7 Tools & Practices to Manifest Your Epic Goals

In 2020, I got into spirituality and manifestation more than ever. I opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and learned that we were capable of much more than I imagined.

See, personal development only got me so far. I was missing some important pieces.

Such as the part the Universe plays in all this, the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that our soul came here with a purpose and there are lessons to learn, and that we can attract anything we want and have it in our physical reality by being in energetic alignment with our desired reality and embodying our future self.

All this was mind-blowing to me so I experimented with different practices, learned from people I admire, took courses, and did a lot of inner work, but this time in a whole new direction. 

In this article, I want to share the things that helped me the most. If you want to manifest something in your life (as opposed to just following the traditional goal setting process and relying on hard work) and truly be the creator of your future, read on. 

How to Manifest Your Most Epic Goals

1. Cut cords with the past.

I was energetically attached to the past, I just didn’t know it yet. There were 2 people, in particular, that caused me pain and I was still in that state where I couldn’t move on.

Energetic cords are something that can keep you stuck in the past. The interesting thing is that even if that person is in your life and stays there (a relative, for example) you can cut cords with them in your mind and continue your relationship without them even knowing you changed anything.

As for someone in your past, no, you don’t need to ever see them again. The cord cutting process can happen in your mind. It’s all about energy and you can do it through meditation. 

There’s forgiveness involved and that’s the hard part. Often we don’t even know we need to forgive and carry that burden our whole life.

After doing a cord cutting and forgiveness meditation many, many times, I was able to feel its wonderful effect. The first time I did it, I cried, though.

There was a lot to forgive and cut cords with (including versions of me from the past) so I was overwhelmed. Then, it became a whole new skill and I got better at it. 

Soon, I was relieved. These cords were keeping me attached to things I didn’t want to think about, and yet I was still giving my energy to these painful memories, relationships, situations, or else. 

Forgiveness can set you free. It’s not a one-time process though so you need to turn this into a regular practice.

Once you’ve cut cords with the past and are energetically free, you can start pointing that energy to the future to attract all that you want to manifest in your life.

2. Leave the how and when to the Universe.

Another big lesson for me that’s repeated by any new mentor I find or in any program I join about manifestation is this: You only need to know the what and why, but let go of the how and when and leave it to the Universe.

Thanks to journaling (more on that below) I was able to find out how my need to control the how was making my life so hard and was definitely not taking me in the right direction.

It was challenging for me to grasp the whole idea as letting go of the how means leaving things to chance. That seemed weak to me. It was similar to giving up and not fighting for what you want.

But I was wrong. In the spiritual world, it simply shows you’re wise enough to surrender, you accept there’s a bigger plan for you and you need the Universe to manifest your desires. It also means you have a strong belief in the law of attraction, in your own potential, and in the process. You trust that everything happens for you, not to you, and in divine timing.

This was quite new to me and I struggled with accepting it. But it felt right and I wanted to align with my true self, release all the effort and pressure in my life, and welcome more ease and flow. 

Understanding that the Universe handles the how and when of my goals was truly a blessing and I could move on knowing the what and why and being 100% convinced that everything will work out in my favor.

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3. Do a timeline meditation.

woman meditating

Did you know that the unconscious mind stores all memories on a singular timeline? 

Wherever you are now, in your mind a memory of your future already exists. That doesn’t mean your future is predictable and there’s only one way things can happen.

It just means that’s where you’re headed energetically. And if you don’t make changes, your future reality will look in a certain way (most probably, one you won’t like if you aren’t satisfied with your current reality).

The good news is that this is not the only timeline that exists in your unconscious mind. There are countless timelines and you can jump on a new one at any moment of your life by making a different decision, changing your thoughts, raising your vibration, etc.

Once you do, you’ll be creating a whole new reality for yourself.

Timeline therapy consists of many techniques. The way I did it was through a guided meditation that allowed me to travel to my future and place a memory there, thus feeling in control of where I’m headed and visualizing how the desired reality looks like.

4. Read, learn and take programs.

Hearing all about manifestation once will inspire you but it probably won’t lead to adding new practices to your daily life and replacing old limiting beliefs with new ones.

Repetition leads to truly understanding everything. You need to let it sink in and also hear it from different sources.

The way I did it was through reading about manifestation and the laws of the Universe, listening to podcasts, taking a workshop, as well as investing in self-paced programs.

From each source, I took what resonated with me and applied it to my life.

Personal development and mindset are closely related to the spiritual field so your self-education can come in many forms. If you want to combine this with accountability, you can try the self-improvement app Gladify

There are free courses on meditation, visualization, yoga, mindfulness and more. You can finish the program with a 30-day challenge and because it’s also a social platform, you get to connect with like-minded people doing the same and feel supported on your journey.

5. Journal, journal, journal.

The next best tool I’ve been using for a couple of months now to manifest my goals is journaling

It’s as simple as finding a quiet space at home, grabbing a pen and a notebook, and letting it all out. You can start by just sharing your feelings, asking yourself honest questions and giving even more honest answers.

But over time, it’s worth finding journal prompts that will help you dive deeper and uncover limiting beliefs. You can write about your fears, traumas from the past, things you haven’t let go of and why, and ways you’re sabotaging yourself and your relationships.

You can also reflect on the past week, month or year and plan for the next one from a place of abundance. All this will lead to clarity, generating ideas, self-awareness, empowerment, and the desire to take inspired action.

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6. Visualize in bed.

Your mind is most susceptible when you wake up and when you’re about to fall asleep. So if you truly want to manifest big things this year, make sure you use these 2 moments of your day right.

The practice doesn’t need to take more than a few minutes. The point is to visualize what you want but as if it’s already happened.

Feel the excitement knowing it’s definitely coming your way, but you don’t need to know when and how. Thank for it as if it’s already achieved.

Remember, your dream life exists on another timeline and any time you’re energetically aligned with the Future You living that life, you’re getting closer to it. Quantum leaping is a real thing and you can 10x your results thanks to your mind.

7. Find other spiritual people.

You don’t need to do this alone. There are others on the same journey out there and you can support each other. If not in real life, then online.

I connected with people who are also manifesting their best life and we share ideas and resources and just motivate each other along the way. It helps a lot.

What can you do today to manifest your goals? Which of these practices would you add to your daily routine, and what else have you tried?

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