3 Powerful Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Signature Program & Wow Your Students

Your signature program is your main offer, the best way for your audience to learn what you teach, a huge part of your brand, and possibly your main income stream.

With it you provide a transformation through a proven system that becomes your signature. But once created, such a program can be frequently updated, and the offer (how you promote it, your messaging, the bonuses, and anything extra that makes it irresistible) enhanced.

Here are a few powerful ways to take your signature product to the next level, wow your students and get amazing feedback. 

1. Add live coaching calls with hot seats.

Whether you’re a coach or just a course creator, offering calls where you let students share their struggles and you provide specific solutions and support right then and there, can skyrocket your conversion rates. Many people could buy solely because of this, and with each coaching call your students will trust you more.

Being with them in real time is priceless, especially if there’s a chat and they can ask questions and leave comments. This is a chance for them to engage with each other too and discuss the call and the program on social media. Some students even become online friends thanks to being in the same course.

Each coaching call you do can be recorded and later offered as a bonus training to the signature program, which makes it even more valuable and unique. 

2. Send gift boxes.

There are many types of bonuses course creators add to their program. For a start, there’s the extra training (any lesson, module or just video that complements something else learned inside the program or offers another great outcome that adds up to the transformation you provide). 

Then there are the fast-acting bonuses (a goodie that is only available for those who purchase during a certain time period. This can become a great incentive during the launch, especially on Cart Open and/or Cart Close day.)

You can also offer templates, swipe copy or any other guides that save people time and are easily digestible.

A not so popular but equally valuable bonus is a gift box. It’s usually unadvertized and not part of the official launch. It’s an extra surprise people get and which they might only learn about once they are inside the program. 

Not to mention how powerful it is to receive something physical in addition to an online training.

Some ideas might include a printed workbook, motivational stickers, notebook, branded pen or mug, etc. The student really feels special when a box arrives at their address and it’s a whole experience to open it. They also love sharing it on social media and just feel appreciated by the creator of the program.

Carefully select the items for it. This task will be very dear to your heart, especially if you just launched your signature offer and are now welcoming your very first students. 

As at first you’ll be doing this yourself and at home, you might need some tools for it. For a start, there’s the box, gift box filler, and packaging. 

To make the shipping process easier, you can consider getting a shipping label printer, and a scale to calculate your postage, save time and make sure you don’t overpay.

A label printer has many benefits and you can get one from a reputable company like Munbyn. The thermal technology the machine uses saves you the need to buy and use any ink, and to do any cutting and taping. The final result looks professional, the print speed and quality are high, and it fits well in every home office space. All this allows you to save a lot of time and money in the long run. 

3. Create a community.

Another great way to add value to your signature program and attract more students during every launch is to add a community. 

Most course creators used to prefer a Facebook group but the engagement rate got lower, there’s no customization and you basically don’t have any control (Facebook and its conditions and algorithm run the show). That made entrepreneurs look for alternatives and a good one is a forum.

While engagement is still something you need to put effort in on a consistent basis, the rest is easier as most online community platforms offer great features. You can still use it for what a Facebook group is meant, but add trainings and files there, and make people feel safe and seen.  

A community/forum can tremendously increase the perceived value of a program.

These are just 3 of the many ways to take your signature program to the next level. Always be on the lookout for intuitive hits or strategic moves that will help you be a better teacher, coach and course creator

Often, the ideas might come from the valuable feedback your students provide while they go though the content inside the program. Listen to them, and – most importantly – give them a chance to speak up.

Here are a few powerful ways to take your signature program to the next level, wow your students and get amazing feedback.