• How to Write a Letter to Your Future Self

    How to Start a Productivity Journal and Make It a Daily Practice (+ 25 Writing Prompts) - How to Write a Letter to Your Future Self

    In this guide, you’ll learn how to write a letter to your future self. But first, let’s start with what a future self letter is and why it’s worth writing it. What’s a Future Self Letter? Imagine this: you sit down, pen in hand, and you start writing a letter. But this letter isn’t to […]


  • Your Guide to ADP Learning Management System Features

    11 Working from Home Tips That Give Massive Results - how to manage time better - ADP Learning Management System Features

    Companies always look for ways to improve employee training and development. One successful method is utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS). Among the LMS options on the market, ADP stands out as a thorough solution. This guide will dive into the features of the ADP Learning Management System, showcasing its advantages and how it can […]


  • How Tech Entrepreneurs Are Shaping the Future

    How to Open a Beauty Salon: 4 Things to Spend Most of Your Money On

    The rise of digital entrepreneurship, a sector led by visionaries who utilize technology to disrupt and reinvent industries, has permanently altered the face of modern business. Such entrepreneurs, exemplified by figures like Martin van Blerk, leverage technological advancements to innovatively address new or existing market needs. The importance of entrepreneurs in the tech sector cannot be […]


  • Should You Blog in English if It’s Not Your Native Language (& Why I Do It)

    How Do Blogs Make Money: 6 Great Ways Bloggers Get Paid - should you blog in english

    Wondering if you should blog in English or not? In this episode, you’ll find out why I decided to do it as a non-native English speaker, what the challenges are, how to overcome them, and how to make it work for any type of content.

    Show Notes:
    Why I blog in English;
    What blogging made possible for me;
    The benefits of blogging in English;
    How to know if blogging in English is right for you;
    Our mission as bloggers;
    How to take action despite perfectionism;
    One way to overcome the language barrier;
    Why perfectionism is overrated in online business;
    How I accidentally got published on TIME Magazine with a misspelled word in the post;
    The challenges of creating other types of content in English;
    Why I stay away from live trainings and reject podcasts or video interviews;
    A word about imposter syndrome;
    How non-native English bloggers inspire others to do the same.

    Find the full transcript here: https://letsreachsuccess.com/why-blog-in-english/

    Round-up post: https://bloggingshethrives.com/blogging-in-english-for-non-native-english-speakers/
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  • 60 Daily Affirmations for Women & How to Make Them Work

    Unlearning Deeply Rooted Beliefs & Turning 30 - daily affirmations for women

    Daily affirmations can be a total game-changer for women, boosting confidence, self-love, and overall well-being. Starting your day with positive self-talk sets the tone for success and empowerment. Affirmations help women embrace their uniqueness and strengths, fostering a sense of worthiness and inner peace. By repeating affirmations, women can rewire negative thought patterns, replacing them […]


  • 60 Body Positive Affirmations to Improve Your Body Image

    how to create your next quantum leap in business - 12 Self-Improvement Tips You Should Follow - body positive affirmations

    In this guide, you’ll find 60 body positive affirmations that you can use daily, or any time you feel like you aren’t comfortable in your body and not loving yourself enough. Body positivity is all about embracing and celebrating our bodies, no matter their shape, size, or appearance. It’s about recognizing that every body is […]


  • 8 Ways to Enhance Your Teaching Skills This Year

    8 Ways to Enhance Your Teaching Skills This Year

    Teachers stand as the pivotal force in shaping the minds of future generations. The quest for professional growth and the enhancement of teaching skills is not just a necessity but a passion for educators committed to excellence.  As we navigate through this dynamic landscape, embracing new strategies, methodologies, and technologies becomes essential. This article delves […]


  • 9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Major in College

    What is The Future of Business Schools in Higher Education - choosing a major in college

    Choosing a major in college is a significant decision that can influence your career path, personal growth, and future opportunities. With countless options available, the process can seem overwhelming, especially when considering the long-term impact of this choice. It’s not merely about selecting a subject you like; it’s about aligning your passions, skills, and career […]