• How to Protect Your Business from Talent Flight

    How to Protect Your Business from Talent Flight

    Your business may start out small. But that doesn’t mean you want it to stay that way. In fact, no matter humble your online business’ beginnings, you may well have your sights set on nothing short of total market dominance. But how will you get from where you are now to the lofty heights that […]


  • 9 Frugal Living Tips and Ideas to Try This Year

    8 Frugal Living Tips and Ideas to Try in 2018

    If your major goal of this year is to save money or control unnecessary expenses, you must be facing some money challenges. Although you might have failed most of the time, it is never too late to start living frugally. Here are some frugal living tips and ideas for you to try out this year: […]


  • How Balance Transfers Affect Your Credit Score

    4 Ways to Fix Bad Credit - Top 7 Most Popular Worldwide Payment Options

    Credit card balance transfers can be an effective way to deal with debt. You can take what you owe from various accounts and move it over to a new account with a low introductory interest rate. For people who plan to pay off the debt, this can be a way to get ahead without being […]


  • How to Be Happier and More Successful at Work

    energy focus and productivity tips for anyone working from home all day

    Whether you work from home and have your own business or spend most of the day in the office, the best way to propel yourself into the limelight is to work hard and be more productive. That way, your boss or your clients will notice everything you’re doing and reward you accordingly. Right, if only […]


  • When to Sell Your Business? Here Are 7 Reasons

    4 Tips for Bullet Journalling Your Way to Entrepreneurial Success

    If you remember building LEGO models as a kid, you might also remember the time you had to take them apart. It could be because you outgrew them, had to give them to a younger sibling, or you were moving and the full-size ninja castle couldn’t fit in a box. Taking apart those pieces was […]


  • What Sweden Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurial Success

    What Sweden Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurial Success

    Since the mid-20th century, when Ivan Kreuger’s ambition drove him to become the “match king,” controlling most of the world’s match supply, Sweden has been heart and home to the entrepreneurial spirit. In recent years this climate of entrepreneurship has bloomed, allowing companies such as Ikea, Spotify, Klarna, Skype and Axo to enter the world […]


  • How to Turn Your Passion for Sports into a Fully-Fledged Career

    How Do Short Term Loans Work? 5 Aspects You Should Learn About

    With enough dedication and passion for something, you could make a living doing virtually anything. If you’re a hundred percent serious about making money from something you love, you can eventually make it work as long as you don’t give up. Just think of some of the huge developments we’ve seen in the world over […]


  • 6 Best (and Well-Paid) Jobs for Creative People in 2020

    The Best Jobs for Creative People in 2017

    Creative people are always sought after, as the 21st century is the time of progress. People of any occupation give their best to create something new and revolutionary. To take a step further into the future and, little by little, change our everyday lives. Creative positions might not always get a place under the spotlight, […]