• 7 Things The Pandemic Can Teach Us About Mental Health

    How to Survive The Pandemic at Home Without Going Crazy

    The pandemic that the world has faced and is still affected by has caused many of us to think more about what is important, and in some cases, offered plenty of time to focus on ourselves and what to do with unexpected spare time. It has also offered an opportunity to address mental health, so […]


  • How to Go from The ‘Hustle’ Phase to The ‘Alignment’ Phase

    How to Go from The ‘Hustle’ Phase to The ‘Alignment’ Phase

    Welcome to episode 13 of the Free and Fearless podcast. I’m going to talk about a topic that is really dear to my heart as it’s all from experience: the 2 big phases I’ve been through in both life and in business – the hustle phase and the alignment phase.

    I want to share more about them, why both are necessary, how and when to enter each, and examples from my hustle period that aren’t that pretty but which I have nothing else but gratitude for.

    Show Notes:

    [01:33] Where the hustle got me and what the next level is
    [04:21] The exact steps I took back in the days to turn my passion into my career
    [06:45] What my hustle phase looked like and why it was necessary
    [09:16] My second hustle phase and how it led to $5K months and doing the work I love
    [11:32] How hustling makes you humble and why you don’t want overnight success
    [13:08] Masculine vs feminine energy
    [15:28] How I use feminine energy in business
    [16:39] How to use energetic alignment to make manifestation work
    [18:10] How alignment feels like in my business now


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  • How to Build an Innovative Business

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  • How to Use SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

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  • 4 Ways to Make Your Career Dreams Come True

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