• 4 Secrets to Success You May Not Have Tried

    How Dafina Went from 6 Figures in Debt to Being a Financially Free Personal Finance Coach

    You want to succeed. You want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Whatever you set your mind to can be accomplished with the right circumstances and drive. But for most people, attempt after attempt leads to failure. Those moments of messing up are exactly where we grow. So if you are pulling […]


  • 3 Loans You Can Get Instantly When You Need Money Urgently

    An Easy Guide on How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

    You may find yourself in an unexpected financial situation where you urgently need money, whether you have to pay a medical bill or cover expenses before your next paycheck. Luckily, there are many loan options out there that can get you fast funding, and you may not need good credit to get approved. From title […]


  • Stop Making These 14 Blogging Mistakes if You Want to Be a Full-Time Blogger

    Stop Making These 14 Blogging Mistakes if You Want to Be a Full-Time Blogger

    Hey and welcome to episode 19 of the Free and Fearless podcast. This one is dedicated to those who are about to start a blog and have probably been putting it off for a long time, or those who’ve set up their site already but aren’t sure what’s next in order to grow it.

    To achieve financial freedom is to earn thousands of dollars with your blog and get to 5 figures a year (and – ultimately – 6 figures). That’s why I want to share some mistakes that can be avoided.

    Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

    [02:06] How to choose the right niche
    [04:32] What starting with the wrong web host cost me
    [07:04] Tips on internal and external linking
    [08:12] Why stick to a publishing schedule
    [11:06] Why creating new content isn’t enough + what to do
    [12:14] My #1 rule for blog design
    [13:28] How to give readers a story they can relate to
    [15:26] Obsessing over blog stats vs what to actually do

    Grab the free 5-figure blog biz checklist: https://letsreachsuccess.com/checklist/

    Mentioned in the episode:

    My Business Journey: https://letsreachsuccess.com/my-business-journey/
    How to Build a Content-Driven Business: https://letsreachsuccess.com/building-content-driven-business/
    WPX Hosting: https://wpx.net/?affid=520
    SiteGround: https://www.siteground.com/go/9vor0s09cc

    Which of these blogging mistakes have you made? And which ones will this episode help you avoid now?
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  • Why Home Security is a Good Financial Investment

    How Do Short Term Loans Work? 5 Aspects You Should Learn About

    Despite where you currently live, bad things can and do happen. Having a home security system in place is a smart decision not only for your family’s safety, but because it can actually improve your finances as well. Home security can include things like an outdoor surveillance camera, an alarm system or even in-home cameras. […]


  • 7 Things You Should Know About Installment Loans Online

    digital marketing terms

    Now that there’s a pandemic, many of us are staying indoors. Most of us follow strict quarantine guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19. Due to that, people are having a hard time with finances. As a result, more of them are now relying on online jobs to make a living.  People often rely on […]


  • The Benefits of Laser Marking for Your Business

    Corporate Confidence: A Grandiose Guide to Business Event

    Do you use laser marking and engraving in your small business? If not, you might want to explore some of its advantages and consider it. The laser marking technology is evolving and it has transformed the manufacturing industry. If you want your business to stand out then you have to do something that is different […]


  • Does Getting an MBA Online Degree Add Value to Your Career?

    10 Writing Tools to Conquer Auditory Difficulties

    Master’s in Business Administration and other graduate degrees have different advantages to one’s career. Whatever profession you choose to take, you need a degree to help you qualify and be competent in your job.   Why An MBA Degree Is Important Basically, an MBA degree is the modular job qualification if you want to work […]


  • How to Create Your Next Quantum Leap in Business

    how to create your next quantum leap in business

    In this episode of the Free and Fearless podcast, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite concepts in manifestation and in quantum physics – creating a quantum leap. Let’s see what these are, some examples of how it might look like in business, how to let go of some old beliefs stopping us from quantum leaping and what other rules we can stop following in order to 10x our results.

    Show Notes:

    [2:31] My latest investment + when to know it’s time to invest
    [7:24] What’s a quantum leap?
    [9:56] What happens before quantum leaping?
    [11:13] The biggest limiting belief I’m reframing right now
    [12:59] The practices that help us see quantum success
    [15:25] 5 steps to creating your next quantum leap

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    Thanks for tuning in, and see you next time.