• How to Focus: 7 Ways to Find Focus in Daily Life

    7 Ways to Find Focus in Daily Life and Achieve More

    Wanna learn how to focus? Let me start by explaining what the lack of focus is. Many times when I’ve opened a new document and have started writing – with the whole idea in my mind and everything I need to keep writing for a long time, or when I’m in the middle of a […]


  • How to Create a Course Framework + How to Price Your Product [High-Value Offers Audiobook, Part 3]

    Why I’m Unfollowing Everyone on Instagram - How to Create a Course Framework

    Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.
    Get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C7N66NGN
    The framework of your online course is how the transformation you will provide is going to happen. It’s what you teach inside your program. It’s also what makes it different than other similar products. Let’s create yours. Together with this, in this episode, you’ll learn how to price your course thanks to a simple yet powerful 2-step pricing exercise.

    Show Notes:
    A 4-step process to creating the framework of your program

    How to solve all of your students’ problems around the course topic

    How having a framework makes you stand out

    Examples of course frameworks

    Tips to name your framework

    What pricing has to do with value

    Why market based pricing is a myth

    A 2-step exercise to help you price your product right

    How to go about payment plans


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  • 8 Rich People Problems No One Talks About

    What Causes Indecisiveness (+ 5 Solutions to Stop Being Indecisive) - rich people problems

    Money changes people. That can’t be argued. And there are many articles out there outlining the rich people problems that include a list of things like length of boat, which country to visit next, what charity cause to invest in, dealing with all the people hired to do regular things, etc. But here I want […]


  • 7 Inspiring Peter Pan Quotes on Life, Happiness and Magic

    Here are 10 great ways you can be part of making the Earth more eco-friendly and contribute to society and environment: - peter pan quotes

    Big fan of Peter Pan? Read on for 7 powerful Peter Pan quotes that will make you dream bigger. Peter Pan is the boy who never wanted to grow up. He preferred to live in a world full of adventures and magic. And although society didn’t approve of that, he let his imaginary world become […]


  • 7 Thomas Edison Quotes About Failure and Success

    decide to succeed, be sure of your success - Failure happens. It happens all the time, to everyone, and sometimes can have a bad effect on us depending on the way we react to it. Read on for some inspiring Thomas Edison quotes about failure

    Failure happens. It happens all the time, to everyone, and sometimes can have a bad effect on us depending on the way we react to it. Read on for some inspiring Thomas Edison quotes about failure. Failing, like many other things, is something we have got used to through the years. To some it has […]


  • 6 Inevitable Things Life Throws at Us and How to Accept Them

    Daily Journaling: How 750 Words a Day Can Change Your Life - inevitable things in life

    There are inevitable things in life. That means they will happen anyway at some point, and we don’t really feel like experiencing them. Most people can’t cope with them, are too negative, complain, feel bad, and even ruin their health and relationships because of an item or more from the list below. But you don’t […]