Today I have an announcement. This week marks an important moment in my business, I did something I was dreaming about for a long time now. I just needed to have all the products ready first. My very own course bundle for bloggers is here!

Tune into the episode below, or read all about it on this page.

>> Check out the Master Blogger Bundle here.

Introducing The Master Blogger Bundle

course bundle - the master blogger bundle

After spending years creating products that help bloggers at every stage of their journey (starting the blog, growing the traffic, monetizing in 4 different ways, designing the website, email marketing, SEO, Pinterest, etc.), I now combined them in a business bundle so you can grab them all at a reduced price.

If you’re wondering what a bundle is, well it’s a collection of programs, usually courses but it can be any other products. And they are sold together at a discount. 

So if you’re ready to start your first blog but aren’t sure what the right course for you is and whether it has everything you need, if you want to have all the blogging resources to help you launch and scale a blog business, without ever needing another course or template, or you just want to get 2 or more of my products for bloggers but at a discount, now you can. That’s why I created the Master Blogger Bundle.

Let me tell you what’s inside. 

What’s inside the course bundle?

With the course bundle, you get access to 3 online courses, a workshop, blog audit, a toolkit and printables. Basically, all the resources you need to launch your blog, grow the traffic and income, create a remarkable content marketing strategy, build your sales funnel, turn your blog into a full-time business, have passive income streams, get your blog audited by me + get a personalized growth action plan.

That’s a total of $1234 (when purchased separately). But with the bundle, you can get all these resources for $888 (you save $346!!!)

And here’s the best part: if you’ve already paid for 1 or more of the products in the bundle, that amount will be extracted from the final price. 

So if you just wanted to get your hands on some of the other products inside, you won’t pay anything extra. You just need to contact me so I can give you a special discount code.

Now let me share the actual products in the Master Blogger Bundle:

  • my signature blogging course Blog to Biz System that teaches you how to start, grow and monetize a blog, and scale it to 5 figures;
  • a course on content marketing and branding, Fearless Content, that teaches you how to create content aligned with your true self and uplevel your brand;
  • the Blog Sponsorship Boss, a course on how to start making money with sponsored blog posts, find and pitch brands, and get paid every time;
  • a professional blog audit of your website and blogging strategy so you can stop doing anything that doesn’t help you grow, get suggestions on how to improve and next steps to take;
  • blog income toolkit that contains an eBook and templates to help you grow your revenue (such as done-for-you email series, brand email pitch, lead magnets, media kit template, and more);
  • a workshop called Blog Income Boost that shows you 7 revenue-boosting strategies you can try right away to get closer to that 5-figure income;
  • The Blog Planner, WHICH IS a collection of printables to help you organize your blogging business, plan your content, track your income, etc.

Bonuses you get with the bundle

Here’s what else you get access to once you purchase the Master Blogger Bundle:

Bonus #1: All the bonus material inside the programs

Each of the 3 courses included in the bundle goes together with some amazing bonuses. So do most of the other products.

You get access to all that. To name a few:

  • Master Pinterest to Double Your Traffic and Income [bonus module]
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome as a Content Creator [bonus lesson]
  • The Complete List of Sponsored Post Networks [pdf]
  • 70 pieces of content you can plan in 1 hour [pdf]
  • How I Earned $2,800 from 2 Brands in 1 Month [case study]
  • Product Launch Checklist
  • How to Write Blog Posts That Generate Money [bonus lesson]

And many more. 

Bonus #2: Future products

As I create new products on blogging over the next years, you’ll automatically get access to them (price of the bundle might increase once that’s done, but you won’t need to pay anything extra).

Bonus #3: Lifetime access

Once you get the business bundle, it’s yours forever. You can revisit the programs whenever you feel like.

Finally, if the ONLY thing stopping you from investing in this offer and in yourself is not knowing if this will work for you, I’m here to make it easier for you.

There’s nothing to lose with the 30-day risk-free guarantee. If the programs included in the Blog Master Bundle don’t BLOW YOUR MIND in 30 days, you can get a full refund. With this, I am putting 100% of the risk on me. 

You can read more about that and get all other details about the bundle here.

Got questions about the course bundle? Reach out and ask away. you can use the form in the Contact page that you’ll find at the bottom of the site. You can also DM me on Instagram @letsreachsuccess