translator, programmer, or anyone else that can do their job well.

Fiverr – offers any task or service you need, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed.

Guru – another cool place to offer your freelance services or hire quality freelancers.

Contena – a service for people who want to launch or expand their freelance writing business.

Jooble – the job search engine operating in 65 countries worldwide to help you find the ideal job for you.

Werk in Nederland


Exclusive Deals

Here I’ll be sharing some special offers. The links will be most often affiliate ones, which means I’ll earn a small commission in case you decide to buy a product or sign up for a service through them. Each deal is from a company I trust or a product I’ve used myself.
This adds no cost to you but helps keep this site sustainable.


Bluehost: Start a site for as little as $3.95/month

It’s the hosting I’ve used for this site since day 1, and am still working with them after growing it.
I also use it for some niche sites I run.
It’s considered #1 for hosting websites and blogs all over the world.

Try Bluehost today.


Blubrry: Get a free month for podcast hosting

The Let’s Reach Success podcast is hosted by them. More than 80 episodes later, I’ve never had a problem.

Setting it up was easy, I like the dashboard they offer, how simple it is to upload a new media file, and also that they created the most popular free podcasting plugin, PowerPress.

Get your first month for free.

Blubrry: Get a free month for podcast hosting - letsreachsuccess special offer


Udemy: Get up to 90% off online courses

Whatever it is that you’re doing online, you’ll need new skills all the time. Be it marketing, writing, programming, time management, a new language, web design, social media management or networking, it’s better to learn directly from the experts.

Udemy is the place to go. It’s the world’s biggest destination for online courses, and once you type your topic of interest, you’ll see plenty of choices.

Start learning skills online at a discount today.


14-Day Free Trial for ClickFunnels: Create Sales Funnels in Minutes

Back in the days creating marketing funnels was a difficult task for most people. It meant using many platforms and tools, and often hiring a designer and programmer.

Now, there are software solutions for that. ClickFunnels combines a web hosting, landing page software, email autoresponder, split testing and more. And gives you the chance to create beautiful and convincing pages in order to make more sales.

Try them free for 2 weeks.


AppSumo: Weekly deals on the best tools for entrepreneurs

Love software but hate paying for it? Check out AppSumo’s weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

AppSumo: Weekly deals on the best tools for entrepreneurs


Amazon Prime: Get a 30-day free trial

By becoming an Amazon Prime member, you get all sorts of benefits, such as unlimited, FREE One-Day Delivery on millions of items, over 15,000 movies and TV episodes with unlimited instant streaming, over 2 million songs, unlimited photo storage, and more.

Get your deal here.

amazon prime deal 30 days free trial letsreachsuccess


Drip: Free email marketing software for your first 100 subscribers.

Drip is one of the big names in the email marketing scene. And no business can exist without a newsletter, strategically turning email subscribers into customers, and also automation.

Start doing things the right way with your very first visitors. Use Drip for free for the first 100 on your list.

Join Drip for Free


Audible: Get a free audiobook with your 30-day free trial

Want to learn things and get inspired wherever you are? Audiobooks might become your next favorite thing.

Audible is an Amazon company and the place where you can find the best selection of audiobooks and premium podcasts on the Web.

Get a free audiobook with your free trial.

free trial audible


These tools and resources will make your life and online business easier.

There are plenty of products and software services to answer any need of the independent freelancer, aspiring entrepreneur, or online business owner. The point is to explore what’s out there and start with one tool today.

After experimenting, you’ll keep using those that save you time and money, improve your site’s ranking and content, help you get new leads and expand your brand.

While using these and becoming more tech-savvy, you should also dedicate your free time to the books, blogs, and podcasts I mentioned in the beginning. That’s because you need to feed your mind with the right type of information, build additional skills, and get encouraged knowing how others before you have succeeded in the same market.

Here’s to you and the tools you need to succeed at every next level!