20 of The Deepest Existential Questions You Should Ask Yourself Today

Life takes many forms. But what separates us from other beings is our ability to rationalize it.

The moments when we sit by ourselves and contemplate on the unknown are powerful and can lead to some great realizations that can change the course of our life.

So if you too are a fan of existential questions, here are some I was thinking about today (and almost any other day, actually):

20 Existential Questions and Their Answers

1. What’s the meaning of life?

To make us learn and grow, show us good and bad, let us choose who to be and what to do each day while giving us many opportunities to change and be better.

If we leave this life without having achieved anything, helped others, reached peace of mind, found light in the darkness and developed spiritually, then it would be meaningless.

2. How do we measure life?

It’s a series of present moments. Each is brief, but also wonderful and a blessing given to us. We can let it pass, or grab it, experience it and make the most of it.

3. How can we have healthy relationships?

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By first fixing the one we have with ourselves, meaning we must first accept, forgive, appreciate, be honest with and love ourselves before we try to connect with others on a deeper level.

4. What’s our biggest mistake?

That we think we have time.

5. Will we be punished for our sins?

The only punishment is the guilt we live in. We create prisons in our heads where we relive our bad deeds over and over again and thus let them define us. But as creators, we can also break free from that.

If we ask for forgiveness and start doing good and going beyond ourselves, we’ll find salvation.

It won’t be given to us, we’ll find it ourselves in the joy and peace we’ll see in life as it is, without trying to change anything, hurt others, control or take anything.

6. How do we know if we’re doing the right thing?

There’s a certain moment at the end of each day when we’re on our own, without other people or anything to distract us, when nothing else needs to be done, and when random thoughts go away. Plenty of things can cause indecisiveness.

If at that moment we feel good about ourselves and can go to sleep with a smile looking forward to the next day, then we’ve done our best and it was the right thing to do at this point in our lives. If not, then something must be changed.

7. Are we in control of our lives?

The only things we have control over are the present moment, our reaction to what life throws at us, and our habits.

If we learn to be mindful and enjoy the present, think before we act and show understanding, and slowly change our behavior by building better habits, then we can have control over that part of our life. And it can make us happy and successful enough. As for the rest, we need to be strong enough to accept it and let it be.

8. What’s the most important moment of our life?

Each and every one of it.

If we start looking at it this way, we’ll achieve greatness and find true contentment.

9. Is one life enough?

have a zen mind in everyday life
One of the deepest existential questions is ‘Is one life enough?’ The answer lies in the actions you take today and how you decide to spend your time.

It may be more than enough. But at the same time, 10 lives cannot be enough to reach a single goal or fix a tiny problem.

Just like a productive person can get a lot done in a few hours and feel accomplished, while another can be stuck in an office trying to complete a short to-do list and feel exhausted from the beginning.

Time is subjective. But apparently, it’s what we make of it.

If you want to reflect on that further, you can journal on that question or even use an AI writer to create a vivid essay that questions the meaning of life, our existence, and the illusion of time.

10. Is there life after death?

The only thing that is sure about the future is that it’s uncertain.

The best you can do is live in a way so that your death will be a celebration of your life.

11. What’s the universal language?


12. Are we all equal?

Yes. In our pains and reasons to smile.

13. Why do we take life for granted?

Because it’s given to us just like that. We indulge in bad behaviors, turn to easy solutions to problems, let distractions get in the way and forget what’s important.

But, most of all, we forget that this life is a gift with an expiration date.

14. What do we need in this world?

Less than we think.

15. Can we have it all?

No. And we don’t need to.

We have a wrong perception of what essential means. Life is about prioritizing, really. There’s just not enough time in a day and in a lifetime to achieve all goals, reach the top of all fields, be everywhere, become many things, etc.

But it’s just enough to make something big out of it if we define what’s essential and dedicate enough time and energy to get it.

Choose one thing and master it.

16. Is life unfair?

No. We just have a broken idea of fairness.

17. Do people change?

Yes. All the time. And if you’re not aware of it, then it’s in a bad way.

18. Is there something more to life?

If you’re asking yourself that, then you need more meaning in your days.

Go out there, try different stuff and see what you care about, what you’re passionate about and what excites you. Then combine these in a unique way and make something beautiful out of that.

19. Do we need to be saved?

There are two options. You can either ask yourself that and wait for a savior. Or you can make a plan, take action and create things that will make your life and the life of others better in some way.

20. Why are some people mean?

Because of their own insecurities and issues. They find comfort in hurting others.

But you should know it’s nothing personal. Keep in mind that life in their head isn’t easy either. So smile back to them and show compassion. Maybe that’s all they need.

What are your answers to these existential questions? And what others do you ponder?

Asking yourself these 20 existential questions can lead to personal growth. Check out this list and contemplate on each question: