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I’ve always relied on organic traffic from Google to bring visitors to Let’s Reach Success. But that’s the long game and it takes a lot of work.

While it’s important to do SEO right, it’s also key to bring traffic from other platforms such as Pinterest.

I knew that Pinterest was a goldmine for bloggers (especially in certain niches) but I never really got the hang of it.

It wasn’t until I enrolled in the course Pinterest Traffic Avalanche that I began seeing some real changes.

It’s been 2 months since I purchased the course. It’s by Alex and Lauren from CreateandGo who earn over $100K/month blogging and have mastered Pinterest. And in these 2 months, I managed to grow my Pinterest by 778%.

My Pinterest page views were 57K before purchasing the course and that number increased to over half a million views 2 months later:

pinterest traffic avalanche review - results reaching 500k pinterest pageviews

Here are the exact results I had:

  • I reached 506K monthly Pinterest page views;
  • Some of my pins went viral (I share which ones exactly and how that happened in my latest blog income report);
  • I brought thousands of visitors to my site from Pinterest in a single day;
  • My blog traffic reached 85K monthly page views;
  • My monthly ad revenue grew to $1000.

If you want the same to happen to your blog, you need Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. Let me share more about it.

What is Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

pinterest traffic avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is one of the top online courses on Pinterest for bloggers.

Pinterest is the best platform for bloggers that allows anyone to get a ton of traffic to their site and make more money. I’ve been meaning to delve into it for a long time now. I pinned manually for as long as I could, skipping things like purchasing Tailwind (a Pinterest scheduler) or learning the exact strategies successful bloggers used. But I was getting nowhere.

However, it’s possible to explode your blog traffic solely from Pinterest. That means no money spent on Facebook ads, not even posting on other social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, not worrying about Google SEO or writing long posts.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche has 8 modules with over 25 training videos. It’s made for beginner bloggers but can also help those who’ve been blogging for some time now but aren’t seeing the results they want.

I’ve been on Pinterest for years and yet I learned a ton of things from the course. One of the main reasons I bought it, though, is the trust I’ve built in the creators and what they’ve achieved with their blogging business and Pinterest efforts.

Who Created The Course?

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche was created by Alex and Lauren, the couple running Create and Go and – 2 successful blogs that earn them over $100K/month.

That’s right. They are 6-figure bloggers and almost all of their traffic (especially in the first year of their business) comes from Pinterest. So they know a thing or two about the platform.

I recently interviewed Alex for Let’s Reach Success. It’s a fun interview in which he shares how he and Lauren started blogging, the challenges they had to overcome in the first few months, how they monetized their platforms,   how product creation works, how they balance travel and full-time blogging, and more.

Check out the interview here.

Things I Did to Grow My Pinterest Traffic in 2 Months

how i reached 500k pinterest pageviews with pinterest traffic avalanche

I’m not sure if it’s the content in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche itself, the motivation boost I got from purchasing it, or the dedication of investing that money and knowing I had to make it work now. Maybe a combination of all. But I finally grew my Pinterest account and even managed to turn Pinterest page views into blog traffic.

It felt amazing to see my efforts finally pay off. Pins going viral, doubling my traffic in a day or two, being taken more seriously by group boards owners due to the metrics on my Pinterest account, etc. 

I finally learned the ins and outs of Tailwind and scheduling pins strategically thanks to the videos Lauren created for Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

Here are some things I did in the weeks after purchasing the course:

  • I created my Pinterest strategy and optimized my Pinterest profile according to it (new profile description and title, renaming some of my boards, deleting one, adding new ones, creating beautiful cover images for all, etc.)
  • I purchased Tailwind Pro – prior to that, I was using the free version and had scheduled a few pins here and there. However, I didn’t have access to Tailwind analytics which shows some important information about your account, Pins, and group boards.
  • I began creating 2-5 pins per article. I was creating 1 till then and that was a big mistake. You never know what kind of pin can go viral on a certain topic. Not to mention you need to experiment with the title and description and only having more than 1 pin per post allows you to do that. All this also means you have more content to share on Pinterest and to schedule using Tailwind.
  • I purchased Tailwind Tribes PowerUp so I can join more Tribes and share more pins in them. Some bloggers say Tribes are more important than group boards now.
  • I dived into analytics. The numbers provided by Pinterest and your WordPress site aren’t enough. That’s where Tailwind Insights come in handy.
  • I improved the design of my Pins. I’m still using only Canva to create them (it’s free and has amazing features). However, I changed the way I title the pins, the images I choose, how I brand my site on the pin, what colors and fonts I use, and more.
  • I started creating great pins for old blog posts and thus giving them new life.
  • I applied to many new group boards.
  • I didn’t get discouraged when my Pinterest page views suddenly dropped or when my viral pins stopped bringing me traffic. That’s how the platform works. Instead, I started analyzing what made these pins viral and trying to replicate the process.
  • Thanks to Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, I opened my eyes for some bad Pinterest practices so I stopped making some mistakes.
  • I stopped pinning other people’s content so much and instead focused on creating more of my own.
  • I studied the big bloggers on Pinterest in my niches and learned what topics, pin designs and hashtags perform best.
  • I began creating new pins daily and posting on Pinterest consistently. 
  • I’m finding the balance between scheduling pins and pinning manually. 

Here’s how my blog traffic coming from social media increased in the days when some of my pins went viral:

viral pin traffic

What’s Included in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Some of the amazing things you’ll learn in the course include:

  • How to set up your Pinterest profile for success
  • How to organize your boards and pins
  • How to find the right group boards to join
  • How to use group boards to collaborate
  • How to track your progress and analytics
  • Group boards vs. Tribes
  • Pinning from your website vs pinning from Pinterest
  • How to SEO your profile and pins
  • How to design a pin
  • How to increase your chances of going viral on Pinterest thanks to 1 strategy
  • Alex and Lauren’s most successful pins and why they worked
  • How to make viral pins that create curiosity and make people click
  • Why leaving group boards is also important and when to do it
  • Group boards strategy and spreadsheet
  • How to use Pinterest to collect emails
  • What to do when someone is stealing your pins
  • How to schedule pins using Tailwind
  • What’s the best strategy for Tailwind Tribes
  • What is SmartLoop and how to use it
  • How to use analytics in Pinterest and Tailwind
  • What other tools Alex and Lauren use to track website stats
  • Creating promoted pins
  • How much of their content Alex and Lauren pin vs other people’s content
  • How to create Pinterest content with purpose

And more.

If you’re ready to get the same results as me and more, check out Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

The price is $197 and you’ll get the following bonuses:

  • 4 Ninja Secrets such as the Shotgun Theory and the ‘Pain Before Gain’ rule that have helped Alex and Lauren skyrocket their blog traffic
  • Private support group
  • Selected content from their course 6-Figure Blogger
  • Worksheets and checklists.

I can’t wait to experiment more with pin design, Tailwind Tribes, new and old content on my blog and the pins I create for it, and more.

It’s an amazing time to be a blogger. You get to drive free traffic – and a ton of it – to your site from Pinterest and then monetize it. If you haven’t started your blog yet, check out my free guide on how to start a profitable blog and monetize it.

If you’re ready to go big on Pinterest, consider investing in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche this month.

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