• Unusual Ways of Investing Your Cash in 2021

    stock float

    With current interest rates at an all-time low, investing your hard-earned cash can be tricky. Some people may close their ears when they hear the word investing as it makes them think that they need to know everything about stock markets. That is simply not the case.  Lockdown is changing how we look to the […]


  • 5 Meaningful Projects to Tackle at Home During The Pandemic

    5 Ways to Save Money During a Recession

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the working and living habits of many citizens. For example, you may find that working from home is much more productive for you professionally and is also helpful in your family life. As we come out of the pandemic, it may be time to make some of these changes permanent. […]


  • 10 Copywriting Principles to Follow as a Blogger

    How to Turn Your Blog into a Book

    Incorporating copywriting techniques into your blog writing is a great way to drive traffic and increase engagement. Here are some ideas that you could borrow from the copywriting world to supercharge your blog posts.  1. Consider your readers’ needs and interests  Readers are the lifeblood of your blog. Without readers, there wouldn’t be any reason […]


  • 10 Small Business Apps You Need to Up Your Game

    small business apps

    In this age of global mega-businesses offering consumers on-demand, cheap-and-easy products or services, it can be difficult for small businesses to stay competitive. You need to keep up with the latest tools and tricks of the trade to ensure you are as productive, reliable, and efficient as you can be. Fortunately, a wide variety of […]


  • The Most Common Safety Violations for Businesses

    How to Use Your Business's Financial Success to Help Others Succeed

    If you run a business, it is important for you to keep everyone safe. Sure, as a small business leader, you probably have a lot of demands on your time. For example, you have to meet with business partners, spend time interviewing potential employees and review the performance of your current managers. At the same […]


  • What Beginner Investors Need to Know About Securities Fraud

    What Beginner Investors Need to Know About Securities Fraud

    As a newbie investor, navigating this part of the financial sector may seem rather overwhelming at first. We are taught that investing in the best properties is the mark of a savvy investor, but how can we even begin to know which stocks to set our sights on given the amount of turbulence in the […]


  • 6 Awesome Tips to Start and Monetize a Personal Blog

    How to Achieve Radical Authenticity in Your Business

    Creating a personal blog is a great way to pursue a passion, and also make some money by doing it. It’s no secret now that blogging can be lucrative. And, as incomes elsewhere become increasingly uncertain, this past year has seen more of us than ever finally dedicating ourselves to the blogging cause.  Unfortunately, as […]