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Welcome to my Monthly Income Reports page!

This is something I started doing just recently, but it will eventually become an important section here on Let’s Reach Success.

The numbers aren’t impressive for most people, but I am living life on my own terms. So that’s all that matters.

If you’re in it for the money, these income reports aren’t for you. Although you can still learn about some new platforms to make money from that you haven’t heard of, or get inspired by a monetization strategy I’ve tried before that’s paying off now.

Hope you enjoy these and use the information in each (some are 3K long) to your advantage!

Let the motto of the reports be ‘It’s not about how much money you make. It’s about how you make it’.

Reasons Why I’m Publishing My Monthly Income Reports

For some people, that’s crazy. For others, it’s an inspiration and a brave move. But it feels like the right thing and has many benefits for me, my readers and my business.

Here’s why I share my blog income reports publicly and spare no details:

1. It helps me keep track of my progress.

You must track anything that you’re looking to improve. Back in the days I was just making a couple hundred bucks here and there and didn’t track my expenses at all. However, having a budget, knowing what your main income streams are, writing down the costs of your business and considering taxes, are all things that helped me earn more.

2. It’s part of documenting my journey.

I wouldn’t believe making money blogging was possible if I hadn’t been reading the income reports of other bloggers such as Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, R.J. from The Ways to Wealth, and more.

Once I was making enough, it made sense to do the same. It’s great and seems to help people. Also, it’s part of my mission as a blogger. I have to share what works and what doesn’t so that more people can start a blog and believe that an online business is the way to achieve financial freedom.

3. It’s fun to track your blog income.

I truly enjoy the end of each month when I can sit down and spend 2-3 hours writing my Monthly Income Report and calculating the exact numbers.

Also, I talk about the lessons, what new project I’m working on, what I’ve found online (a tool, site or person) that gave me a new business idea, what new income stream I’m trying to add and how, etc.

4. It brings discipline to my blogging business.

Publishing a monthly income report is a big deal. My reports are now around 3,000 words and have a lot of links and numbers. I use a template I came up with that includes all the points I want to cover. Such as:

  • Updates;
  • This Month’s Revenue Breakdown;
  • This Month’s Expenses Breakdown;
  • Net Profit Breakdown;
  • What I Learned This Month;
  • Last month’s best content on Let’s Reach Success;
  • Goals What I’ll Be Working on in May.

I also link to products I’ve found useful such as my free online course on how to earn your first money online freelancing or the affiliate marketing course that I recently purchased.

Whenever I share how I made money, I also link to any site that helped me along the way. For sponsored posts, for instance, I earn through platforms like ValuedVoice and SeedingUp.

For expenses, I also link to the platform. For example, I pay $25/month to WPX Hosting. It’s the hosting company I use and am happy with. I also link to my honest WPX Hosting review next to this expense in case people are interested why I work with them.

All these are reasons why you too should be writing and publishing monthly income reports for anything you do online once you start earning $100 or more.

Resources to help you make money online as a blogger:


Make Your First Money Online Freelancing [Free Course] – I created a free course sharing my journey to making more than $4,000/month blogging. It all began with freelancing and you can use this course to follow the steps I took to become a freelancer with no experience and earn my first income online.

How to Start a Profitable Blog – This step-by-step guide to starting a blog is a must for everyone who wants to start earning online and become self-employed. Having your own blog is the first step to selling products, making money from affiliate marketing, building a name for yourself, getting traffic and monetizing that attention.

Blogging Resources – To build a powerful site that turns visitors into buyers and monetize it well, you will need the right tools. In my Blogging Resources page, I’ve gathered the best of the best and the exact tools I’ve used to grow Let’s Reach Success and be able to make a full-time living as a location independent freelance writer.

WPX Hosting – The hosting provider I’m using.Here’s my detailed review of WPX Hosting.

The Passive Income Boss [Free Course] – That’s another free course I released on the topic of earning passive income through blogging. You’ll learn what passive income is exactly and how it works, how to get started with blogging and make your site powerful, and the 4 main passive income streams you can create using your blog.

the passive income boss - free course by lidiya k make money blogging

How to Write and Publish Your First Book in Less Than 30 Days Check out my guide on how to become a self-published author in less than a month. I’ve published plenty of eBooks and have included all the steps you need to go through, from choosing your niche and word count and committing to writing the content to editing, formatting and marketing the book.

How I Make a Living with Sponsored Posts – My monthly income reports won’t be complete without sharing the how-to of sponsored posts. That’s how I earn half of my income. In this post, I share more about how I started with it and what I charge.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – If you’re not earning money through affiliate marketing, then you are leaving money on the table. This step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course shows you how to increase your affiliate income and make more money blogging. It’s by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month (and also the first online course I’ve ever taken). 

I publish monthly income reports on LetsReachSuccess.com. Check out exactly how much I earn from my blog and online business, together with the new goals, past mistakes and lessons learned. #blogincome #blogging #incomereports