• The Dream Offer Method [High-Value Offers Audiobook, Part 2]

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    Welcome to the audiobook experience of my book High-Value Offers: How to Create Desire and Turn Your Course Idea into The Dream Offer for Your Ideal Student.
    Get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C7N66NGN
    In this part, we’ll talk about The Dream Offer Method – the simple system I created to go from having just a course idea to an actual offer you’re ready to sell, which people desire, which you’re confident in, and which can become the foundation of your business. You’ll learn more about its stages, Value > Desire > Action.

    A high-value offer is one that has a benefit that a specific group of people deeply desire, it allows them to achieve a result that will transform their life, it’s something they want and need.

    It consists of the main benefit that people get if they purchase and complete your program, the many other beautiful things that will happen as a result of that and how their whole life will be different some time from now, how they will feel then vs now, as well as how easy and quick this can happen. In this episode, you’ll also do an exercise that will help you determine all of these.


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