The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021: Here's What's Inside

I’m excited to announce that this year, I’m part of The Genius Bloggers Toolkit, not just as an affiliate, but as a contributor.

If you don’t know what that is, this post is for you. As an experienced blogger or if you’re just looking to start and grow a blog this or next year, this collection of resources, trainings and tools can give you all you need.

What’s The Genius Bloggers Toolkit?

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021 is a digital collection of trainings and tools to help you make more money and grow (or start) your blog.

With 76 eBooks, eCourses, printables, videos, workbooks, and more, you’ll be able to find all the training and resources you need to grow your blog. 

My course Fearless Content is part of it too 🙂

Plus, it’s like your own personal library on all topics like content creation, email marketing, monetization, social media, SEO and traffic, and so much more, that you can reach for again and again.

It’s the resource I wish I’d had years ago when I started my blog. It would have made a world of difference. (And at a 98% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

What’s inside?

Inside The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021, you’ll find 76 resources in multiple categories related to starting and growing a blogging business.

Here’s exactly what you get + their original prices (meaning, that’s how much each training costs without the bundle).

Content Creation (10 resources worth $1025.00)

  • Blogger Jumpstart by Chad Fullerton (eCourse) $127.00
  • Content Creation Bundle: Learn & Earn with these Done-For-You products including private label rights by Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers (eCourse) $175.00
  • Create an Epic Quiz DIY Course by Jo Ellis (eCourse) $97.00 
  • Create It With Canva! : The A-Z Guide To Learn Canva Fast by Sheree Ade (eCourse) $37.00
  • Essential Podcast Editing by Melissa Guller (eCourse) $95.00
  • Evergreen Content Strategies: Learn how to create and convert content that never expires by Arfa Nazeer (eBook) $29.00
  • Fearless Content: A 4-Week Program to Unlock Your Best Content, Uplevel Your Brand & Create Profound Impact by Lidiya Kesarovska (eCourse) $222.00
  • Ivory Mix Content Membership by Kayla Butler (Membership Site) $97.00
  • One Year Of Blog Content In One Month Challenge by Ana Skyes (eCourse) $47.00
  • The Writing Boost by Abigail King from Inside the Travel Lab (eCourse) $99.00

Email Marketing (7 resources worth $509.00)

  • 120 Email Opt-In Ideas by Bree Pair | Thrive Blogging Educator (eBook) $47.00
  • Convert + Connect Blueprint: Get Your Welcome Sequence Set Up on ConvertKit in an Afternoon by Bev Feldman (eCourse) $37.00
  • Elevate Your Emails: Secret insider tips to monetize your email list by Debbie Gartner (eCourse) $37.00
  • Email Marketing Jumpstart: KICK START your email list GROWTH and learn how to be an email marketing ROCKSTAR! by Eb Gargano (eCourse) $197.00
  • Email Marketing Toolkit by Tonia Kendrick (eCourse) $47.00
  • Masterclass: 7-steps to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers for Free by Sabrina Viot (eCourse) $47.00 
  • Newsletter in a Night by Helene Sula (eCourse) $97.00

Getting Started (11 resources worth $1285.00)

  • 30 Days to Blogging Success by Dale Persons (eCourse) $97.00
  • Exclusive ProBlogger Masterclasses & Workshops by ProBlogger (eCourse) $99.00  – Features the world’s best bloggers tutoring you in hands-on practical sessions.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (AKA Freelance Contract) by Amira Irfan (Template) $100
  • Launch Christian Blog by Elaine Rau | LadyBossBlogger (eCourse) $97.00
  • Laura’s Little Black Book of Tools: Top Tools for Building and Growing an Online Home Business by Laura Smith (eBook) $49.00
  • Second Blog Strategies by Gemma (Workbook) $27.00 
  • Start Your Blog Kit by Bob Lotich (eCourse) $36.00
  • Terms & Conditions Template for Bloggers and Content Creators by Lucrezia Iapichino (eCourse) $87.00 
  • The 20-Minute Blogger: Build Your Blog and Build Your Business Just 20 Minutes at a Time by Kathy Widenhouse (eCourse) $49.00
  • The Niche Ninja Mini-Course by Heather Ritchie (eCourse) $47.00
  • Wicked At WordPress by Chelsea Clarke (eCourse) $597.00

Marketing & Branding (9 resources worth $567.00)

  • Copy Blocks: From blank-page-overwhelm to lightning-fast copywriting success by Pete McPherson (eCourse) $99.00
  • Fast Offer Frameworks: Grow Your Blog or Social Income More Easily By Selling Your Own Offers by Alison Reeves (eCourse) $97.00
  • How to Showcase Your Brand Through Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Stock Photos to Reflect Your Brand and Business by Sage Media & Marketing – Robyn Roste + Jennifer Pinkerton (Printable) $10.00
  • Launch Secrets Roadmap: The Roadmap to 6 – 7 Figure Launches by Bevin Farrand (eCourse) $27.00
  • Sinfully Sexy Headlines by Kelly Thoreson (eCourse) $57.00
  • Story Launch Method by Kristen McCall (eCourse) $74.00
  • The Big Money Bundle by Faith Mariah (eCourse) $97.00
  • The Ultimate Blog Branding Guide by Lucy Reyes (eCourse) $37.00
  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Sales Funnels by Angela Mary Vaz (eBook) $69.00

Monetization (8 resources worth $868.00)

  • Affiliate Map Workbook by Laura L Marschel (Printable) $20.00
  • Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Neesha Rees (eBook) $45.00
  • Confident Brand Collaborations Course by Kelly Ballard (eCourse) $325.00
  • Email Templates For Communicating With Brands by Ashley Carpenter (Template) $24.00
  • How To Host A Profitable Live Webinar by Jessie Festa (eCourse) $74.00
  • Pitching Clients 101: Step-by-step guide to land your first (and next!) client by Sagan Morrow (eCourse) $249.00
  • Simply Partnerships: Learn how to pitch & land the paid partnerships of your dreams! by Siobhan Alvarez (eBook) $67.00
  • Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit by Jasmine Watts and Christopher Drown (eCourse) $64.00

Planning & Organization (4 resources worth $153.00)

  • Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2021 Trello Tracking Board by Kristi @ Paperless Boss (eCourse) $12.00
  • The Blog Boss System by Leanne Scott (eCourse and Template System) $57.00
  • The Ultimate Mompreneur Trello Bundle by Cara Harvey (eCourse) $47.00
  • Ultimate Online Business Planning Toolkit by Holly Hanna (Printable) $37.00

Product Creation (10 resources worth $759.00)

  • Amplifying Blog Revenue with Printables by Julie Berninger & Cody Berman (eBook) $27.00
  • Blog to Product: The complete 6-step system for a strong online blog+product business by Kristen Miller (eCourse) $104.00
  • Build Your Digital Etsy Empire by Sadie Smiley (eCourse) $127.00
  • Create Editable Printables To Sell On Etsy by Carmen Chan (eCourse) $57.00
  • Create Planners Like A Pro by Faith Lee (eCourse) $97.00
  • Create, Market, & Make Money – Templates by Caroline Vencil (eCourse) $97.00
  • Creating Information Products That Sell Online by Bob Bly (Audio) $49.00
  • Mastering Your Membership by Michelle Gifford (eCourse) $97.00
  • Pull Back the Curtain on Product Creation by Tracy Lynn and Caroline Vencil (eCourse) $47.00
  • The Ultimate Blogger’s Toolkit – Featuring The 30 Day Challenge To A Better Blog by Succeed With The Digital Divas! (Printable) $57.00

SEO & Traffic (7 resources worth $534.99)

  • Blog Traffic Hidden Gems – Submission Sites by Susan Santoro (eBook) $29.99
  • FE How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: 5 Free & Simple Strategies by Kerry Beck (eCourse) $97.00
  • Google Search Console Secrets: Your Key to Unlocking More Search Traffic Than Ever Before! by Niki Robinson (eCourse) $149.00
  • HARO Backlink Strategy Guide: Build high quality backlinks to your blog in less than 10 minutes per day! by Kelan & Brittany Kline (Workbook) $27.00
  • How to do keyword research & Competition research using ONLY FREE tools by Neha Gupta (eBook) $35.00
  • Super Simple SEO by Cousett Hoover (eCourse) $100.00
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Google Search Console by Sherry Smothermon-Short (eCourse) $97.00

Social Media (10 resources worth $608.99)

  • Easy Edit Instagram Templates by Lisa Hebert (Templates) $37.00
  • Get Your Facebook Business Page Up & Running in 90 Minutes or Less! by Stacey Ogden (eCourse) $29.00
  • Pinterest Profit System by Misty Dorman (eCourse) $297.00
  • Self Auditing on Pinterest by Amber Temerity Lozzi (eCourse) $47.00
  • Stop The Scroll – A Guide To Food Styling and Photography by Rosanna Stevens (eBook) $9.99
  • The Fearless Creator Canva Podcast Promo Templates: Confidently Share Your Promotions for a Profitable Podcast! by Stacy Zant (Template) $25.00
  • The Idea Pin Starter Kit: Your Complete Guide to Creating Idea Pins for Pinterest by Nadalie Bardo (eCourse) $49.00
  • The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide by Mariam Chamma (eBook) $30.00
  • Unlock Instagram Income Potential: Read this if you want to START & SCALE your Instagram to profitable levels! by Marta Ostoja Kiedrzynska | Wherelifeisgreat (eBook) $11.00
  • UTM Creation Video + Workbook (w/ bonus Canva pin templates for Pinterest!) by Kate Ahl (eCourse) $74.00

How much does it cost?

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit costs $97.

You get $6309.98 worth of trainings and tools, including:

  • 53 courses & videos
  • 13 eBooks
  • 5 printables & workbooks
  • 4 templates
  • 1 membership site

Unlike the $6309.98 these resources usually cost, inside the bundle, you can get them ALL for only $97.

That’s a real-life, honest-to-goodness, 98% discount — backed by a 30 Day Happiness Guarantee!

When is it available?

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021 is available from Wednesday September 22nd at 8am EST to Monday September 27th at 11:59pm EST

Once it’s gone, it will only be released a year later and the collection of resources won’t be the same.


There’s more. If you get The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021, you also get the following bonuses:

30 day of the Social Content App from worth $15 helps small business owners tackle social media marketing without the hustle and headache. That’s why they created the Social Content App, a proven-to-work system for social media marketing. The Social Content App provides done-for-you content at the click of a button so users can focus their time and energy on what they do best.

3 months of access to our stock photo membership from Katie Harp Creative worth $47

Katie Harp Creative is a marketing and design company with a stock photo and template membership. Katie Harp Creative helps bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and online businesses. The stock photo membership is perfect for creative entrepreneurs like life and business coaches, social media managers, lifestyle bloggers, designers, brand strategists, consultants, and more.

ADA Compliance Alt Tag Report + Content Audit Package from the Blog Fixer worth $200

ADA compliance is a hot button topic, and your archives are probably full of images with alt tags not helpful to the visually impaired. With The Blog Fixer’s custom report, you can quickly identify your most vulnerable posts with missing or poorly written alt text. The Blog Fixer will also scan your site for 15 issues to keep you in good graces with Google and Amazon and deliver a detailed spreadsheet to help direct your content audit efforts where you’ll see the quickest impact.

Still not sure if The Genius Bloggers Toolkit for you?

Head to the sales page here to get more details, read the testimonials and FAQ.

This bundle sale is over on Monday, September 27th at midnight. It’s just a super short sale (hence the discounted price) so don’t miss it.

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021