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How Your Attitude Towards Money Defines Whether or Not You'll Be Wealthy - let's reach success, lidiya k

Have you ever wondered why poor people usually remain poor, while the rich are getting richer? There’s a simple explanation and it’s directly related to their attitude towards money.

When it comes to money mindset, there are 2 types of people.

Those in the first group don’t have enough of it, but also don’t take the initiative to find ways to make more of it. Instead, such people are negative towards anyone who’s wealthy. They blame rich people for having an easy life, but at the same time show signs of hatred and jealousy. That prevents them from having balance in their life and they end up being miserable.

As for money, they consider it a bad thing. They complain about never having enough of it, but aren’t willing to work hard to start a business or join someone else’s project because it requires a lot of time and there’s always a chance to fail.

One of the main laws of life, however, is that desire combined with action is the turning point of all accomplishment. Which means that a man who’s set big goals, must truly want to reach them. Such a desire comes from within and it’s what drives him forward and helps him overcome obstacles such as doubts and fears.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that poor people remain poor for the rest of their lives. Their attitude towards money is wrong, their approach isn’t the right one either. And no one who doesn’t consistently do something to reach a dream deserves to be wealthy.

Let’s take a look at the second group of people according to the type of money mindset they share – the wealthy individuals.

Having an Abundance Mentality

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All rich people and successful businessmen have a few things in common.

First, they consider money a good thing. Enough of it, when respected and spent in the right way, can provide for their loved ones, allow them to live an enjoyable lifestyle, and let them grow businesses and contribute to the world.

So they welcome money in their life. They see their bank account growing bigger in their head, before anything actually starts to happen. That’s how they accept the abundance that’s coming towards them.

Such an attitude towards money makes you initiative.

Wealthy people don’t just lie in bed all day or spend time in their yachts. We’re not talking about celebrities and inheritors.

I’m describing the strategic, determined, hard working and persistent men and women from history and of today who think big, grab opportunities when they knock on the door, and are getting a step closer to the lifestyle they’ve planned for themselves every day.

They don’t take their eyes off the end goal. They create positive images in their head about money. They have needs and must accumulate the amount of money necessary to meet them.

They are also different from poor people in how they talk about money. They show respect, use powerful words, aren’t afraid to say they will own a lot of it a year from now, and are even excited about all the new doors this financial freedom will open up for them.

In a nutshell, your mentality defines how wealthy you’ll be in the future.

If you have a fixed mindset, you’ll accept that you have limits and just aren’t destined to have a lot of money. Someone with a growth mindset, on the other hand, will know that it’s just a matter of time, raising your vibrations, following your intuition, having a focused approach, and – eventually – attracting abundance.

Decision Combined with Courage

So how can we make a mindset shift and start becoming prosperous?

The solution lies in what Napoleon Hill was writing about in one of the greatest works on the philosophy of success, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It is a result of dedicating 2 decades of his life to study the existence and mindset of people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and many other big influencers who’ve made a fortune throughout their life.

The success formula for earning a lot of money isn’t secret. It begins with a definite desire, but in the end of the day all that matters is what decisions you made and whether or not you acted upon them.

When most people have to take a decision, they have doubts. And doubt is a huge mental barrier that stops you from thinking logically and leads to confusion. You may spend days overthinking something, and postpone taking a final decision until it’s too late to do anything about it.

The smarter approach towards decision making is to just pick one option and believe in yourself to such an extent, that you will make the most of it. It’s about being resourceful, determined and courageous.

Regardless of whether it’s money you want more of, career success, better social life and more meaningful relationships, or else. It’s always the one taking action who wins.

Developing a Growth Money Mindset

debt free

Carol Dweck, an American Professor from Stanford University that specializes in Psychology, became quite popular by publishing a book called ‘Mindset’. In it, she explores a fantastic theory about the 2 main types of mindsets people develop in the course of their life which are the main reason for the success they have, or the lack of it.

People with a fixed mindset believe that our capabilities are limited, that there’s only so much we can achieve in one life. Unfortunately, that usually leads to not continuing their education after school, to not learning new things or setting bigger goals. They simply believe all this is pointless as their current level is the highest they can get to in life.

If you think about it, you can recognize such people in your surroundings and see the signs of mediocrity and lack of ability to change or improve.

What helps the world evolve, on the other hand, are the people with a growth mindset. These are the high achievers, the successful entrepreneurs, the hard workers in any company that get promoted and reach the top of a career, the students that exceed their teacher’s expectations, and more.

They believe that our powers are unlimited and failure isn’t an option when there’s determination, initiative and a learning process involved.

Such individuals aren’t any different physically or mentally from the other group. They aren’t born with a talent, don’t have any special skills and aren’t more intelligent.

But they do love to learn and grow every day. They do seek opportunities, go the extra mile, develop a powerful mindset at an early age and use it effectively later on to reach their dreams.

If you aren’t there yet, don’t get discouraged. You can improve your mindset, change your attitude towards money, create a mentality of abundance and attract anything you desire.

How? Well, for a start, stop relying on luck and stop looking for an easy option. Even if there is one, it’s not likely it will take you where you’re headed.

Big transformations start small, and they start on the inside. Take some time over the next few days to have a conversation with yourself. To decide what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice in order to get it.

Big dreams shouldn’t scare you. Becoming a millionaire isn’t impossible. But that too begins by changing your attitude towards money and becoming rich in your mind first.

Never stop learning. Turn to self-education once you’re done with standard education. Read books, study the lives of people you admire and famous figures from history. See what mistakes they made and how they reacted to what didn’t go according to the plan. Try to apply this approach to your actions and way of thinking.

To create abundance in your life and have a positive attitude towards money, first appreciate what you already have. There’s more of it than you think. Just look around. Begin every day by thanking for the people around you who love you and support you, for the home you live in, the good qualities you posses, the hardships you’ve overcome, and the opportunities that lie in store. This practice will help you leave negativity behind and you will see that there’s already abundance in your life.

You won’t feel like anything’s missing anymore. Instead, you’ll become richer by embracing gratitude. Once you do this, you can focus on getting more of all that you have.

As we know, likes attract likes. Feeling so happy about the good things in your life will give you more of them, on a daily basis.

Then comes the moment to practice what Napoleon Hill preaches – to boldly take action in the right direction, say yes to opportunities, start new projects, take risks and initiative, and create your own luck.

While doing all that, you may want to strengthen your belief for when hopelessness and fear of failure come back. And they will at some point. But with a strong mindset and a positive vision for the future in your head, you’ll deal with them effortlessly.

Life is beautiful. And you can have so much of everything if you know how to attract it. Believe in yourself and your abilities, grow consistently with new experiences, more knowledge and by challenging your limits.

If you want something bad enough, that must be the last thing you think about before you go to bed, and the first thought that consumes your mind when you open your eyes. That’s how you can raise your energy and start bringing anything with the same vibrations that will help you to get closer to that goal.

Throughout the journey to the ideal lifestyle and accumulating riches, make sure you have fun. The thought that you are doing something about yourself and creating a brighter future must be enough to keep you motivated and on the right track.

It doesn’t need to be a daunting process, though. Enjoy every day you’re given, while focusing on the end goal at the same time.

What can you do today to change your attitude towards money and create an abundance mentality?




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