How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career

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Do you have what it takes to turn your passion into profit?

Around the world there are hundreds of people stuck in 9-5s who work the entire day only to come home too exhausted to pursue their hobbies or interests. It’s soul-destroying, to say the least.

But for a select few, those who have a burning desire to monetize the thing that they love, there’s a way of breaking out of the monotonous capitalist cycle and, instead of working for someone else, work for themselves but with a project that they are fervent about.

It’s not for everyone, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, then there are some steps you can take to turn your passion into a career.

Recognize Your Passion and How it Can be Monetized

Understanding what you love, why it fires you up and how it keeps you excited is key when deciding to pursue your interests full time.

Identifying what you love and understanding how it can be monetized and commodified is the first step before you can turn your passion into a full-time venture.

If you love archery, for example, think about the different ways in which shooting arrows could become your job.

Do you plan to take part in competitions? Perhaps you could go into the market and sell specialized bows or arrow shafts?

If you’d like to share your skills with others, maybe it’s more prudent to create instructional videos and dedicate yourself to gaining a following on YouTube?

Once you identify this first step it’ll be way easier to establish the groundwork to getting paid.

Market Yourself

Your audience or your clients aren’t going to find you without some marketing.

It doesn’t matter what you do, whether you’d decided to become a potter and sell your wares, or have decided to start tutoring languages online, for you to make money, you’ll need to connect with your audience.

The fastest way to do this is with a website. Find yourself a reliable website provider – ideally one with a website builder, a unique email address, and cloud storage. This will allow you to lay your ideas out succinctly and tell your audience why they should use your product.

Become Qualified

Once you have your niche identified and you know how you’ll be able to sell it, it’s time to become good at your chosen passion.

Let’s use the archery example again. If you’re going to be taken seriously, you have to be good. For people to follow you, they’re going to want to know that you have some sort of expertise.

After all, why would they buy bows/take lessons from you, when they know of a hundred better archers out there? Put in the time and you’ll see rewards. As the saying goes: the more you learn, the more you earn.

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