4 Paid Offers You Can Create TODAY

Tune in below to hear about 4 paid offers you can create, release and start earning from in one day or one weekend:

Show Notes:

  • Living life on your own terms and the challenges that come with it
  • Why creating a new offer doesn’t need to be that complicated
  • What’s an audit
  • What my Blog Audit offer looks like and how I’ve structured it
  • Why I have a no-refund policy only for that product
  • An idea that can turn into a high-ticket offer
  • How to set boundaries and make sure you attract the right clients
  • A product you can create quickly and sell over and over again
  • The role of printables in your sales funnel
  • How to create a product bundle
  • Ways to increase the value of an offer



Creating new paid offers doesn’t need to be too complicated or time-consuming. 

You can overthink it forever, try to find the perfect words to describe it, wait till you’re ready, update your sales page all the time, but nothing will actually happen until you start selling it.

The best offers can be pretty simple which also makes the messaging and marketing easier. Your pitch can be a few sentences because it’s that crystal clear what the offer is, who it’s for and how it can help them.

You define that, create the sales page and any product if necessary and if it will be done before opening the cart, and you start sharing it with people and talking about it all the time so everyone can hear.

You might need to repeat it more times than you feel comfortable with but that’s to ensure that everyone in your audience is aware of the new offer. Those who were wondering if it’s right for them or not can then have enough details to make an informed buying decision.

3 out of the 4 ideas I’ll give you don’t require any actual product creation, you’ll just need to outline some details. Only one idea will require you to create something, but as you’ll see, it’s quick and easy.

Also, 2 of the offers are passive, meaning you release them once and they bring in passive revenue. The other 2 require your time, but they can be priced very high so that makes it worth it.

There’s something for everyone in that list of paid offer ideas, so I hope that you try out at least one of these. Let’s begin.

1. Audit

The first paid offer you can release as soon as possible is an audit. And what that means is reviewing something the client has created, something you specialize in.

An example is the Bold Audit I offer, which is a review of every element on your website. You get a 60-page PDF file containing information about the most important areas of your blog as well as suggestions on how to improve and next steps to take.

I cover many areas including including Strategy. You’ll learn if the different elements of your blogging strategy – such as goals, audience, content, traffic, email list & offers – align to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and can monetize as soon as possible.

Another section of the audit is Content. I go through your single blog posts + overall content strategy and help you take your content marketing to the next level and create content that attracts your ideal reader, is optimized well and is part of a sales funnel so you can form relationships and grow your audience.

I also review your existing monetization methods and give you the next logical steps to take + share a list of more ways you can start earning from your blog right now.

Then I review your email marketing strategy. If you don’t have an email list yet, I’ll outline what you need to get started and how to use it to grow your blog traffic + income. And it includes many other sections. 

The final section is your Action Plan, where you’ll find a 7-day plan on how to fix the biggest issues with your blog + optimize it, followed by a 3-month step-by-step plan to grow your audience and income.

All this can help you in many ways. You’ll feel at ease knowing you’re working on the right things. You’ll know what it is you’ve been doing so far that has been preventing you from ranking your posts higher, turning visitors into subscribers, and more.

You’ll have a professional looking website that readers, brands and search engines can trust. You’ll know what the best ways to monetize your blog are, which one to start with, and how to diversify your income.

You’ll start treating your blog like a business and be taken seriously in your industry, and so much more.

I created this product because people from my audience have been asking me to check out their blogs since I can remember.

They want to know if they’re doing things right, if they monetize in the best way, if their design and user experience are on point, if they have the most optimal blog categories, if their articles are optimized well for keywords, and what next steps they should take to have a blogging strategy and increase their traffic and income.

That’s too much to answer in 1 email or DM. So I decided to release this unique offer for those who are serious about taking their blog to the next level.

As my time is limited and this kind of work requires my undivided attention, energy and expertise, I only want to audit the blogs of those who are ready to make the investment RIGHT NOW. Which also means they will actually go through the PDF I’ll provide and – most importantly – will follow my tips, recommendations and next steps.

The way I’ve structured the audit is my own choice. Yours can involve a call and a plan with next steps, whether that’s inside a PDF file or just done during the call. It’s up to you. Do whatever helps your client the most and whatever you find the most joy in.

Now, this offer will require your time and attention. There’s only so many audits you can do in a week or month so make sure you limit the spots if you think there will be a lot of interest.

I also added a no-refund policy and state that clearly on the sales page. It’s my only guarantee where sales are final.

That’s because I only want to work with people who are serious about growing their blog, can follow instructions and are NOT looking for a way out before they even begin. And once they receive the PDF file, they get lifetime access to it.

This isn’t an online program that you can lose access to. This is work done specially for them and their business, using my professional experience of having been in the blogging industry for 7 years now. And the offer is so exclusive and the PDF they receive contains such powerful information, that once seen/used, it can’t be unseen/unused (meaning, you they have received far more than what they paid for).

Outline your audit offer and price it based on value but also the time and effort it takes you. This is almost like working 1:1 with you, so make sure you get compensated for that well.

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2. Voxer support

Why I Created Bold Business School for You

The next cool thing you can release in your business is a Voxer package. Well, it can also be a WhatsApp one or anything like that, but the point is that you offer 1:1 support to people on whatever it is you help them with but in the form of voice and text messages.

Voxer is a popular app for that, especially in the coaching industry. This is actually a package many coaches have but if you aren’t one, you can still add it to your product suite.

If you’re more of an introvert but want to offer personalized support and hold your client’s hand as they go after their goals and make changes, then this might be perfect for you. It can also be a high-ticket product, your most expensive offer even.

The unique selling point here is that people get private access to you and a personalized experience.

They can be in your energy, get more done in the area of life you help them with than they would on their own, get personalized feedback, accountability, support and a strategy to move forward with.

You can offer packages for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or anything else you feel like. Some will be suitable for people who want quick results and have just a few blocks to overcome. Other options will be better for those who want you to guide them on their journey for longer and are ready to commit. Then the investment will be much bigger too, of course.

Don’t forget to set boundaries here.

The price is the first one as it will ensure you attract the right people. Charge what you’re worth and even add more to it.

Then, set some limits such as saying that you’re only available on Voxer Monday to Friday and even give your working hours.

Decide how many spots you’ll open, whether people will need to fill in a form and be accepted first or can just make the payment and start working with you, and think whether or not you’ll offer payment plans.  

Okay, moving onto the next one of the paid offers I have for you.

3. Printables

You can create printable digital files that you can sell over and over again. You don’t need to be a graphic designer for that but can simply use Canva. That’s what I’m doing.

I offer blog planner printables that include:

  • a blog goals planner
  • a daily, weekly and monthly blog planner
  • a password tracker
  • a tracker for ad income
  • affiliate revenue tracker
  • sponsorship income tracker
  • digital products revenue tracker
  • Pinterest growth tracker, etc.

I even have a product called The Life Planner Kit, which is a bundle of printables to organize all areas of your life.

These were simply created inside Canva, downloaded and bundled into a kit.

But I also have the Blog Income Toolkit. Aside from an eBook with income reports and monetization tips, it also includes done-for-you-templates for bloggers.

Some of them, such as the lead magnet templates, take you to Canva.com where you can copy the template I created for you and then use it in your own account. You can personalize it a bit, download it and immediately start using it in your blogging business.

If you decide to create printables, know that these are usually priced low and their goal is to get people in your sales funnel, give them a lot of value, something really actionable and which will save them time.

That helps you form a connection with them. They invested a bit in working with you and are now more engaged with your work.

4. Bundles

And finally, bundles. That’s another amazing offer you can release right away but only if you already have 2 or more products available. Then you can simply combine them in a bundle and sell them with a discount or together with some bonuses.

An example is my Master Blogger Bundle, which contains all bloggers need to launch their blog, grow the traffic and income, create a remarkable content marketing strategy, build their sales funnel, turn their blog into a full-time business, have passive income streams, and get their blog audited by me + get a personalized growth action plan.

I’ve included 3 courses, a workshop, the blog audit, a toolkit and printables. 

That’s a total of $1234 (when purchased separately). But with the bundle, I offer all these resources for $888, so you save over $300.

If I create new products on blogging, they will be added to this package too and those who’ve already purchased it will get them at no extra cost.

There’s a 30-day risk-free guarantee. I also went the extra mile saying that if someone from my audience has already purchased one of the products inside, that amount gets extracted from the price. They just need to email me about it so I can create a unique coupon code for them. There are many ways to enhance the value of your offer

The course platform you’re using must allow you to create bundles easily. I use Teachable and creating a bundle there is one click away, just like it is with a new course.

If you serve different groups of people or at different stages of their journey, you might bundle your products based on that. It doesn’t need to be all your products in 1 bundle. Then you’ll have a few new paid offers for your audience.


And that’s a wrap. I’m curious which one of those you’ve already released or are working on. Or maybe you just got inspired to create a new offer based on one of those ideas. Reach out and let me know.

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Inside, I teach you all this, and much more. It’s basically your strategy guide for building a course business, and we focus a lot on mindset too.

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Thank you so much for joining me today. Wishing you the best of luck with your paid offers, and I’ll see you next time.