how to create your next quantum leap in business

In this episode of the Free and Fearless podcast, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite concepts in manifestation and in quantum physics – creating a quantum leap. Let’s see what these are, some examples of how it might look like in business, how to let go of some old beliefs stopping us from quantum leaping and what other rules we can stop following in order to 10x our results.

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Show Notes:

  • [2:31] My latest investment + when to know it’s time to invest
  • [7:24] What’s a quantum leap?
  • [9:56] What happens before quantum leaping?
  • [11:13] The biggest limiting belief I’m reframing right now
  • [12:59] The practices that help us see quantum success
  • [15:25] 5 steps to creating your next quantum leap



There are many people you can listen to and learn from online. Almost all of them have a ton of free content and amazing paid programs you can invest in.

But how do you choose the right ones? How do you avoid scams? How do you know the investment is worth it and that it’s the right thing for you at this stage of your business?

From my experience, it all comes down to this:

  • Follow the entrepreneurs who’ve built the kind of business you want and are living the life you want
  • Choose the ones whose personality and way of thinking resonate with you
  • Listen to those who aren’t trying to convince you that you need to buy from them, or that you Need anything at all
  • Learn from those with a proven track record (e.g. many years in business, features on different platforms, hundreds of posts/podcast episodes/videos that you can binge on, social media profiles that go way back to their early days in business, mentions and testimonials, etc.)
  • Listen to the self-made entrepreneurs who openly share their mistakes, debrief their failed launches, show their numbers then vs now, and have nothing to hide
  • Enjoy the free content of those who overdeliver, who leave you wondering ‘If that’s how much value I get from their free stuff, where can I be 3 months from now if I pay to work with them?’

But what if you have the right mentors and just aren’t sure who to invest in, or whether a particular program is the right investment for you?

I just had a beautiful, game-changing and scary moment 2 weeks ago because I invested $3K for a business program. That’s Business By Design, which is the signature program of one of my mentors, James Wedmore. 

This is a big deal for me, something I’ve decided a few months ago and the transaction was sort of already made in my mind. I just waited till the doors opened (which only happens for a few days once a year).

So, how do you know when it’s time to invest?

Here’s what I came up with:

You need to not just have the money, but be absolutely ready to invest it (regardless of your current financial situation).

You need to trust the person, their brand, team, followers and program so much, that you’re convinced it’s THE course for you and that it will pay off tenfold (in terms of income + impact + the transformation you’ll experience) a few weeks from now, or a few months, or a year.

When it’s a HELL YES on your end, there’s no doubt you’ll implement everything you learn from this person and you will make sure it’s all worth it.

Many people go from one program to another, don’t give it enough time, don’t implement everything, get overwhelmed, blame outer factors, aren’t ready to do the work the day they enroll, don’t believe in their vision and abilities strong enough, and so on.

There are many reasons why you should’t invest in a big program. But when you know, you know.

As James says, the transformation is in the transaction.

We’re talking about an energetic exchange between you and the person who created the product. That’s one of the most beautiful examples of how business and spirituality are connected. 

If you’re going to invest in someone’s knowledge and experience, go for it with all your heart. Be sure that this is the best thing to invest in right now, enroll in the course with excitement and gratitude, and get that action plan ready to make sure you follow through!

The moment I joined Business by Design and saw what’s inside, I realized that this is probably the last business course I’d ever pay for.

So far I’ve invested in cheaper ones, have listened to different people and each helped me a bit, but I never took them that seriously.

That’s another benefit of the more expensive programs – you pay once, you enroll once, and you got the resources you need to scale your business. The work itself and the perseverance is up to you, of course!

So, how is all this related to today’s topic of quantum leaps? It was a quick update as well as sharing why I do what I do, as always, but there’s more to it.

I started with the Mindset modules of Business by Design, and as James recommends, I’m leaving behind all I’ve learned about business far, and diving into the course with an empty mind.

I spent a few days defining all the beliefs I have about business, what the underlying ones are (as it always comes down to one of the core human needs), and how to reframe these. 

I also realized what story I’ve been telling myself as to why I’m not where I want to be yet, and ditched all these old and limiting beliefs to create space for abundance.

For example, some of the things I was telling myself in terms of why I haven’t had a $10K month in my business looked like this:

  • I need more products.
  • I need to give it 1 year to get to 6 figures.
  • I need to finish this course, implement everything and then I might scale.
  • I need to first have regular $5K months, then get to $8K, and only then can I hit $10K.

And so on. There were things I believed till now, and I never questioned them.

I have many positive and empowering business beliefs too, I’ve worked on many limiting ones, and I’ve seen success in other areas of life thanks to shifting my mindset.

And yet, these exact beliefs are so ingrained that as long as I keep believing them, I won’t hit that revenue goal. The numbers don’t matter that much in this case. We can hit any revenue goal we want, but if we are stuck at a certain income level, as I have been for years now, we need to uncover what’s holding us back.

What’s a quantum leap?

A quantum leap is exponential growth, in any area of life. It’s when you hear that someone who didn’t know anything about business a year ago is now running a 6- or 7-figure company.

Average people may call this overnight success, luck or even doubt it. In reality, that person changed their mindset, has been getting closer to that result energetically for years before it actually happened, and took inspired action in the right direction.

There are people who go from earning $2K/month to $10K in a matter of months. Now, everyone would expect them to first get to regular $2K months, to be in business for some time, to learn more, then reach $5K/months, and slowly get to the $10K ones. But that’s not how things work according to quantum physics.

See, most people assume success, like time, is linear. That every next step follows a specific previous one and they tend to not skip steps. This is the logic-based approach, which can take years and which doesn’t necessary require massive mindset shifts.

But quantum physics teaches that everything is energy, that our feelings and thoughts create our reality. That there are countless possibilities in the quantum field and they are all available to us if we head in that direction energetically first.

In manifestation, that’s close to the law of attraction as well as a few other universal laws. It’s about energetic alignment, it’s about Being the person who is already living your desired reality before anything changes in your physical world. 

Now, this requires you to rewire your brain, to literally unlearn all that you’ve taught up until this moment. To replace these beliefs with ones that can benefit you, and practice believing them to the point where you’re already absolutely sure you’re getting closer to your desired reality, and are even grateful – on a daily basis – as if it’s already happened.

The key is to live As If. To wake up every day, knowing that your next income goal in business is inevitable, to thank for it, to imagine it in your bank account, and to even act as if that’s your current financial state. This might mean spending more even if you aren’t earning enough yet, investing in a program or coaches that can help you get there faster, even if all that seems reckless to those around you.

What happens before quantum leaping?

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The journey might look difficult and might not make sense at all. It’s possible that you’ve been trying many things and yet you aren’t in business full-time yet, or that you’ve launched many programs, and yet none of them sold out.

This is where most people give up. But the thing about quantum leaps is that things will probably look really bad right before the big milestone is hit.

Your whole reality is changing after all. That means chaos will come before your goal is achieved. And that’s when your patience and gratitude and belief will be tested more than ever.

That’s when you need to believe in the process ever more, that’s when you need to thank the Universe even more and know that your dream clients, best launch, best month in business, $10K goal or 6-figure year, are already happening.

This is what I’ve been practicing for many months now – energetic alignment. But of course, it takes work and it’s done sort of separately for each goal and each area of life, and now I’m finally doing it for business.

I manifested many amazing things in my business during the pandemic. But I’m still stuck at an income level that only shows I have some mindset shifts to make. 

The biggest limiting belief I’m reframing right now

A big limiting belief about business and money that I’m reframing these days is this:

I reached $5K/months in my business as a blogger some time ago. Right now, I’m transitioning to an online course business, which means all my time is invested in learning more about launching, creating more products and getting better at sales and marketing. Because my focus is away from the blogging business which is set up to have multiple passive income streams, my income got lower in the last months.

My limiting belief, the story I’ve been telling myself up until now is that I first need to get to my old income, which was bigger, so things can be back to normal. Then I should get to regular $5K months, after which I can hit my first $8K month, and some time after that, I might have the chance to earn $10,000 in revenue in 1 month from my business. 

From there my mind would go in another direction and wonder what new product I need to create, what new offer I should release, what new thing to work on, what new course to invest in, and so on.

All these are the old stories I was telling myself, they are also what was keeping me where I am.

In reality, none of this is true unless I believe it. We can let go of the belief that getting to a certain income level requires more time and hard work and more products and more courses.

It can happen next month, it can happen in a way you could have never predicted. It can happen without anything new but just by tweaking something about your existing offers. 

You don’t know that yet, and that’s part of quantum leaping. To keep going and keep trusting without knowing when and how your goal will be achieved.

In manifestation, the standard rules of time, progress and logic simply don’t apply. 

Who said you need to give yourself 5 years to hit $1M in revenue? Who said you need to release 3 offers this year to grow your business? Who decided that you first need to have the perfect website, complete a program, grow your following on social media and do paid ads so you can actually launch your business?

All these are the limitations we set to ourselves, the excuses we keep giving to explain the lack of progress to others and to ourselves, the reasons why we keep playing small instead of taking bigger risks.

So the question is, how long are you going to keep telling yourself that same story? How much more power will you give to your old beliefs? 

Many people I follow and learn from say that mindset, or any form of inner work, is 90% of the game, in this case of the business game. I believe that, and what I shared now is an example of what the inner work looks like.

Questioning your current way of thinking, analyzing your existing beliefs and seeing where they came from, deciding what new thoughts we are going to accept that will guide us in business from here on.

All this might mean a lot of journaling for you, or listening to podcasts on the topic, or reading more about manifestation and quantum leaps. It might mean practicing gratitude on a daily basis, creating a vision for your future that’s bolder than anything you’ve had so far and visualizing it until it sounds like the most normal reality you can have.

There are so many practices that can go into this. Such as tapping – one of my favourites – where you can release the anxiety around big changes, welcome abundance, be your most authentic self, let go of what others think, set new standards for yourself and take more action in your business.

Maybe you’ll do guided meditations or go to sleep with a hypnosis about unlocking 5-figure months in your business and letting go of the fear of selling.

Whatever it is, you need to try a few things, see what works for you, and make it a habit. Because forming the right mindset, the way of thinking that will create your next quantum leap, starts now.

Let me finish this with the steps you can take to see the quantum success sooner.

Steps to creating your next quantum leap

1. Identify your current beliefs about business.

2. Question them all.

Especially the negative ones. See which ones might be preventing you from quantum leaping.

3. Reframe that belief.

Turn it into a positive and believable statement that you can keep on your mind at all times.

You can write it down on post-it notes and put it in visible places at home. You can use is as an affirmation and repeat it a few times a day. You can write it down every morning, or design a beautiful image with that text and use it as wallpaper.

It might not sink in right away, but the more you think about, the more you engage your mind with it instead of with the old belief, you will get there.

A good practice is to also first have a neutral belief.

For example, if you thought that you can’t start a successful business in less than a year, just think that there are others who’ve done it. This is a fact so your brain can believe it much sooner.

Then, once you feel comfortable with it, you can start believing that you can go full-time in business in as little as 6 months. 

4. Learn more about quantum physics and manifestation.

Read about the laws of the universe, learn about timeline techniques (that’s one of my go-to practices). Follow people who’ve actually created a quantum leap and study their success. Understand how energy works and how we attract what we think about and what we feel whether we know it or not.

My 2 favorite podcasts are Manifestation Babe by Kathrin Zenkina, and The Mind Your Business podcast by James Wedmore. They are both self-made multimillionaires who’ve been on that journey for many, many years, and who’ve created multiple quantum leaps and understand manifestation and business pretty well.

5. Let go of the how and when.

This is not up to you, please understand this. It took me some time, for sure, as I have the need to control and to know how things will happen and when. But as we are co-creating with the Universe, this is the part where we can lean back and receive. 

Now tell me, what’s one belief about business that has been stopping you from creating that quantum leap? Tag me @letsreachsuccess on Instagram and let me know.