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From a numerical perspective, there is little doubt that PayPal is the behemoth of the payment world but that doesn’t mean there are some very viable alternatives that are worthy of your consideration.

There are plenty of features that might be of interest to you when you are looking at payment solutions and some aspects of their services may be of particular relevance to, such as lower fees for chargebacks, or a more accessible customer support option.

Here is a look at some of the alternatives to PayPal that should be on your radar.

Keeping your cash flowing in

If you are running a business you always need to keep a close eye on your bank balance and often want access to funds as quickly as possible.

Razorpay offers a solution to that scenario as it offers the ability to get your money within 12 working hours and it also allows you the ability to mix and match the various products offered by Razorpay.

This means you could create custom pages to accept payments, create subscription plans, and even share payment links via messenger or chatbot, for example.

The Razorpay suite of products have all been designed to make your payment gateway a seamless checkout experience and offers a competitive alternative to PayPal

Another big brand option

Google Pay does offer a useful feature in allowing you to offer shopping options across a wide range of devices and platforms, which reduces the prospect of forgotten passwords, which is a constant source of frustration for customers.

Customers can also pay in-app as well as on your website, which could prove to be a useful feature.

A global payment solution

Next on the list is 2CheckOut, which makes the list primarily due to the fact that it offers payment options in 15 languages and almost 90 currency options.

It is also considered to be a mobile-friendly payment option.

Competitive fees

Skrill offers the ability to make payments using just an email address and password, plus registered wallet holders get charge a relatively low fee of about 1.45%, which means that you are not giving up too much cash from each transaction.

If you are running an internet business

Some payment solutions are specifically aimed at a certain sector or type of business and Stripe has a reputation for making it easy to set up their gateway without needing much coding or developer experience.

Pricing is probably not as competitive as some alternatives but you just have to weigh up the pros to see what is most important to you and your business.

As you can there are quite a few viable alternatives to PayPal out there and you don’t have to settle for the default option of going for the largest or most well-known option.

It makes sense to shop around and see which payment gateway option matches your preferences and requirements so that you can concentrate on running your business once the payments are taking care of themselves.