How to Become an Instagram Millionaire

Instagram is a force of nature. What was merely a photo-sharing app initially has become one of the top social media platforms in less than seven years.

It has quickly doubled its user base in the last two years to 700 million users. It’s become so popular that there are about 95 million photo uploads daily, with an average of 1.6 billion likes.

In fact, 70 percent of users check Instagram on their phones at least once a day, and about half of them check it multiple times a day.

Instagram makes us popular and helps us survive the hardest and happiest times. But it can also help us become as rich as those successful entrepreneurs.

Surely, if it was so easy, everyone would become a millionaire by just posting some fun and real pictures on Instagram. There are little secrets that we have researched, that can be helpful if you strive to become an Instagram millionaire.

You would be thinking what does it take to make money out of an Instagram account? Well to know about this, you are surely at a right place.

How to Become an Instagram Millionaire

Step 1: Look and act the part.

It all starts with a photo that is million-dollar itself.

The photo you post should be clear, high quality and attractive. Olympic runner Usain Bolt’s Instagram is the perfect example of this, taking ownership of his brand and profession as an athlete and competitor.

Olympic runner Usain Bolt’s Instagram 

A similar concentrated effort should be put in your Instagram username.

Your username must match the message you’d like to convey. And don’t forget that your bio is a way to tell others about your account, what it actually is and how your account differentiates to others. Don’t think a simple bio can make you money. THINK AGAIN!

Step 2: Reach Out for Followers.

Obviously, in the beginning, you will have only a few Instagram followers.

Your potential audience size is low. With a small sample space, your content won’t get seen by a lot of people.

That’s why you definitely need a few thousand followers to make any money from the platform.

Here are some tips for your Instagram account:

  • Know your niche.

Then start finding, following and commenting on people and account that share and blog about similar things.

  • Use Hashtags,

Which is the most common way of introducing your account on Instagram.

Use the Hashtags to open the floodgates of followers to your account. Instagram allows adding up to 30 Hashtags per post. Try to start your own Hashtags, and if you have a specific account for a product, make its exclusive hashtag.

  • The next and most important tip to boost your followers is to get help from Vibbi.

It offers a wide variety of services to help you improve your Instagram advertising. It allows you get Instagram followers, like or views based on different packages.

  • Reward your followers and ask them to tag their friends to win free coupons, contests or preview of upcoming events.

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Step 3:  Be Consistent and Engage with the Commenters.

When starting, whether you get 500, 5000 or no likes at all, you still need to post regularly. Be consistent with this.

Don’t think that your account will become famous overnight or you will become an Instagram millionaire in a blink of an eye. It takes a lot of hard work and patience.

Your Instagram feed must be updated daily with beautiful, interesting and original pictures to gain followers on Instagram fast.

The most important secret here is to interact with your followers. Reply to their comments. Stay attentive and never leave a conversation unattended. Be open and friendly with your followers.

Step 4: Shout Out to Influencers.

If you have a picture or post about some hot issue, any celebrity, any brand name or any big social media influencer, and you think that they will like or share your post, tag them with their username.

At times it may make someone annoyed. To avoid this, try to tag brands, magazines or any account that has a large number of social media followers. This will make your account more visible to important people.

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Step 5: Opt for Something Different.

One way to become popular more quickly on Instagram is to post something that is different, and that other accounts have not yet access to.

For instance, post pictures of some national events before anyone else posts about it.

Secondly, people usually post about makeup, hairstyle, clothes, traveling, etc. but you should try to make new niches to these topics. Come up with weird and different ideas. That could be gardening, planting trees, etc.

Another way to stand out is by producing video content. It has become a great way to add some muscle to your storytelling.

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Step 6: Watch your Instagram account grow.

Put these steps to practice, be patient and the good results will show. Pretty soon, your Instagram following will grow and you’ll be building brand awareness in no time.

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