• Why Your Course Business Needs an Email List

    Why Your Course Business Needs an Email List

    Let’s talk about email marketing and why you need an email list. I’ll share examples that relate to an online course business but, of course, I highly recommend this for every online business model.

    Show Notes:

    What’s permission marketing
    The real ROI of email marketing
    Sales funnels simplified
    Awesome things you can do with an email marketing tool
    Here’s how reliable email actually is
    How to get started with email marketing as a course creator
    How often to send newsletters


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  • From an Underpaid Service Provider to a Course Creator

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    Today is a special episode. I’ll share my story but in a slightly different way than I’ve told it before. You’ll hear about everything from where I started, to what my first side hustle was, to the 3 business models I’ve tried, what the one I ultimately chose is and why.
    Show Notes
    How things looked like back in 2014
    My first taste of the self-employment life
    Starting a new chapter
    The challenges of being a service provider
    The hard thing I had to admit to myself
    What changed by 2019
    The joys of being a full-time blogger
    What was missing in this business
    Why having digital products doesn’t mean you’re making sales
    Mind-blowing facts about the digital product industry
    Leaving money on the table to pursue something bigger
    What I accomplished in the online course industry


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