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"Lidiya opened my eyes and inspired me to start blogging."

Two years before graduation I was reading an article by Lidiya. I sent her an email and told her about my “big plans” after college thinking that she’d encourage me.

But the response I got from her shook me.

“You know from my blog posts that I say things straight. I think you are putting off the publishing phase of your potential online endeavours”, she said.

She was right. I was procrastinating with the excuse that when I have more time after college, I’ll start. Now, I realize that I was bullsh*tting myself.

She opened my eyes and inspired me to start. From that day, I made a promise to her. I told her I would write and publish one post every week no matter how busy my life gets.

Nobody read my posts, but I knew I had to report to her, so I kept writing. Some posts were okay and most of them were crap. But I couldn’t stop.

In 1 year, I wrote 51 posts. That’s when I was about to graduate and started having second thoughts about my passion and my future. And then I made my decision. I decided to start freelancing on the side and grow my blog as my full-time gig.

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