Just do a simple Internet search and you will see thousands of articles revealing sage advice on how to be with an entrepreneur without going crazy or how to avoid divorce after you marry an entrepreneur.

These search results aren’t likely to fill you with hope about your new life after marrying an entrepreneur.

Does the start of a company or business really equal the end of your marriage? Of course not!

Entrepreneurs get a bad rep when it comes to keeping a marriage alive, but the truth is there are many qualities that making being married to an entrepreneur amazing.

Here are 6 positive qualities of an entrepreneur that will benefit your marriage.

The Benefits of Being Married to an Entrepreneur

1. Entrepreneurs Humble

It is the rare entrepreneur who gets their business off the ground on the first try. Therefore, being married to an entrepreneur means you are with someone who has been around the block.

This humbles a person and allows them to see the biggest picture, which is both excellent qualities to have in a marriage.

Arrogance and pride can hinder two people from growing closer together.

It sabotages a potentially great relationship by making one person unable to admit when they were wrong or to understand their mate.

While your entrepreneur partner may be confident and proud of their product or business, they are also meek and modest about themselves as a person.

This is great for a marriage since your partner will endeavor not to put their needs over your own. They will not think they are better than you.

Instead, they will seek you out to make decisions and will not be arrogant or prideful.

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2. Freedom and Adventure

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One of the biggest draws to life as an entrepreneur is that there is a certain level of freedom that comes with being your own boss or launching your own business.

When you are married to an entrepreneur, it means they do not have a corporate world they must adhere to, no irritating boss to stress them out or lack understanding with regards to taking time off.

This means if you need your spouse to be home, there is no timetable dictating them leaving.

Couples who have more adventure in their marriage are happier and are also less likely to get bored or feel the relationship has become mundane. Being married to an entrepreneur gives you plenty of room for such adventure.

If you want to go backpacking for a month together as a married couple, you don’t have to worry about taking the time off.

It also means that your spouse may often have exciting reasons for traveling with you. In some cases, depending on your spouse’s job, you may even be able to move to a new country for a few years.

3. Offers Time for Yourself

Life is what you make of it. If you want to be happy being married to an entrepreneur, you must have a positive attitude.

Notably, many entrepreneurs have a difficult time working out a life-work balance when they first start their business venture. Instead of viewing this as a negative, view it as a time to pursue your own goals and hobbies.

Often times, couples who spend time pursuing their own hobbies and leisure time feel more fulfilled in their romantic relationships than those who only do things together.

If your spouse has to stay late working on a new proposal or go to a meeting with a prospective client, this leaves you open to go to dinner with friends or family.

You will also be able to sit down and have some time for yourself to read, write, play an instrument, work out, or do whatever it is that refreshes you.

4. Knows When to Listen

In order to sell a client on an idea or business proposal, your mate has learned the rare art of listening. This is something they must do to understand their market.

Similarly, your partner will be able to listen to your concerns, goals, dreams, and life-experience and use it to make your relationship a success.

Listening strengthens your marriage. It makes both partners feel heard, respected and cared for. It also lowers the probability of having an argument or a misunderstanding.

You can avoid marriage problems and connect on a deeper emotional level by simply listening to and truly hearing what your partner has to say, whether the topic is mundane or important.

5. They’re Passionate

Have you ever been with anyone who shows more passion and drive for the things they care about than an entrepreneur? One of the most fundamental traits of entrepreneurship is passion.

If your partner will do anything it takes to get their business off the ground, think of how much more they will fight for your relationship when you become the thing they love most?

Passion in a marriage is encompassed by romance, sexual intimacy, and romance. Dopamine is another avenue of passion.

When you are deeply in love with your romantic partner your body released dopamine, which triggers feelings of euphoria, focuses your attention, and increases your energy.

Furthermore, when you are intimate with your partner your brain signals the release of oxytocin, a love hormone that makes you feel closer to your mate.

6. Great Social Skills

As an entrepreneur, your mate knows how to schmooze and charm potential business clients. These impeccable people skills make them the perfect person to bring to parties and other social gathers.

Never again will you have to worry about making awkward chit-chat at events or dragging your mate to a wedding, family dinner, or other engagement.

Your entrepreneur will always have your back socially and will always be game for talking to strangers.

Being married to an entrepreneur is like being on a non-stop adventure. Their passion and drive will take you to brand new heights in your relationship.

If your entrepreneur partner uses their talents both in business and in your marriage, you can be assured a lifetime of communication and love from the most passionate person you will ever meet.

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