This is an interview with Miriam Laundry.

Hey, Miriam. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. 

Hi, I’m Miriam Laundry, and I own a publishing company dedicated to helping first-time writers publish their children’s books.

To help writers in all stages of the publishing process, I offer free resources, professional editorial services, a comprehensive online course, and a mastermind program.

I’m also the author of 5 bestselling and award-winning children’s books including I CAN Believe in Myself, which went on to achieve a Guinness World Record™.

When and how did you enter the publishing industry?

After self-publishing my first few children’s books, lots of aspiring authors would reach out asking me, “how do I publish my own children’s book?” For years I would meet these writers and let them pick my brain at no charge.

I empathized with them a lot — I had been in their exact shoes when I started writing! As the questions kept pouring in, I realized there were countless writers out there wondering how to get their name in print and inspire children.

So, I started Miriam Laundry Publishing right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (talk about hectic timing!). My goal shifted from promoting my own children’s books to helping writers publish their books.

What inspired you to create an online course?

As I looked back on my own experience with self-publishing, I realized this one hurdle almost held me back: there was so much I had to know to publish my own book, but few resources available to actually learn how.

When I started Miriam Laundry Publishing, I knew I had to offer a comprehensive resource so that first-time writers wouldn’t have to spend days scouring the internet only to end up more confused than they were when they started.

I created Children’s Book Masterclass (my 10-week online course) to teach aspiring authors how they can write, publish, and launch their children’s books. After completing the course, these writers will know everything they need to know. Every step is laid out, from crafting the first draft to launching the final product. 

In other words, enrolling in CBM is so much easier than trying to figure it out alone!

How long is the course and how did you structure it?

Children’s Book Masterclass is 10 weeks long. It features LIVE classes — taught by myself and one of Canada’s best children’s writers, Sharon Jennings, lots of bonus speakers —, community-building activities to help writers get to know their classmates, workshops where they can bring their story to life, and lots of added resources.

How much does it cost and how did you choose the right pricing?

Since this course contains so much content and extra resources, I’ve priced it at $2,000 USD.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous to set this premium price at first. I knew the course was worth it, but I worried about whether there would be a market for it. Of course, now I’ve discovered there truly are many children’s writers out there.

How did your first launch go?

My first launch did really well! I had 30 people sign up. The team really went all out, and it paid off. 

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What was the hardest part of launching for the first time?

I didn’t know how people would respond. I didn’t start with a quiet internal launch. I started launching with these big partners and had no way of knowing if it was a proven offer.

How did you make sure every next launch goes better?

We do a team debrief after every launch to discuss what went well and what needed work.

At that time, we didn’t have great tracking set up, but now with every launch we track several metrics to see where and how we can improve next time.

How do you keep your students engaged?

The biggest things I’ve found for growing the community are our optional community-building exercises before every class. It only takes 30 minutes, but it pays off big time. The students love it!

How do you grow your audience with potential buyers?

I combine several strategies to grow our audience.

Some of my favourites include consistently nurturing my email list with valuable content, using lead magnets to attract people who are serious about writing for children, looking for PR opportunities on podcasts, blogs, and other media, and working with affiliates whose brand values match my own.

What’s your favourite way to spread the word about your course?

As simple as it is, I love talking about the course face-to-face with writers. Getting to sit down and chat with these world-changers is such a blessing.

Tell us about your first 6-figure launch.

Our first 6-figure launch was a major validation for the whole team. It reminded us that there truly are people out there who want what we have to offer.

I think what set this launch apart from previous launches was our investment in Facebook ads to increase our launch list.

It’s funny — even though we’ve launched so many books, having that launch made my company feel like a “legit business”. More than anything, it feels incredible to know that you can teach anything you’re good at.

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What are the key things you prepare before a launch?

There is so much behind-the-scenes work that goes into a launch. The team prepares launch plans, emails, webinar tech, etc.

I plan the webinar and practise it (a lot). And since launches take so much work, I make sure to take care of myself so I’m at the top of my game.

What role does social media play in your business? 

Social media is where I really get to know my potential clients.

For a lot of my students, their first contact with us was on Instagram or Facebook. I like to show what I’m all about — why I do this, how I started, where I’m going next. I also like to “lift the curtain” a bit to provide great content.

What about your email list? And how do you grow it?

I grow my email list mainly through quality lead magnets. Then, if the lead magnets perform well, I’ll put Facebook ad money behind them to scale the leads.

What’s different about promoting a book vs a course?

With a course, I’m looking for a completely different customer (and they’ll need to trust me a lot more to invest both their time and money in my course).

A book is a small investment, and a course is a bigger investment.

What other offers do you have and who are they for?

In addition to CBM, I offer a year-long mastermind program for writers looking to publish their book through me (Publishing Mastermind), a monthly workshop where writers will learn the foundations of storytelling and have the time to craft their first draft (Writer’s Craft Workshop), and a free private Facebook group for writers to connect and build community (Children’s Book Writers Community).

What are some books, programs, podcasts and mentors that have helped you along your business journey?

Without these mentors, I would not be where I am today: Jack Canfield, Chris & Lori Harder, Amy Porterfield, and Jeff Walker.

I often consider myself a lifelong student. I love learning and growing in all facets of life, especially business!

What’s your advice for first-time course creators?

If you’re a first-time course creator, learn from someone who has done it already (take a course or find a coach) and do it.

You’ll be surprised by the response you get, and then you can refine your following launches to make them better and better every time.

What’s next for you and your business?

I plan to continue helping writers fulfil their dreams of becoming published children’s authors.

And in business terms, you could say I want to scale. It would be so great to one day hold a face-to-face event. It’s amazing getting to know the students virtually, so I can only imagine how incredible a LIVE event would be.