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Hey, I'm Lidiya

I’m a blogger, author, course creator and business owner on a mission to help you shift your beliefs around self-worth, money, sales, and business and redefine your future.

I’m here to share my step-by-step growth strategies + energetic practices that when combined, let you create an abundant business you’re in love with.

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Your desires are yours for a reason. I invite you to step into the most powerful chapter of your life. You are here to make a difference and your business is one of the most magical ways to do it. 

It’s your legacy, your way of creating generational wealth, what you came here to do. And you get to do it every day. What a fucking honour that is, and I’m so excited to guide you along your journey!

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Are you ready for massive breakthroughs?

In 2013, I started a self-improvement blog called Let’s Reach Success. Back then I had no idea what blogging was all about.

Fast forward to now, it gets hundreds of thousands of visitors, is approached by sponsors all the time and earns me a full-time income thanks to the different monetization strategies I’ve implemented, and is the foundation of my mission to help ambitious people do the same. Later, I created my course business and allowed anyone to dive deeper into my teachings through my self-paced programs.

This income has allowed me to never be part of the corporate world, to leave my home country and start a new life in my dream destination, to wake up whenever I want to and work on whatever inspires me, to devote most of my time to personal growth and my healing journey.

I’m convinced a blogging and/or course business can do the same for you! And that + the fact I have real experience with these business models is why these are the 2 success paths I can invite you on.

I want to help you become a full-time blogger or a profitable course creator. In both cases, you’ll also end up serving your purpose, having all the freedom you seek, and unlocking true financial abundance.

Here's the thing...

Becoming your own boss won’t just help you earn, grow, and secure your future. There’s more to that, especially as a woman.

You’ll become independent in every possible way. Gender roles, age, ethnicity and social norms won’t limit your potential.

You can be the breadwinner of your family and still be at home with your kids (plus, you’ll be a role model to them).

You can embrace your true self and build your brand around it, which will attract your dream clients. You can use your income and flexibility to live anywhere and travel any time.

The online business you create and grow will teach you discipline and principles that you’ll apply to other aspects of your life. You won’t let anyone bring you down, won’t be in a toxic relationship, and won’t stay in an environment that’s not the right fit for you (as you’ll see soon, all this is part of my story).

Below is the real (and detailed) version of my story, my journey, my business, my lifestyle design project, and basically everything that has helped me get to where I am today and help others go through the same transformation.

For each stage of my life in the past 10 years, there was resistance, doubts, fear, and obstacles. That’s part of the process and one of the main reasons why I wanna share it all. The hustle, the confusion, the mistakes, the insecurity – I loved it all and I’m here for the new challenges my next level will bring.

Let’s dive in.

the beginning

How I started my blog and became location independent

Before and during my early 20s, I wasn’t satisfied with my life. I was dreaming about changing and maybe leaving my home country and doing something I love.

I wasn’t part of the corporate world yet but knew pretty well I never want to end up in it either. So I had to start doing something about it at an earlier age. That was a turning point in my self-improvement and business journey because it motivated me to start looking for ways to change my reality. 

But I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t have a purpose and clear direction. There was this huge gap between the life I wanted to live and the one I was living.

I read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (one of my mentors back then) and opened my eyes. I wanted to make enough money online so I could live anywhere and be my own boss.

I created Let’s Reach Success when I was in university. It started as a personal blog on the topics of self-help, successful habits, productivity and forming a strong mindset.

Back then, I knew nothing about blogging or how anyone could make money online. I enjoyed the process of getting to know WordPress and learning things about publishing content online.

I did a ton of research, got some traffic, started reading about other bloggers, and began seeing myself as a real blogger.

However, my first income online wasn’t thanks to my blog. It was from freelance writing.

Because I was writing so much on my blog, I decided I can offer the same to others and get paid for it. I used my published work as my portfolio and applied for jobs on sites like Upwork. That’s how I earned my first $100.

After that, I replicated the process. Once I was earning a few hundred dollars a month, I could cover my expenses. That’s because I had the chance to live with my parents and my home country – Bulgaria – allows for a cheap lifestyle.

Soon, I began dreaming bigger and that changed the game.

The one-way ticket that changed my life

Some time later, I had a regular income from freelancing and was earning a bit as a blogger too (mainly from sponsored content).

Soon I graduated from university and was done with formal education. The next logical step was doing a Masters and finding a regular job. That world wasn’t for me, though. 

I was making more than $1000 now and had savings and that was enough to give me the confidence to take action and do something that changed the rest of my life – moving to another country.

Lifestyle design is about freedom, reclaiming your time, doing things you like, spending each day in the best way possible, feeling the way you want to, and making it all meaningful by helping others with what you do and leaving a dent in the universe. 

That’s how I wanted to live and it meant leaving my country, being away from family and friends so I could be independent, and growing my business.

I had a plan: I wanted to move to the Netherlands – my favorite country – and start over. I also wanted to make more money on a monthly basis and eventually leave freelance writing behind and do work that matters, on my own terms. 

I got a one-way ticket to Amsterdam at the end of 2016, found a place to live in the next 10 days (while staying in an Airbnb) and never looked back. I didn’t have any idea how it will go but I trusted my abilities that I could handle it.

I successfully started my life there.

From a freelancer to a full-time blogger and biz owner

At the beginning of 2017 (just a few months after relocating) I traveled to Thailand and spent 5 weeks there. Once I was back from Asia (where I had plenty of life-changing experiences), though, I had some financial struggles.

These 5 weeks I was living more (which is great) but not working enough and not focusing on my goals. So, the income decreased to the point where I was mostly earning from freelancing again. When I got back to the Netherlands, I didn’t have any more savings so when the bills started coming, my creative energy and business vision were replaced with money problems.

That was another turning point in my journey and I’m so grateful for it.

Freelancing became my new comfort zone and it limited my skills and talents, I exchanged time for money and had to answer clients’ expectations. I wasn’t paid what I deserved.

Up until that point I didn’t manage my money well and wasn’t looking at the big picture of my financial situation. This changed everything and even though no one helped me with a loan or anything, I promised myself I’d never allow myself to be in such a financially insecure position again.

It was time for action.

I diversified my income (half of my money was coming from freelance writing, and the other half from sponsored content). 

I learned more about blogging, doubled my rates, invested more in my blog, used better tools, upped my content game, and was growing my brand.

I increased blog traffic and made ad revenue a monthly passive income stream. Since then, my income has only been growing. Soon after that, I had my first $5K month as a blogger

At the beginning of 2018, I also registered a company in Amsterdam as I knew I’d spend the rest of my life in this country.

the next stage

Better lifestyle + business

Once I was a full-time blogger, it was time to make those $5K/months a regular thing so I took courses, began listening to experts in my niche who had the same biz model, started creating digital products, diversified my income to earn in 4 different ways, and raised my prices.

The more I invested back in my blogging business (a better hosting provider such as WPX, email marketing tool like ConvertKit, stock photos and templates, etc) and myself (through courses on the topics I wanted to focus on such as email marketing and digital products), the more results I was seeing and the clearer the next steps were becoming.

That’s when I packed all my knowledge and experience to create my first course Blog to Biz System.

In it, I break down all my years of experience into an actionable framework and system that you can customize and apply to your own blogging business and achieve clarity, provide epic value with your content and create multiple income streams (most of which passive).

At that stage I also felt financially stable and confident enough to make another rather expensive but necessary move.

I was renting a room in someone else’s apartment up until now and it wasn’t a nice place. Perfect for a start, but now it was time to change the environment, leave the comfort zone again, and improve the quality of my lifestyle.

So after a lot of hesitation and worrying, I moved to the exact place I had in mind – a studio in a newly built building in one of my favorite areas of Amsterdam, and specially built for young professionals (there’s even a coworking space downstairs).

Knowing that I work mostly from home, there’s nothing better than creating the ideal work environment. It leads to being grateful every day for what the online business has made possible and be even more motivated to work harder.

Spiritual awakening + growing as a course creator

Fast forward to 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, I became even more motivated to grow as a person and as a business owner and reach the right people through my blog and courses so I can help them create freedom in their life.

This was the year I got out of a toxic relationship and started my healing journey. The whole world was quieter, I let go of anything that wasn’t serving me and completely redefined my future. 

I uncovered many limiting beliefs and replaced them with empowering ones. I dove into spirituality and opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. I started doing deeper subconscious work, found more peace than ever, practiced self-love, and manifestation became my second nature.

I started following new people online who became my mentors and learned so much from their podcasts and programs. I connected with like-minded people, reclaimed my power, and realized that there’s nothing I want that is too big from me. 

I started dreaming bigger and taking action from that place. Soon, abundance was everywhere around me, my business never felt that enjoyable and meaningful, my daily life was exactly what I wanted it to be, and my heart was filled with deep gratitude.

In terms of business, I narrowed down my ideal audience, defined my brand mission, voice and promise, focused on email marketing, did a rebrand, shared my story more and to the right people, formed connections and really put myself out there.

I released other digital products and updated Blog to Biz System and through this process, I learned so much about what to do and not do as a course creator.

At the end of 2020, one of my best courses Fearless Content was born, which is where I combined my best content creation and branding strategies with personal growth and spirituality. It’s a 4-week program to get clear on what’s no longer serving you and release it energetically, re-organize your whole business from a place of abundance, and achieve radical alignment in your content creation. You’ll learn how to create a content creation process aligned with your true self thanks to Human Design. All through my experience after 7 years of publishing content online and experimenting with different formats, platforms, niches, passions, audiences, goals, business models.

At this point, I was beta launching my programs and having actual pre-launch periods. I fall in love with selling and was doing it as an act of service. It didn’t feel icky anymore, I wasn’t anxious. I kept releasing offers, doing launches, and my whole year in business was structured around that in 2021.

I got recognized as a course creator in my field. Yahoo! Finance named me one of the 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021 and I got featured in Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and many more publications where I shared my journey and talked about my programs.

I partnered with other course creators and participated in some of the most popular course bundles online. This way I’ve welcomed over 8,000 course students into my programs in the last years.

I also added more offers to my product suite, such as: 

Blog Audit – a professional review of your website and blogging strategy + a growth action plan.

The Blog Sponsorship Boss – your one-stop shop for anything related to making money with sponsored content as a blogger (from making your site irresistible to brands and joining marketplaces that offer sponsored opportunities, to reaching out to brands yourself, negotiating your rates, and turning this into a regular income).

Money Magic – a 3-day workshop for anyone who struggles to attract, keep, manage or enjoy money. It will help you change the way you look at money, uncover and re-frame limiting beliefs, and welcome abundance in your life.

Pinterest Boost – a masterclass that teaches you how to demystify Pinterest and create your easy pinning strategy (no automation tools needed!) so your can bring consistent traffic to your blog.

Blog Income Boost – an online pre-recorded workshop that shares 7 revenue-boosting things you can do on your blog RIGHT AWAY to get closer to that 5-figure income.

course bundle - the master blogger bundle

My product suite was growing and I now had so much experience as a course creator. It was time to teach others how to do the same – how to package their knowledge into a program, turn it into a magnetic offer, and sell it over and over again.

That’s how my signature program for course creators was born.

The year of expansion

2021 was about alignment (that was my word for the year) and it meant leaving behind anything that doesn’t feel right and instead choosing what’s aligned. My ego was replaced by my intuition as my guide.

That worked so well and I never felt better about the choices I was making, the people I was surrounded by, the journey I was on, and the way I was running my business. 

By the start of 2022, I believed with 100% conviction that: 

🦋 everything is happening for our highest good
🦋 our souls choose everything we’ve encountered and are about to experience
🦋 we are protected and supported
🦋 our dreams are guaranteed
🦋 it’s our job to heal the trauma that’s been carried in our families for generations and break the patterns
🦋 there’s no limit to how much we can earn and grow our business
🦋 you can manifest your goals much sooner than you think (eg: it can take years to get to $5K months but then 3 months to get to $20K months. That’s called a quantum leap. Others have done it and so can you.)
🦋 abundance is already here, we just need to open our hearts to it and stop blocking it
🦋 there’s no failure, only powerful lessons that we take with us and learn from.

As you can guess, with these thoughts being the dominant ones in my mind, the action I took was also different (both in my personal life and in my biz). My word for 2022 was expansion and it happened in a few beautiful ways.


I released my most expansive offer ever – Bold Business School – a program designed to help you build a digital product business that provides unlimited freedom and income.

This empowering business experience will support you through shifting your beliefs, growing an email list and making email marketing work for you, creating a strong foundation for your business, designing your signature program and turning it into a magnetic offer that you launch strategically and can sell over and over again.

bold business school featured new

I expanded my ability to give and receive love. I opened my heart again, and went through a lot of discomfort that led to more emotional growth than I’ve ever had before.

I spend a lot of time studying masculine and feminine energy and it became one of my main themes this year. The goal was to be more in my feminine, allow things to happen, surrender, accept help, not lead and initiate all the time. And it has been a challenging yet beautiful chapter of my life.

I took one of the best decisions of my life at the end of 2021 – to have a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction in 2022. With a strong family history of breast cancer, and being given the chance to do this for free in a country with a great healthcare system, and simply knowing this was part of my path and felt right, I said Yes to it. I share more about it here (including how I prepared for it mentally and emotionally and turned it into a great experience).

That decision itself led to having the most meaningful, mindful and expansive year as it made me say Yes to many more things, love my body the way it is more than ever, form a stronger mindset, be absolutely ready for the surgery, feel more empowered as a woman than ever, and let go of the need to control things.

Through visualizations, affirmations (here are the exact ones I used), self-love, full trust in the process, and standing in my power, I prepared so well that I felt at peace at the operating table (that was my first surgery ever), loved my body even more after the procedure and during the whole process, and felt even more confident as a woman. I removed any fear and anxiety from the whole situation and that was the proof I needed that I can make it happen for any other aspect of my life too.

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Thanks for making it this far!

I want you to know that you have all it takes to turn your desires into reality. To build a beautiful business that makes a ton of money, to do work you’re proud of and share your gifts with the world.

You get to wake up feeling grateful and excited every day, you get to attract your dream clients, you get to earn passive income, you get to grow your business to multiple six figures and beyond.

You get to teach others what you know. You get to face your fears and become more resilient. You get to smile in the face of challenges knowing they are exactly what you need to learn the lessons that will take you to the next step.

This is my story and the next chapter is being written as we speak. What will your story be from today on?

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