• Rent Loan Advantages: Why It Is Better Than a Mortgage

    keep customers engaged on your website

    Nowadays, the question of what is more profitable is a mortgage or rent. Of course, this task will be more difficult than the famous Shakespearean expression. Although, if you look into this issue, then there is really nothing super complicated. In any case, financial bondage for 10-20 years will not bring anything good. People are […]


  • 12 Bold Business Moves You Can Make Before The End of The Year

    bold business moves to make this year

    Welcome to episode 22 of the Free and Fearless Podcast where you’ll hear me share 12 things you can do by the end of the year to move your business forward. There’s still plenty of time to focus on the revenue-generating activities, reach your annual income goals and even go beyond that, make a scary investment, or do something uncomfortable online that will change your whole life in the next years thanks to what it can lead to.

    Show Notes:

    [06:03] How to know if you’re actually selling
    [08:19] Do this to free up time so you can work on bigger things in your business
    [10:10] How to know if it’s time to change direction
    [11:06] 1 move to increasing customer lifetime value
    [13:34] How to give your audience what they want and need
    [15:29] A fun exercise to help you stretch your imagination and uncover limiting beliefs
    [18:18] How to monetize your next offer before you create the content


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    Which of the business moves scares you the most, excites you the most, or just triggers you? In any case, I think that’s the move you need to make right away.

    Make sure to let me know how it goes and tag me on Instagram @letsreachsuccess.


  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business

    5 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business

    Whether you are in love with the work from home lifestyle or like being your own boss, running a freelance business can bring plenty of benefits to the table. From setting your own schedule to choosing your own clients, you have complete control over running your single-person operation. But when you work as a freelancer, you are […]


  • 8 Tips to Help You Become More Self-Confident

    how to create your next quantum leap in business

    Are you the one who is suffering from lack of self-confidence? Or the one who wants to boost up your confidence level? Then this article is for you. Nowadays lots of people are suffering from depression and, as a result, day by day they lose their self-confidence. There are lots of reasons for losing self-confidence. […]


  • How Ariel Quit Her Corporate Job and Became a 6-Figure CEO Disrupting The Online Course Industry

    ariel dreamprocourses interview

    This is an interview with Ariel Schiffer of Dreampro. Hey, Ariel. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? Hey there! I was born and raised in NYC and now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a background in Industrial Organizational Psychology and spent about a decade in the corporate world designing […]


  • How to Qualify for a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

    What Goes Behind Running The #1 Marketplace for Buying and Selling Sites [Empire Flippers Interview]

    Unfortunately, self-employed people are generally seen by mortgage lenders as high risk. The main reason behind that thinking is that the self-employed have less predictable incomes than employed people. Therefore, self-employed people typically have to meet a higher threshold of criteria from the lender to qualify for a mortgage. However, it’s not all doom and […]


  • 5 Things I’m Doing Differently in my Business This Year

    How Arfa Nazeer of She Means Blogging Turned Her Blog into a Real Business - interview

    Welcome to episode 21 of the Free and Fearless podcast where I’ll share 5 things I’m doing differently in my business now.

    What I’m working on now and how I approach things these months is what will bring growth, in every area of my life, next year. So, hopefully, this episode will inspire you, help you uncover limiting beliefs or just things you do in your business that might be blocking you from opening new doors and growing that income. 

    Show Notes:

    [01:04] Business updates (my latest launch + offers)
    [05:38] How I structure my days now vs before
    [07:15] From hustle and discipline to fun and flow
    [10:28] Why I work in 90-day cycles now + the 3 things I set for each cycle
    [12:01] The new things I’m tracking in my business
    [14:50] How to do the work now to simplify things down the road
    [16:40] The energy I’m in when I invest in a program
    [17:47] How being a good customer leads to attracting the best students for my courses


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  • Your 6-Step Guide to Starting a New Business in 2021

    starting a new business

    The 9 to 5 is becoming a thing of the past! More and more people are dipping their toes in the waters of entrepreneurship and trying their hand at business ownership. There are a lot of things you are going to need to think about here, and it is essential that you are focused on […]