• 5 Legal Tips for Everyday Life

    4 Legal Tips for Everyday Life

    Life is quite unpredictable and problems can come from anywhere. In order not to have to deal with the mess you didn’t create for yourself or which is a result of lack of legal planning or leaving things in other people’s hands, you should make use of some general legal tips that can be used […]


  • How to Combine Content Marketing with PPC

    wpx hosting review

    There are few businesses that can survive without some sort of marketing, even if it’s not the traditional approach. The simple fact is, if you don’t market yourself potential customers won’t know you exist.  That’s all marketing is, a way to tell others about you and what you offer. There are several methods of doing […]


  • 24 Top Google Doc Hacks You Must Know About

    An Easy Guide on How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

    If you are not using Google Applications right now, you are not using your computer to its full potential. No matter what kind of work you perform, there is a Google App or add-on that will streamline your efforts and improve productivity. What Are Google Applications? Google Applications are entirely free cloud-based services that automatically […]


  • 7 Tools & Practices to Manifest Your Epic Goals

    7 Tools & Practices to Manifest Your Epic Goals

    In 2020, I got into spirituality and manifestation more than ever. I opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and learned that we were capable of much more than I imagined. See, personal development only got me so far. I was missing some important pieces. Such as the part the Universe plays […]


  • How I Made $54K from my Blogging Business in 2020 [Year in Review]

    How I Made $54K from my Blogging Business in 2020 [Year in Review]

    Hey and welcome to episode 7 of the Free and Fearless Podcast and the first one for 2021.
    I’m so excited about this year and spent a lot of time reflecting on what happened during the previous 12 months, both in my business and personal life. From there, I decided what to release and leave behind, what to keep working on and what new things I wanna do this year.
    Tune into today’s episode to hear how much I earned, in what ways, and exactly what I worked on each month of the year.
    Show Notes:
    [01:19] What’s an income report and why it matters
    [03:42] How much I’ve earned in the past 3 years and what changed every next year
    [05:58] My current 4 income streams (and what % of revenue comes from each)
    [08:49] How I grew my email list (+ the exact numbers)
    [11:13] How many page views I got in 2020 vs 2019 + my top traffic sources
    [15:34 ] The 2 traffic sources that help me get nearly 100K page views/month
    [18:54] What happened to my traffic and income once the pandemic hit the world
    [21:55] Why I deleted 1/3 of my email list
    [24:18] What I did to take control of my online presence
    [26:39] How I re-designed my blog
    [29:25] How I took massive action in the last 3 months of the year
    If you want to connect, head to https://letsreachsuccess.com/ or reach out on Instagram @letsreachsuccess and share this episode with anyone you think it can benefit.


  • 6 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged with Your Website

    keep customers engaged on your website

    One of the biggest stresses of owning a website is learning how to drive traffic to it and keep your visitors engaged, whether you’re selling something or promoting a blog. Most of the visitors who leave your website will never return to it, which is why it’s important to start strategizing as soon as you […]


  • How to Make 2021 The Year Your Business Takes Off

    How to Make 2021 The Year Your Business Takes Off

    Perhaps you’ve had your business for a while, but you’re well aware things could improve. Maybe you haven’t had your business for all that long and you’re hoping that 2021 could be the year things really take off for you. Below, you’ll find plenty of advice that will help you to ensure 2021 really is […]