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"I completed your two free courses and followed every step you mentioned to start my own blog. I have made so much progress just by following the steps you shared. You have helped me learn WordPress, SEO, marketing, business and so much more."

I have been wanting to launch a site but I kept postponing over and over. 
Last year I got discouraged because I was having a hard time with the platform AND I have a 7 months old baby and a 24 months old one too. 
Also, with the travel business, my readings, studies and home I have almost no spare time left. 
BUT!!! I kept thinking and thinking every day about my long time project! 
I first read your blog when I was living in The States I think 6 years ago. Since then, I come back to it all the time. 
I’ve read the books you suggest. I’ve downloaded a lot of your free books and actually bought one. 
A few days ago I completed your two free courses AND followed EVERY STEP you mentioned to start my own blog. 
I’ve even set it up with the theme you recommend. 
Basically, I’m a disciple of you and what you are sharing and I think that you can use my experience to PROVE that the information you are sharing is really useful and different from the one others are sharing. AND THAT IS REAL VALUE. 
I have been managing my time better and better so I can spend some of it working on my site everyday and I HAVE MADE SO MUCH PROGRESS JUST BY FOLLOWING THE STEPS YOU SHARED.
You have helped me learn WordPress, SEO, marketing, business and so much more you can’t even imagine! 
I want to make a living out of my writings and my site, and I WILL. 
I have developed the necessary mindset  and willpower to achieve ANYTHING I WANT and that’s why I’ve decided to work together with you. 
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'I am greatly impressed with this graspable course provided by such an amazing guru. Highly recommended.'

$1K Blogger was really easy for me to understand from the very start. I’m in love with it.

What made me buy it is the sole reason – No BS Complications. So many teachers out there but she’s the best. A truly experienced gem of a person. Also, it’s reasonably priced for such vast information & is pocket-friendly. Saves a heck lot of time & money.

Lidiya has explained each and every detail regarding how to make, grow and monetize a blog from scratch with very crystal-clear lectures in both Audio & Video formats. She understands exactly what people think before starting a blog & therefore boosts their confidence at the initial lessons itself.

Most importantly, she’s always available one-on-one through email. Be it anything, she happily provides support throughout & that too very swiftly.

"Thanks for your writing! It's inspirational and it's nice to know there are other girls similar to me out there."

I really enjoy and appreciate your blog. I also greatly admire your persistence and consistency in writing regularly. 
I’m new to blogging and have a hard time staying focused enough to write regularly. Recently I’ve been feeling like I’m always so busy but rarely accomplish much – especially when it comes to trying to grow my coaching and speaking business.
I was homeschooled growing up and didn’t really fit in with a lot of kids my age (got used to being ‘weird’, then decided it was a compliment). I became a nurse because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. Then I realized I hated it so I became a career coach to help people find jobs they don’t hate.
I wanted to connect with you and say thanks for your writing. It’s inspirational and it’s nice to know there are other girls similar to me out there 


"Lidiya opened my eyes and inspired me to start blogging."

Two years before graduation I was reading an article by Lidiya. I sent her an email and told her about my “big plans” after college thinking that she’d encourage me.

But the response I got from her shook me.

“You know from my blog posts that I say things straight. I think you are putting off the publishing phase of your potential online endeavours”, she said.

She was right. I was procrastinating with the excuse that when I have more time after college, I’ll start. Now, I realize that I was bullsh*tting myself.

She opened my eyes and inspired me to start. From that day, I made a promise to her. I told her I would write and publish one post every week no matter how busy my life gets.

Nobody read my posts, but I knew I had to report to her, so I kept writing. Some posts were okay and most of them were crap. But I couldn’t stop.

In 1 year, I wrote 51 posts. That’s when I was about to graduate and started having second thoughts about my passion and my future. And then I made my decision. I decided to start freelancing on the side and grow my blog as my full-time gig.

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