• 5 Steps to Successfully Purchase a Domain Name

    How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog: 7 Easy Way to Start Earning - marketing tools

    The right domain name for your new business is a vital asset and often has a huge impact on the growth and success of your brand. Once you’ve come up with a short, easy-to-recognize, and remember name with the important .com ending, you must act quickly to secure the purchase of that domain name. Determine […]


  • 11 Key Business Assets & Strategies That Are Commonly Underused

    blog income report laptop desk home office money

    Running a business is one of the most rewarding things you can do. But every business owner knows there are some struggles that come with starting a new business. To create a successful business, you first need to have a great idea, service or product. But even the most innovative ideas fail when they aren’t […]


  • The Inner Game of Sales: 9 Things I Did to Get More Confident Selling

    The Inner Game of Sales: 9 Things I Did to Get More Confident Selling

    Hey and welcome to episode 16 of the Free and Fearless Podcast. If you aren’t releasing any paid offers yet, don’t have the results you want in your business, don’t feel confident selling, or aren’t sure how to go about it, this episode is for you.

    Show Notes:

    [1:56] How I avoided selling and what changed in 2021
    [4:43] Why I closed the doors to my signature course and decided to rebrand it
    [9:03] How creating your best product ever can make you better at sales
    [10:13] Selling a transformation vs selling product features
    [13:8] How your paid offer must feel so that you can sell with confidence
    [14:46] How to be excited and energetic even if you’re in the middle of a launch
    [16:29] Why you shouldn’t be attached to the end result of the launch
    [18:09] How your money mindset and spending habits might be limiting your earning potential
    [19:40] Negative beliefs about selling vs empowering ones

    Products mentioned:

    Fearless Content: https://letsreachsuccess.teachable.com/p/fearless-content/
    $1K Blogger: https://letsreachsuccess.teachable.com/p/1k-blogger/
    Blog to Biz System: https://letsreachsuccess.teachable.com/p/financial-freedom-through-blogging/

    Join the Blog to Biz System Waitlist: https://letsreachsuccess.com/waitlist/

    Oftentimes, it’s all about the inner game. And luckily, we do the work and completely change the way we see and do selling online.

    Let me know which of the 9 steps I mentioned is your favorite and why. Tag me on Instagram @letsreachsuccess and share this episode with anyone who struggles with sales.


  • 8 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

    How to Make Money Writing: 10 Tips to Increase Your Freelance Income

    In today’s world, growing your small business is difficult. This process requires a considerable amount of effort, and oftentimes, it will take a while to get off the ground. In the beginning, you will need to be wearing different hats so that you understand all about what tax obligations you have, daily interactions with your […]


  • 4 Ways to Update Your SEO Strategy for 2021

    4 Ways to Update Your SEO Strategy for 2021

    If you’re looking to grow your reach and build your brand identity, then you can’t afford to not pay attention to search engine optimization. There are people out there looking for exactly what you have to offer, but without a solid SEO strategy, they won’t be able to find you. The higher you rank in […]


  • The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship (& How to Love Every Part of The Journey)

    The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship (& How to Love Every Part of The Journey)

    Hey and welcome to episode 15 of the Free and Fearless podcast. I hope you’re having a great week, and are ready to hear some harsh truths about entrepreneurship because that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

    Show Notes:

    [1:37] Why entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone
    [4:16] How to walk the path alone
    [6:56] Challenging moments you’ll experience as an entrepreneur
    [8:27] The 1000 days rule
    [10:47] How starting from the bottom shapes your mindset
    [11:57] Example of a badass bestselling author who was once broke
    [13:50] My advice to anyone who wants to live life on their own terms

    Let me know what your biggest breakthrough from this episode was. Share it on Instagram Stories and tag me @letsreachsuccess

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  • 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Stress Right Now

    8 Evening Rituals That Help Entrepreneurs Stay on Top of Their Game

    Today, we live in a world that is more stressful than ever before. It seems like people expect more from us than they ever did in the past. For example, even though it is nice that people can work from home, it is also true that people never get to truly disconnect from their work […]


  • 4 Ways to Use Technology for Your Small Business

    What is Short-Term Financing (+ 6 Options to Consider) mortgage payments

    Technology is something we all use on a daily basis, some to a greater extent than others. We often don’t even think about it, and whether it’s the internet, a self-serve checkout in a store, a chatbot, or something as seemingly simple as a microwave, it has become part of our everyday lives.  When you […]