• 8 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business

    Why I’m Not a Coach & What I Love About The Online Course Business

    If you want to market your business but you just don’t have the budget for a fully-fledged campaign then there are a couple of things that you can do about this. After all, marketing your business doesn’t have to be hard work and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. When you know where to […]


  • 4 Powerful Things I Learned About Manifestation This Year

    4 Powerful Things I Learned About Manifestation This Year

    Welcome to episode 30 of the Free and Fearless podcast. This is Lidiya and I’m releasing this episode in the last day of 2021. I didn’t plan for it, but felt inspired to talk about one of my favorite topics – manifestation – and review some of my biggest lessons related to it and what progress I’ve seen, mainly in terms of mindset and reframing limiting beliefs.

    Show Notes:

    How spending time with family during the holidays can be an opportunity for growth

    To take time off your business or not

    What does manifestation really mean

    How to use the ladder of believability to reframe your beliefs

    Examples of limiting beliefs around money that I changed in the last year

    The key part of manifestation most people skip

    What I’m doing in my business now vs a year ago

    How the Ego works

    What happened when I faced my biggest issues

    How leaving the How and When helps you attract what you want faster

    Why it might actually be a good sign when everything’s going wrong

    How your low standards are blocking your manifestations

    How the Universe tests you before giving you what you want

    My final advice for you this year

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  • How Do NFTs Work and Should You Invest in Them

    How Do NFTs Work and Should You Invest in Them

    The growth of the NFT market has been nothing short of remarkable. Investors have been flocking to the markets to acquire these unique digital assets, growing this niche into a multi-billion dollar industry. Although NFTs have been around for quite some time, their popularity has exploded during the last couple of years.  Single NFTs are […]


  • How to Plan for Your Next Professional Headshots

    How to Take Better Photos of Yourself for Your Blog and Social Media

    Getting professional headshots is a must for any small business owner, service provider, or freelancer. They are the first image that potential clients will see of you and when you’re trying to make a good impression, might be the only impression that matters. Having a professional headshot can project a level of expertise and enthusiasm […]


  • Five Options for Creative College Students

    9 Awesome Ways to Boost Creativity Like Never Before

    College is seen as a necessity, but few graduates get real use out of their degrees. The biggest complaints about college is that either the person isn’t passionate about what they studied or that their degree doesn’t apply to their job. It isn’t easy being a creative person in a consumerist society that values different […]


  • What You Need to Know Before Buying Sufficient Insurance

    stock float - How to Ensure Your Business is Compliant With Economic Nexus Laws

    Insurance protects you from potential financial loss. The premiums paid for a policy cover the cost of the services provided by the insurance company. Insurance is a calculated bet. When you are uncertain about whether you will lose money when you buy something like a house or a car, you can use insurance as a […]


  • How to Know if You’re a Good Fit for a Data Analytics Career

    How to Know if You'Re a Good Fit for a Data Analytics Career

    There is an increasingly high demand for a Data Analytics career all over the world today, and this has corresponded to it also becoming one of the most sought after and lucrative ventures right now. The reason for the tremendous growth in the field of Data analytics is not far-fetched.  Every second of every day, […]


  • 4 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit From a CRM System

    How to Quickly Grow Your Freight Agency - marketing funnel

    Consumers are the lifeblood of businesses. No matter how well you develop and market your products, you can’t keep your company solvent if you don’t pique and retain your customers’ interest. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is neglecting their current consumer base and focusing on introducing their brand to new prospects. While doing […]