What’s a Signature Product and Why You Need One

Your signature offer is usually a course or any type of program you’ve created that basically becomes your main income stream and the product you are associated with the most online. It can change lives and can help you become an authority in your niche. 

So let’s define that better and see why your next business goal might be to create a signature product, or if you already have one, how to improve it so you can serve your students better.

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I also made a freebie for you on how to create a course that practically sells itself.

Show Notes:

  • [01:09] How is a signature program different from the other products you’re selling
  • [03:21] Generic content vs transformational content
  • [05:30] What’s different about my business and courses now
  • [07:39] 3 entrepreneurs who make millions with 1 signature product
  • [08:27] How your main offer can bring in most of your revenue
  • [09:45] Little known opportunities you only get as a course creator
  • [11:13] How having a signature program makes your business simpler
  • [12:12] What’s a client list and what makes it your biggest asset
  • [13:06] Types of high-ticket offers that can help you reach your wildest income dreams



First, what exactly is a signature offer and how is it different from the other products you’re selling?

Well, it has a few distinctive elements.

Inside your signature product, you provide more value than anywhere else. I mean, it can’t compare to your free content, or a 5-page guide you have, webinar or even an eBook. It must be next level.

It’s where you provide the biggest transformation to your audience, and of course it’s priced higher than your other products.

It’s a complete program. You might have a start course that helps beginners in your niche take the first few steps, get clarity or achieve one specific result. 

You can also have a slightly more in-depth program that covers one topic in detail and solves the problems people have related to it. But still, after competing that course, the students will have to do more research and learning, will need more support, or might invest in another program if they want to reach the next level.

A signature program, however, has all they need. It doesn’t leave them wondering what to do next. They get almost every question answered and support on different levels. They trust your guidance and you give them all the information necessary to go from A, which is their current situation, to B, the desired result.

Such a course involves a framework – the structured step-by-step process you teach that helps people get real results, from start to finish. It’s a roadmap, a surefire way for them to achieve the transformation you promise if they are willing to do the work. This then becomes your special system, something they can learn only from you and it’s one of the key things that make your program unique. You can use it when promoting and selling your product. 

So as you can see, your signature product is a big deal, to say the least. Now, let’s see what can happen for you and your business if you create one and make it your best program ever.

5 Ways a Signature Product Can Grow Your Business

1. You can change people’s lives.

Freedom and income are always on the goal list, but let’s be honest – we’re in business to make a difference. To create a legacy, make the world a better place by helping people, even if it’s a few of them. And while we may have a lot of free content and make it actionable and inspiring, it’s just not life-changing.

But a signature program could be. Let me give you an example from my business.

So back in the days, I was just figuring things out, making many mistakes and wasting a lot of time. I was in the personal development niche, publishing over 10 articles on the blog weekly, having freebies for subscribers, and selling eBooks. I had over 10 and the prices were really low.

It’s no wonder that my main income then was coming from writing articles for clients. I simply didn’t have a solid content and sales strategy for my blog and business, I didn’t attract paying customers, and I didn’t have products that could transform their lives.

But I learned a lot from that and wouldn’t change anything about it. It was my journey and I only did what I was ready for. 

The next stage was me as a full-time blogger, teaching blogging and business to my audience, and creating my first more in-depth products.

My signature program was my blogging course Blog to Biz System, which is the most comprehensive thing I’ve ever created. It takes you through the whole process of defining your niche, setting up your blog even if you don’t know anything about blogging, designing it well, starting and growing email list, creating amazing content, bringing traffic, and monetizing in 4 different ways to create passive income.

I poured my heart and soul into this program and whoever enrolls, literally doesn’t need to invest in any other course on blogging. I’ve covered it all inside.

At the same time, I started publishing more strategic free content. Also better freebies that would only attract the kind of subscribers to my email list that I can help the most and who can turn into students of my courses.

The next stage of my business is now.

Where digital products are the main aspect of my business and I target people interested in creating the same.

There’s the podcast, episodes like this one educating you on the topic and showing you what’s possible when you become a course creator and how to get started.

Also freebies like the one you saw earlier which shows you how to make your online course so epic it practically sells itself. There you’ll get a quick win or a few, and with that you’ll be interested in learning more.

The HOW of all this happens in my signature program – which isn’t released yet but the waitlist is out there and you can sign up here.

As you might have guessed, the new program is called Bold Business School and it’s much more than just a course.

It will be a 1-year program, some can call it a membership too as every next module will be released a month after the previous one. It will have a forum where you I’ll do my best to create a community of ambitious CEOs building their audience and digital products, and launching and selling with confidence.

Inside, I’ll provide many transformations such as totally reframing your beliefs around money, sales and business in general, starting and growing an email list, creating a mini offer and your first sales funnel, building your signature course form scratch, turning it into an irresistible offer with the right marketing techniques, and then launching it like a pro.

This program will be results-oriented, with the tools, templates and bonus material necessary to help you do everything in the fastest and most effective way possible, while building a sustainable business model at the same time. 

There’s a lot more I can say about it and I will reveal more soon, but let’s stay on topic. I’m just using Bold Business School as an example now.

2. It can become your main income stream.

Do you know that some profitable businesses revolve around one online course? 

In fact, most of my mentors have structured their business this way such as James Wedmore, whose signature program I’m currently in. It’s called Business by Design and he launches it once a year and earns millions during those 5 to 7 days of the launch.

Then there’s Kathrin Zenkina of Manifestation Babe who launches her main offer, the Manifestation Babe Academy, a few times a year. She’s also a self-made millionaire. 

Add to that Amy Porterfield, creator of Digital Course Academy, which is also launched once a year. 

When you create something really good that solves an important problem or two, you can focus on boosting your offer.

There’s a lot that goes into planning and executing a successful product launch. When all your energy is on that, you don’t wanna be creating a course or even thinking about any other offers. Instead, there’s so much you can do to really nail down your marketing and get as many students as you can inside your program.

Then, you get to welcome these students, analyze the metrics from your launch and start planning your next one. You also can keep updating your program based on feedback, and create engagement inside it, especially if there’s a community to it such as a Facebook group or a forum.

At the same time, your audience needs to grow before the next launch and that means creating new content, getting it in front of new people, and forming relationships with them through email marketing.

This is a lot and it only involves 1 big offer. Now of course you can create different products and automate each, with a webinar and an evergreen sales funnel for example. It just depends on how you want to structure your work and how much you want to show up every month.

But my point here is, your signature product can bring in even 80% of your revenue. You can reach any income goal solely thanks to a transformational program like that which you sell over and over again.

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3. Having a signature course opens more doors for you.

The Inner Game of Sales: 9 Things I Did to Get More Confident Selling

Ever since I became a course creator, I’ve been approached by people because of that.

I was invited for interviews where I talked mostly about my newest program and the online course business in general. I’ve had the chance to collaborate with amazing big brands by participating in course bundles.

I mean those companies that gather 10 or 30 or 70 courses from different entrepreneurs and offer them in a bundle that is sold for the price of 1 course, such as $100, and which is only offered for a few days once a year or even just once and you can never get it again. 

The last one I was part of was called the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and it’s run by an established company called Ultimate Bundles. Only because I was a contributor with my course Fearless Content which teaches content marketing and branding, I got hundreds of new students inside the program and they were all automatically added to my email list. 

Another way having a signature product opens doors for you is that every student who actually completes this program, can leave an amazing testimonial which can help you make more sales, stay on your email list and follow your journey and buy anything else you offer. They can also tell their friends about your product.

4. You get to simplify your business.

Just imagine how easier everything would be if you stop changing direction, wondering if you’re in the right niche, what content to create, whether to join a new platform or what your next offer should be. And instead cover 1 specific topic for 1 ideal client, and have 1 big offer if they are ready to invest and do the work.

Once that program is created, you just get better at sales and marketing. Every next launch will teach you a lot and you’ll improve your metrics.

You won’t need to create a lot of free content, but instead you can show up once a week and release a piece that shares an aspect of the topic you specialize in, or answers a burning question your audience has, or solves a problem they are dealing with. 

You can also structure your whole year around your launches. In-between, you can do whatever you want.

5. You build your client list.

It’s one thing to have blog readers or podcast listeners. It’s amazing when some of these people join your email list and hear from you every week. But when they invest in your signature program, you will have something priceless.

That’s a list of customers who’ve already tested you, have completed your program, and because it’s so good and transformational, they have now achieved something big thanks to it. Because of that, they will always remember you, and your program will be the first thing they mention and recommend whenever anyone asks them how they did it.

These are the people you can make your biggest offer to. That kind of offer is your highest-ticket product and it could be 1:1 coaching or a mastermind. In both cases, it’s something that involves your time because the signature program is already created and there’s not much you’re doing about it anymore. It’s passive income.

But at the top of the pyramid of possible offers in an online business like that, are the ones where you are involved the most. They aren’t really scalable because obviously you can’t do it for thousands of people. But the price can be so high and the support you provide so big, that with 1 or a few people, you can reach income goals you never imagined.

For example, what the 3 entrepreneurs I mentioned earlier offer, usually only to those who’ve completed their signature program, is a mastermind, or VIP day, or retreat, or membership.

They all teach business and those kinds of offers are usually for a very specific group of people, such as let’s say those that are earning half a million from their business already and want to scale to 1 million.

So a mastermind that continues for 6 or 12 months can cost $30K-$50K. Then, you’ll be fine with 10 people joining.

A VIP day for a smaller business owner can be $3,000 and you can open 5 spots a month.

Basically this is the next step that can be taken for those who complete your signature program, do the work and achieve the result, and want more of you and what you teach. 

You don’t need to have that offer now or even know what it will be. But you can still create a signature product and build your client list thanks to it.

So, to summarize, with an online product like that you can change lives, open more doors in the business world, earn a lot and even turn it into your main income stream, simplify your business, and build a client list that can later turn into your biggest asset.

If you’re ready for the next step, you can grab the free Epic Online Course Checklist that I made for you so you can see what elements are part of a program like that.

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